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Puppet HackDay Delhi

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Slides from Puppet HackDay Delhi

Semi-Deep Thoughts about Puppet
View more presentations from Jonathan Boutelle.
Video / Photos from Puppet HackDay Delhi




What is Puppet HackDay Delhi?

 Puppet HackDay Delhi is barcamp-style event centered around systems automation, with a focus on Puppet. It will be a mix of talks and practical training. While the focus is Puppet, the event is open to all, and we're keen to include practitioners of cfengine, chef, etc.

This event is open to anyone who is interested in systems automation. Comfort with Linux/Unix will be necessary for participation in the practical training and competition.


10:00 AM: Coffee!

10:30 AM:"The Business Case for Automation" by Jonathan Boutelle, CTO of SlideShare

10:45 AM: "How Puppet Can Change Your Life" by Julie Tsai, Operations Lead for SlideShare

11 AM: "Puppet: A Model-Driven Infrastructure" by Luke Kanies, CEO / founder of Reductive Labs, and Inventor of Puppet.

12PM -2 PM: Interactive Exercise in creating a simple puppet script (bring a laptop, we will provide servers and guidance)

2PM: Lunch! //someplace nice ... we'll go out for lunch


6:30 PM: Judging of the competition. 

Why You Should Come To This:

You've been building a lot of web app servers by hand over and over, thinking 'There has to be a better way….'

Or, you've been wrangling with an infrastructure with 3 different OS's, multiple competing business units who all want you to  build machines their way, yet scale twice as fast with fewer sysadmins….

Or, you've just been needing to secure your systems in spec any way you can, challenged by a diverse ecology of users and jobs that will always be growing more complex….

The day's goals are:

  •  to give newcomers the opportunity to learn Puppet in a collaborative environment (with a two-hour guided exercise on EC2 machines that we will provide)
  •  to apply that knowledge in a 4-hour competition immediately following the exercise using Puppet
  • develop the community of like-minded operations professionals focused on furthering the promise of systems automation


Saturday, 13th March 2010


SlideShare New Delhi office (221, First Floor,, Okhla Phase III,New Delhi-110020)

Directions : Come to the Modi Mill Compound in Okhla Phase III and ask for the Mercedes Benz showroom; our office is two buildings away from the showroom.

When you enter our building ask for Uzanto on the first floor (thats the name of our company... most people do not know the name SlideShare :)



To signup to this event email Julie, or leave your name in the list below by creating a BarCamp account and editing. 

(please leave your name + an email address or blog/website).

Julie Tsai (julie@slideshare.com)

Vineet Sharma (vineet@slideshare.com)

Mayank (mayank@slideshare.com)

Kapil Mohan (kapil@slideshare.com)

Mani Kumar (mani@slideshare.com)

Manik Juneja (manik@vinsol.com) FromDelhi.com

Akhil Bansal (akhil@vinsol.com) WebOnRails.com

Bhupendra Singh (bhupsATslideshareDOTcom) and Sugandha Jha (sugandhaATslideshareDOTcom)

Manohar Bhattarai (manoharbhattaraiATgmailDOTcom)


Useful Links




IRC: Join #puppethackday room at chat.slideshare.net:46664

Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/puppetcampdelhi (puppetcampdelhi@googlegroups.com)

Twitter Hashtag: #puppethackday

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