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ProductCamp RTP May 22, 2010 - Sessions

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If you would like to submit a session abstract for ProductCamp RTP, May 22, 2010, simply click here.

We’re soliciting new topics and discussions at this ProductCamp RTP, including:


1) Working with sales teams

2) Leveraging communication and team work

3) How to leverage social networking to increase communication internally within your company

4) Challenging the status quo

5) How to innovate within your organization

6) Making strategic decisions

7) What makes up a good roadmap?

Why the focus on new areas? The feedback from ProductCampers is that there has been too much focus on Agile Development and working with Engineering and the group wants to hear and share knowledge in new areas - meaning they are being successful leveraging what they are hearing and learning at ProductCamp!

How to have a great session at ProductCamp RTP

1) Put in prompts for discussion - open ended questions in the presentation

2) Use a white board for your session instead of a PowerPoint - white boards encourage discussion, PowerPoint ends them

3) Give out a hand out as part of the session with questions for the participants to read and think about at the beginning of the session

4) Use the first 5-10 minutes to go around the room and gather input from the participants on the topic: Introduce yourself, what do you do, why are you in this session, do you have any experience in the topic area?

5) Use the next 30 minutes to lay a foundation on the topic, encouraging conversation

6) Use the last 15 minutes of the session for open discussion on the topic

7) Constantly check the group for their level of participation

8) High energy level of the session leader is critical to success - get up and talk with the audience

9) Leverage the room monitor to keep track of the participants and how you are doing

10)  Make it fun for the group - role play and get people out of their seats.

11)  Speakers/session leaders should mention up front that these sessions are intended to be collaborative so anyone in the room should feel free to speak up at any time with questions, comments, discussion points, etc.

Session Abstracts