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                The BITS Goa edition of WiCamp is over. Here's the event summary.




BITS Pilani, Goa Campus



6th Feb 2010

Perspectives on Innovation


In yet another edition of WiCamp, sparks flew. This was hosted at the beautiful campus of BITS Pilani Goa. Though a young campus, but the infrastructure and intellectual capital could humble any other engineering and sciences college in India.

With close to 10 speakers and 80 campers, Goa was at it’s intellectual peak. Just a day before, the same campus hosted the TEDx. Apart from the talk sessions as well the now famous JAM, this edition of WiCamp also introduced the TV styled Debate Session. With five panelist, the audience went freewheeling in their questions and suggestions. It was a showcase of the campers’s wit and the panelists’ ability to draw from their rich insight.

Here’s a quick summary of the WiCamp that went by. Do write back with your suggestions/ queries on the event.



Regards | Pavan Soni (www.pavansoni.net)  

Dr. Mridula Goel started the session with an introduction to Innovation and Creativity as practiced. She opined that Real Creativity is Very Difficult, as most of human life we simply re-arrange things to solve a problem. She calls it Innovation. The single most important element of a successful innovation is – Voice of Customer. She advocates observing the customer in her natural environment to tap into this insight. Using prototypes and pictures come as really handy over here.



Harsh topped up this view with his experience working at the silicon valley. The fast and furious pace of the valley is the secret to innovation. He impressed upon the need for Social Dynamics for learning and cultivating such ideas into something tangible. Innovations call for an Ecosystem for growth as it gives Liberty to Think!



Sangeeta took the discussion on innovation to an altogether new platitude. She exposed her passion for Bharatnatyam while she is discussed about her work on Computer Modelling for Bharatnatyam Movements. Using Neural Networking and Inductive Learning she posed some interesting opportunities for the students.



Dr. Ranjan Dey pulled the audience back from art and dramatics to something more engineering like. To start with, he discussed about the infamous Challenger and Columbia Satellite Disasters at NASA and impressed upon the need to have responsible engineers. He then went into discussing some interesting developments happening in the space of Thermodynamic Properties of Fluid and the need to be a resolute researcher.



Dr. Prasanta Deb added to this research-oriented discussion further onto the track of Computational Fluid Dynamics and the aid it is for Research and Innovation. He was of the strong opinion that research must expect solutions, else it’s futile.



Dr. Mitaxi Mehta echoed the same message when she talked about some recent innovations in physics. For her, innovation is solving a problem in a nonstandard way and the best practice at being innovative is through solving problems. Drawing instances from her illustruous career, she concluded that what worked was not luck, it was sheer hard work and of course ideas.



And then we were into the Open Debate. A brief on each of the panelists’ perspectives here.



PM Johari from the Shipping Corporation of India Ltd argued that we all are the product of our Experience, Environment and Education. And to excel in life, it’s important to purify- body, speech, emotions, thoughts and self.



Dr. Meenakshi furthered this thought with hew views on Creativity and Critical Thinking that they co-exist. The innovation process goes through the stages of Insight, Mulling it over and the Aaha moment. For an idea to really traverse through, one needs to hone the personalities of a Judge as well a Kid.



Tallulah was the innovator personified there. Being an architect attempting to make Green Buildings and solving Waste Management Problem, she opined that it’s very important to learn from how animals make their habitat in a sustainable fashion.



Mahesh from ONGC sprinkled snippets of his wisdom when he said- Be ready to be fooled by others; and As you try for the best, be prepared for the worst. In his view, innovation needn’t come from a genius, you just need to keep yourself constantly occupied with good people who keep reminding you of your strengths.



Prof. Joshi summed up the discussion pretty well by noticing that rules are both binding and liberating at the same time. While innovation is all about taking legacy and making something new out of it; proof enables sharing of ideas.



These powerful thoughts were then followed by some vibrant discussions around questions posed by the campers. In all it was a very fruitful day.




Special thanks to the student organizers- Shweta and Apurv. 

To learn more on the WiCamp and Ideas Generated here, please visit http://barcamp.org/WiCamp or write to pavan.soni@wipro.com








   BITS Goa


(pronounced as we-camp)

Theme: Innovation Practices

Date: Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time: 9 AM till 5 PM (Lunch and High Tea On)

Venue: LT-3, BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus

Agenda: Series of Freewheeling Talks + Two JAM Sessions (Mega Brainstorming). To add your name as a speaker, scroll down!

Organizers: Quark 2010, Innovation Festival, BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus


                   For queries contact : Arpit Srivastava, Event Manager, WiCampBITSGoa

                                                    Swetansu Mohapatra, Coordinator, Quark 2010 (+91 99603 60352)




BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus




Add your name here.          Please also add your institution's name. (use TAB to create rows and add content)

Bits-pilani goa campus
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1 Pavan Soni pavan.soni@wipro.com Wipro www.pavansoni.net
2 Swetansu Mohapatra swetansu@bits-quark.org BITS-Pilani,Goa Campus  
3 Niyan Marchod niyan@rediffmail.com PCCE, Goa  
4 Ashok ashok.india2025@gmail.com PSG College of Technology  
5 Apurv Gujar apu12v.21@gmail,com BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus  
6 Shalini Dwivedi shalini931@gmail.com BITS - Pilani, Goa Campus  
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Bits-pilani goa campus


179   Chandrahasan Vantaku  chandrahasan1@gmail.com  Bits-Pilani Goa campus   
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183 Vineel Reddy   Morzilla Firefox  
184 Amita Patel   Nuffic Neso  
185 Shruti   Mbit  
186 Monica   Mbit


187 Mr. Zoheb Ansari zoheb@idasystems.net IDA Systems  

 If you wish to share your experiences and experiments with the campers, please add your name and title of the talk here



S No. Name Mail ID Topic of Talk Institution Blog/ Site
1 Pavan Soni pavan.soni@wipro.com Understanding the Opportunity Window for Technology Innovations Wipro www.pavansoni.net
2  Eisen Isac eisenisac@gmail.com Interplanetary Network-anywhere everywhere Internet  Loyola Inst- Nagercoil  
3 Harshavardhan Bhat (Harsh) harsh.s.bhat@gmail.com  Worldview Thinking Christ University  http://thetalkexperiment.blogspot.com
4 Ms. Sangeeta Jadhav sangeetajadhav@yahoo.com Computational Modelling for Bharata Natyam Choreography S S Dempo College, Altinho  
5 Karn Malhotra karn@exitdesign.in Communication Design in a Student Context Exit Design www.exitdesign.in
6 Pramod Mohan Johri jpmohan@goashipyard.com Personal Effectiveness Goa Shipyard Ltd.  
7 Dr. P. Deb, Associate Professor, Mechanical,  pdeb@bits-goa.ac.in Innovation: A Role of Computational Fluid Dynamics on Design & Development of Engineering Systems    
8 - - Innovation in Teaching BITS-Pilani Goa Campus  
9 Dr. Mridula Goel, Ph.D. mridula@bits-goa.ac.in Economics and Innovation BITS-Pilani Goa Campus  
10 Dr. Ranjan Dey ranjandey@bits-goa.ac.in THERMODYAMIC AND TRANSPORT PROPERTIES OF LIQUID MIXTURES" BITS-Pilani Goa Campus  
11 Dr. Metaxi Mehta mitaxi@bits-goa.ac.in Some recent ideas in Physics BITS- Pilani Goa Campus  
12 Meenakshi Raman mraman@bits-goa.ac.in Creative and critical Thinking : Potential Tools for Executives BITS Pilani Goa Campus  
13 Awaiz Mukadam awaiz26@hotmail.com Innovation in Automobile -  
14 Alka Damle  alkadamle@yahoo.com  Making a Civic Society   
15 Kshitiz Anand ksh.anand@gmail.com Light Painting -  



About WiCamp

WiCamp is an un-conference where practitioners and enthusiasts meet and share their perspectives on the subject of Innovation and Creativity. The participants (aka Campers) as well the speakers are self nominated through this wiki. Though the theme is around Innovation Practices, there's isn't any set agenda.

And what's more..there is no registration fees! It's free and open to all, provided they have a genuine interest in listening to the speakers' innovative ideas and interacting with them.


Who are the campers

Campers at the WiCamp are typically:

  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs (Start-ups)
  • Venture Capitalists/ Angel Investors
  • Researchers
  • Faculty 
  • Students
  • Govt. Employees
  • House makers
  • Politicians

... almost anybody who has a genuine interest in the field of Innovation and Creativity.


It is encouraged that all those who have innovative ideas which they would like to showcase on such an excellent platform to register as a speaker too.

It is not necessary that people who have made it Big can only speak at such 'un-conferences', rather people who think BIG in a fresh innovative way, are the perspective speakers.

That's what makes WiCamp special.


We present a free platform to present your ideas in front of professionals and leaders from varying fields and an extremely enthusiastic audience.


So...to all those hesitant about becoming a speaker...


"Shed off your shyness and scruples!

Dazzle the audience with your innovative ideas!

Make them believe what you believe!

Erase their doubts and scruples!

Prove that Your Idea will Definitely Make it Big!"


Register Now for WiCamp BITS Goa!



What are the takeaways

Of the several things that one tends to gain from, the salient takeaways include:

  • Learning from the frontiers of innovation 'As Practiced'
  • A platform to share your experiments on innovation and garner ideas and critique
  • Socializing with like minded people
  • A chance for students and professionals to interact face-to-face and build a strong link between them for the exchange of ideas and views, filling up the gap between the two groups.


About BITS-Pilani Goa Campus

The BITS – Pilani, Goa Campus,one of the most modern elite institutes in the country,and part of the renowned BITS-Pilani University, is about 10 kms south of Vasco-da-Gama, 20 kms north of Margaon and 5 kms east of Goa Airport, along National Highway – 17B, Bye-pass road in Zuarinagar.


In the midst of idyllic, sylvan beauty, the campus is unique in the respect of scenic beauty and panoramic view of picturesque surroundings encompassing Zuari River, hillocks, roads,waterways, forests, and landscape.

Under the theme of Innovation Practices, speakers and campers from all over the country will converge at BITS-Pilani Goa to present to the world, Innovations that have or can pioneer change, which are going to change the future...

(For more info   refer: http://www.bits-goa.ac.in/  ; Wikipedia: BITS-Pilani Goa )


What makes WiCamp BITS Goa even more exciting and unique?

WiCamp takes place on the last day of  quark 2010 - BITS-Pilani Goa's Annual National Innovation Techno-Management festival (which spans 3 activity-packed days from Feb 4th-6th 2010 - http://www.bits-quark.org/ ).

Incidentally TEDxBITSGoa (http://www.tedxbitsgoa.com/) is also going to be held on the 5th February 2010 of Quark 2010.

So there will be an extremely exciting euphoric atmosphere, buzzing with ideas, with loads of enthusiasts from the industry,research and educational institutes being present.

This makes it even more conducive to the exchange of innovative ideas in the 'un-conference'.

Thus WiCamp BITS Goa promises to be a refreshingly fun,intellectual and educational experience, sure to leave a deep lasting impact on the way we think.

Be Sure Not To Miss This Unique Opportunity! Register today for WiCamp BITSGoa.



quark 2010 Teaser Trailer

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