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What if there had been a BarCampFlorence at the dawn of the Italian Renaissance?


Can creators of all stripes create conspiracies (etymology: inspire+together) of moving forward both their own individual visions, share their successes in a supportive colony, plus contribute to cultural, collective synergy?


"Bohemia is a world that artists create. They're made by people who live by their gifts and live for their gifts and live to give those gifts to others. The Bohemians have a kind of erotic sense of property. They share with one another. They cooperate with one another. They collaborate with one another. What Bohemias reflect is the natural life of artists, how they behave in their authentic environment... And we depended for our resources, not on grants, and not on sponsorship, and not anybody's funding, but on our own communal efforts undertaken together." - Larry Harvey, http://www.burningman.com/ whatisburningman/lectures/la_ vie.html


Here are some possible sessions. but the sessions are all assigned by the participants the morning of, no packaged agendas.


The #1 Rule is and will continue to be: There are no spectators, only participants.


  • Economic/resource models to allow creatives to be flourishing full-time artists.
  • Creating a cooperative ecosystem.
  • Barnraising ala Wishcraft: an interactive session where each of us heart-storm away your most pressing obstacle related to your creative/cultural project, and collectively gather tangible connections and pointers to move your ideal creation forward by leaps and bounds

-  The Internet as a new medium, and not solely a distribution channel for arts; can we catalyze New Orleans as an interactive, digital arts hub? In 2010, the National Endowment for the Arts finally declares: ""The definition of Media Arts has been changed to be more inclusive of new platforms. The phrase "film, radio, and television" has been updated to "film, video, audio, and other forms of digital and Web-based media."Would Ginsberg have hosted and posted his reading of Howl on YouTube? Would it matter? For instance, what if a write envisioned the 'Net beyond "Oh, cool an easy way to spread the word  on our next book sequel?" but rather harnessed the innate, interactive, many-to-many, mutually engaged medium to write new kinds of story creations right into the cloud. What happened to (or rather, "with") all the other creatives to spur a movement? Why if we halt recreating newspapers and television channels and start envisioning the Internet as its own animal? Once the geekspeak is stripped, the 'Net engages with dancers, musicians, performers, thespians, sculptors, filmmakers, media artists, videobloggers, conceptual artists, spoken word artists, curators of media arts, media arts programs at universities, vagabonds, children, and pixies.


When: Saturday, January 30th, 2010 10:00-17:00 (date to be determined, either March 20 or March 27 are under discussion)

Where: New Orleans, LA -- we have a venue in mind, and are currently obtaining permission; it's near the French Quarter.

Registration: $0  -- please register here.

Organizers: Evelyn Rodriguez (I've participated in WineCamp, BarCampBlock and BarCampNOLA, for instance). Have time to help faciliate?

Sponsors: We are seeking sponsors to defray costs of chair rental, communication supplies (i.e. markers, flipcharts, whiteboards), coffee and lunch. Please email Evelyn at crossroadsdispatches -at- gmail if you're interested in participating, or register as a "patron" here. (Yep, all patrons are actually creators too.)


Attendees: Add yourself here + indicate how you might be able to contribute or participate or share your stuff:

Evelyn - co-organizer

Wyatt Kildow


Follow @rampartcamp on Twitter. On the day of, we'll also use the tag #rampart or #rampart10.