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IMPORTANT UPDATE: The FoodCamp is postponed. It will tahke place during the Smaak va Italie event in Utrecht (4-5-6 June).

More details later on this page


For any information regarding the event and the organization, please feel free to contact the organizer Michele Vitale (email micvitale [at] gmail.com, skype aadimolise, twitter @thetasteofitaly, cell. +39 329 42 61 062)


To add content to this page click "edit" above (you will be asked to register to this site), or send an email to micvitale[at]gmail . com



Past editions of FoodCamp


1st: 30th april 2008   San Martino in Pensilis - Molise, Read here what Peggy writes about her first FoodCamp

2nd: 13th july 2008 Gavardo - Lombardia 

3rd: 13th sptember 2008 Riva del Garda - Trentino Alto Adige



3rd MARCH 2010 4-5-6 June 

(logo by Cristiana Galasso)


We are what we eat.



In this video by the awesome Liborio Butera, some excerpts from the past edition. 



What is FoodCamp 4?



FoodCamp 4 is a BarCamp about the relationtship between food and the Internet.

In other words, it is an open discussion on this subject. Nobody invites somebody: everyone who would like to share remarks, thoughts or experiences on the relationship between quality food and the web is welcome!

How? Simply coming at the Italian Culturale Institue of Amsterdam on March 3rd and making his speech. And possibly, in order to better organize the discussion, writing his own contribution here in this page (which can be edited clicking "edit" above or writing an email to micvitale [at] gmail.com).

If you want also (or only!) to help the organization please email us at  micvitale[at]gmail.com.


Event details


When: March 3rd, from 10 AM till 19 PM


Where: Italian Cultural Institute, Keizersgracht 564 - 1017EM Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The questions we'll try to answer during this FOODCAMP


  • Good food on the Internet: is there any?
  • Italian a small farms and the "km 0" of the communication: is this the only way to preserve Italian agricultural biodiversity? 
  • Today it is more and more difficult to answer this simple question: Where does the food in my plate come from and how it is made?
  • Can the internet help the consumers to undestand that a curved zucchini has the same taste (if not better) than a straight one? 
  • Is it possible that the web sparks a green revolution?


With the overload of misleading or false information (ads, biased media, corporate sites or blogs), the customer feels to wander in a noisy labyrinth of choices and needs trustworhty info. 

* According to an IBM study, 74% of consumers are not satisfied with the available info and are willing to dig deeper and seek more data about how the food products are grown, processed and manufactured. And, by the way, why on earth IBM, the multi-billion giant of IT, is concerned with what people think of today's food?!?

We would like to discuss openly and without prejudice about this subject, trying to understand  where we are today, where are we going, and what we could do about it. 



Proposed Sessions


In the spirt of the barcamp everyone is welcome to participate and pitch. The only rule is that the pitches must last no more than 15 minutes. Beyond this time limit, pitches will be brutally interrupted! :-)


  • The "agricultural side" of the net: fruitful soil for the Italian micro farms (francesco travaglini)
  • add your speech...


Topics I would like to hear about

  • The real Italian food on the Internet: is there any?
  • Has the web 2.0 had any influence on the way we buy and eat food? What is next (if anything)?
  • How to communicate wine (and food) in the web.
  • Do Venture Capital firms like good food?
  • The relationship between food and the web can change the way we perceive, read and look for the information on products we eat and, why not, the we buy them, too.
  • add your desired topic



Michele Vitale

Francesco Travaglini



We need now in Amsterdam:

- one or more people who could check and arrange, in collaboration with the Italian Istitute of Culture, who will provide the connectivity, a working wi-fi setup in order to let the participant to connect with their laptops. Also we need one ore more volunteers who could arrange a streaming live broadcast of the event.

- one or more people who could organise the catering (within the budget we'll provide)

  •  Claire Walsh

Participants (aka Campers): la disponibilità è di 100 posti a sedere



Task List

(please -cross out- when it's done)



Tags for flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

For content related to this event, please use the tag #fc4 for twitter, FoodCamp4 for facebook, friendfeed, youtube, delicious, flickr and the rest.


Who's blogging?



What they are writing about us:









Where to stay?

List of nearby hotels


If you arrive in train (e.g. from the Schipol airport):


From the Railway Station Amesterdam Central take tram number 1 or 2 or 5
and get off at Keizersgracht, the Institute is three minutes walk along
Keizersgracht at n. 564.

If you arrive by car

If you don't know Amsterdam, the best thing is using a GPS. Consider that in the area of the Institute it is possible to park the car only in the authorized paid parking lots. There are plenty.






ATM (Associazione Turistica Molisana) 




  • The Foodcamp4 starts at 10.00 am
  • Lunch at 1.00 pm
  • Afternoon The afternoon session begins at 2.00 pm
  • Dinner: nothing planned yet
  • Evening/Party: nothing planned yet