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Starting at around 9:45am Saturday, you can access the full schedule via your mobile phone browser at:  www.getcs.com/PCA10.


We ask that all session leaders to post their presentations or other info to the ProductCamp Austin slideshare event.  You can also view presentations here.

Below you will find a full list of sessions offered at this Spring's ProductCamp Austin.  Read and consider which sessions you would most like to attend! 

Here is a PDF listing of all sessions to print out and help you plan your day at ProductCamp Austin Spring 2010   PCA Sessions PDF 2010.pdf


We need to fill ~30 session slots, all offer by you - the ProductCamp participants.   List your offered session here, if we end up with more than 30 offered sessions, than the sessions will be chosen by the participants the morning of ProductCamp (Saturday, March 27th).  Please indicate the track that best matches your session. 

ProductCamp only works if you get involved - that means speaking or presenting, moderating a panel or roundtable discussion, conducting a workshop, or being on a panel.  Proposed sessions will be voted on the morning of ProductCamp (Saturday, March 27th) by the ProductCamp participants with the most popular sessions getting best scheduling. If you can't think of a session to lead, check out the section below called "Topics I would like to hear about" for ideas, or check out some of the really cool sessions offered by people just like you at ProductCamp Austin in June 2008, January 2009 and August 2009.

Session Template: 

Help us thank our ProductCamp Spring 2010 sponsors by including this Thank You slide in your presentation. You are “required” to show the sponsor slide before you start your session and at the final wrap-up of your session.  You can use any other format for any content slides you use. To include into your PowerPoint presentation, open your presentation, select Insert->Slides From->Other Presentation. Select the PCA10Sponsors.ppt file, make sure "Keep design of original files" is checked, and click "Insert All". (Exact menu option may vary from version to version of PowerPoint.) 


Submission of new sessions is closed.    As of midnight Mar 22, we are no longer accepting new session proposals.  If you missed the opportunity to propose for this ProductCamp, please plan to submit your session for a future ProductPotluck or ProductCamp.  Thanks to all who proposed sessions.  We have 41 great topics listed below.

For categories/topics of interest, please see the graphic at the bottom of this page.


The following are the sessions proposed for ProductCamp Austin Spring 2010, listed by topic/track:


  • Agile
    • Agile is killing me! - Managing your time when development goes Agile   
      • When software engineering transforms to an Agile methodology, big changes are in store for Product Managers. The planning process becomes a regular occurrence instead of a once-a-year event. The requirements process morphs from lots of documentation up front to continuous conversations and progressive elaboration. All of these changes can wreak havoc on a Product Manager's schedule and can blur the lines of responsibility beyond recognition.  The workload can increase more than 60%, especially if you have both Product Manager and Product Owner responsibilities.  In this session we will share successful techniques to adapt to Agile including: dealing with role conflict, adapting to global engineering teams, and organizational models.  This will be presented in a Town Hall format, where the audience will also be invited to offer their best practices for each of the challenges discussed.   (Town Hall)
      • Paul Brownell leads the Software Process practice for Growth Acceleration Partners, a management consulting and outsourcing firm headquartered in Austin.  Paul is an experienced software executive and practitioner of Agile methods since 2001.  As Product Line Director at BMC Software, Paul successfully led SCRUM teams distributed across India, Israel, and the United States.   
  • Brand Management 
    • Relevant User Agreements
      • Should a company's user agreements (Licenses, Terms of Use, etc) actually reflect how the company operates and serve the brand, or simply be an iron-clad shield against all liability and responsibility that intimidates potential customers ?  Which is the case with yours ?  What do you want them to be ?

        We'll talk about the effects of both approaches, and how you, as a Product Manager may find a sweeter middle position.  We will discuss what everyone loves to avoid ... working effectively with your own attorneys. FWIW, I am a PdMgr and *not* an attorney but have worked with, hired and managed several, and occasionally get paid by them. (Town hall)

      • Don Jarrell has worked as a Product Manager and consultant in Product Management and intellectual property matters for over 20 years and is now building a SaaS-model start-up.  He has a long-running crusade to get Product Managers to work more closely with attorneys - especially IP attorneys - to get better results and reduce both disputes and misunderstandings.  He plans to bring a local licensing attorney to join in the discussion.


  • Career
    •  Navigating the Product Management Minefield
      • Establishing and growing the product management role in an organization is full of pitfalls and hazards that can quickly derail your effectiveness as a product manager, and sometimes it even blows up on you. Product management training teaches you how to do product management, but it doesn’t teach you how to navigate the political mine field of implementing product management or dealing with corporate conflict.  In this session, I'll share a series of scenarios that can derail the role of the product manager and we'll discuss how to handle these situations to help product managers achieve success as they implement and grow the product management role in their organization.  (Town Hall)
      • Tom Evans is Principal at Lûcrum Marketing and brings over twenty years of successful hi-tech business experience helping start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies create and launch winning products. Tom’s experience covers numerous vertical industries, technologies and international markets.


  • Network Like a Pro
    • People need people.  There's a wide variety of reasons why networking is important.  You might be a passive or active job seeker. You might want to learn more about tips and tricks in the industry.  You might just want to get out of your cubicle.  Regardless, networking is here to stay.  Come to this session to find out how to network more like a pro.  You'll learn how to set goals, how to introduce yourself and how to leave a conversation.  (Presentation)
    • Kim Brushaber is the owner of BridgeATX.  Several people call her the "Networking Queen of Austin". Frequently she finds herself triple or quadruple booked each night. Kim has presented this material in various formats since last August with huge success for her followers.


  • How to Hire Better
  • Talent is the most important piece of any business.  The right people in an organization will help a company soar to greater limits.  The wrong people in an organization and the ship will quickly sink. 

    If you (or your company) are in the mode of looking at a resume 10 minutes before an interview and then making a decision because "you like them", you should come attend so you can find out what other things you should be thinking about so you can find out if they are a fit immediately instead of 3 - 6 months down the road.  (Presentation)

  • Kim Brushaber is the Owner of Bridge ATX.  For 7 1/2 years she BUILT applicant tracking systems. She has also spent a lot of time as a technical recruiter.  She has seen the hiring process from every angle in an organization.  Come listen to her to find out the things you haven't been thinking about.


  • Silence is Not an Option - Speaking Up in Your Market Place

  • Ok, so you're out of work or maybe want to make a career change. You've got some time on your hands and you need to stand out in the crowded job market. Submitting job applications online or going to networking meetings just isn't enough any more. And, let's face it - lots of people have a college degree and project management or product development chops.  What to do? You have to speak up! Learn tips and tricks to get noticed as a shining star among dull rocks.  We'll discuss affordable (and usually free) techniques, both offline and online, to make sure that when your name comes up, it shouts "hire me!".  (Workshop)
  • Vicki Flaugher, aka @SmartWoman, is a marketing strategist who specializes in crafting effective & profitable online personas.  She was recognized recently in Forbes as one of 30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter, as well as one of WE Magazine’s Bloggers to Watch.  Vicki focuses on using social media tools to build reputation, authority, and rapport as an expert in a niche.


  • PMM Non-Management Career Paths   
    • What happens to experienced individual contributors when your next title requires you to manage people?  How can you avoid the Peter Principle? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Principle    (Town hall)
    • Paul Teich is the first individual contributor at AMD to be promoted to the newly created title of Marketing Fellow.


  • The Entrepreneurial Hierarchy - from Wage Slave to Free Agent and Beyond
    • Are you a frustrated employee? Aspiring entrepreneur? Somewhere in between? Product Managers are often called the CEOs of their product, but oftentimes that feels more like all responsibility - no authority. No wonder so many of today's CEOs and entrepreneurs are former Product Managers. In this interactive session, we will discuss different modes of employment and work in today's economy, their trades offs, and how to move from one to another. Learn to think about the work you do - and what what you'd like to do -  differently.  (Town Hall)
    • Colleen Heubaum is the founder of Winnow Consulting and a former wage slave. At one time or another, she has worked as an engineer, business planner, product manager, contractor, free-lancer, consultant, business owner, volunteer and mom.    




  • Marketing Programs
    • Simple Content Framework for Marketers
      • Tired of developing a zillion pieces of marketing collateral and wondering how to put them all to effective use?  Here's Simple Content Framework for Marketers (SCFM).  In this presentation, we will discuss a simple and effective method to reduce Collateral Clutter into manageable units, prioritize their development and allocate budget, and most importantly align with Sales for execution. 

        Based on marketing and sales enablement experience at both large and small companies, Prabhakar developed SCFM to bring structure to what can otherwise become a chaotic process for marketers.

      • Prabhakar Gopalan leads strategy, marketing and product management for application management in both traditional and cloud based enterprise infrastructure, at Red Hat Inc.  Prior to his stint at Red Hat, Prabhakar was Product Manager at Tivoli/IBM for WebSphere MQ, MB, and SOA management products.  You can check out his blog at http://winningproducts.blogspot.com.


  • The Old Launch Codes Won't Work
    • The whole concept of product launches is rapidly changing in the technology industry. In this presentation, a Forrester analyst will describe, based on recent research, how and why launches are changing. Does the traditional idea of a launch still make sense? During this period of transition, what best practices will increase the probability that a launch will be successful? And what role do product marketers and product managers play in the new type of launch?  (Presentation)
    • Tom Grant is a senior analyst at Forrester Research, where he studies product management, product marketing, Agile, and social media. Before coming to Forrester, he was a VP of PM in Silicon Valley companies.


  • Implementing a Joint Venture to Market Information Products on the Internet- via a live case study
    • This session describes the research required to create a successful joint venture to market an Information Product on the Internet-- from getting a Joint Venture partner with the right skills, to setting up the agreement (with revenue share and flow of funds), to providing for upselling of other products, and to the execution of the exit strategy. A live case study will be the center of the discussion, with requests for questions from the audience, so that a good understanding results of the nature of Joint Ventures by small business owners with these types of Marketing Programs.  (Presentation)
    • Allen Lindsey is currently the organizer for the Meetup of EXPLORING NEW MEDIA. He has also taught at UT, ACC and has been a SIG leader for WORDPRESS. He has taught a hands-on course on CREATING YOUR WEB PRESENCE, and has several decades of experience with AMD, IBM and other enterprises as a webmaster, developer and technical specialist. He is also the Managing Director of his own Entrepreneur firm.

      Fred Castaneda has been the organizer for the AUSTIN PODCASTERS Meetup. Besides University teaching experience in Business and the Arts, he has been a Systems Engineer and has worked in Marketing and Sales for 3 decades with firms like IBM. He has taught Personal Productivity and CUSTOMER SERVICE for 17 years with his own small business. He is a podcaster with over 11 podcast series, including THE STRUGGLING ENTREPRENEUR, Finance for Startups and Gain Control of Your Day.


  • Why Social Does Not Matter
    • Ok, social marketing does matter, but only if  integrated into an overall marketing strategy whose primarily purpose is to help the organization generate more revenues. This session is not meant to be a lecture but instead an engaging discussion on what it takes to be a successful marketer (product marketer, social marketer, corporate marketer etc) in the software industry. How to build an effective marketing strategy, what measures to look for and who to work with to get the job done. Led by a practitioner (not an expert), this session will appeal to anyone involved the product management process who is looking for practical advice.    (Town Hall)
    • Bertrand Hazard is VP of Product Marketing at Troux Technologies with over 15 years of business experience devising and executing sales focused marketing strategies. He is known for his 'franc-parler' and can-do attitude.   


  • Non-Traditional Pay-Per-Click
    • Pay-Per-click advertising is old-hat when it comes to online sales, but can it be used for more? In a word, yes! In this session we will discuss the completely overlooked ways to use PPC marketing (Google/Bing/Yahoo/Facebook/LinkedIN) to determine market interest, market size, feature selection and message testing. Use of these abilities can save your company months of time and effort. The session will end with a demonstration of how to set up a Google PPC account, select keywords, and go live in under 15 minutes. (Presentation)
    • Craig Barrett is the Search and Email Manager at nFusion. His clients range from Fortune 100 tech firms and national beer conglomerates to local startups.  He has been working in advertising for 10 years with a primary focus on PPC and digital tools.  


  • Market Research
    • Sizing, Segmenting, and Forecasting Markets
      • Business is driven by accurately defining how many customers there will be for your product over time, how much they are willing to pay over time, and what will make them break their current habits to pay for your product.  Then throw in a healthy dose of competition and the concept of “market windows.”  Top-level requirements and persona prioritization are derived from these fundamental definitions. (Presentation) 
      •  Paul Teich is a Marketing Fellow in AMD's Office of Strategy. Paul has cumulatively spent 17 years at AMD in various strategy, marketing and planning capacities, including scenario planning, long-range forecasting, and product management.  



  • Positioning & Messaging
    • Start with the Story

      • Why is it that some products seem to take off on their own and others never find a market? Ever had marketing run with a completly different positioning than you planned for?  Let’s discuss some of the key steps you need to take during development to get people talking about your product.  View presentation outline here:  http://www.arandomjog.com/productcamp-austin-2010/  (Town Hall)

      • Josh Duncan is a product manager at Dell working on the next generation of consumer netbooks.  Josh led a discussion on PM best practices, “Why is Everyone Mad at Me”, at the winter 2009, ProductCamp Austin.  


  • Salespeople do the darndest things – and it just might be your fault!
    • Product managers are constantly amazed at the things salespeople will do, from chasing long shot opportunities to promising impossible benefits and non-existent functionality to prospects and clients when trying to close a deal. Even though we like to blame the sales team for behaving in this manner, it may really be the product managers’ fault. Product Managers should own the message and then enable the sales team to take this message to the market. Unfortunately, sales enablement has become one of the most overlooked functions of the product management role.

      In this session, we will review the reasons salespeople do the darndest things, learn the detrimental impact this has on the company and discuss product management’s role in preventing this.  We’ll address four key components of effective sales enablement tools and show you how to build these components. Then we’ll wrap up with final thoughts on best practices to help you achieve an effectively enabled sales team.

      This  session will include a short presentation and then a lively discussion of best practices led by a group of experienced panelists.  (Panel Discussion)

    • Tom Evans is Principal at Lûcrum Marketing and brings over twenty years of successful hi-tech business experience helping start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies create and launch winning products. Tom’s experience covers numerous vertical industries, technologies and international markets.

      Sheryl Posey: Product & Project Management, Channel Relations & Account Management in the IT industry.  Focus in channel business development, partner and alliance management and product strategy, planning and continuity.  Project specialties include product life-cycle development & management, business processes and client solutions.

      Mike Boudreaux is a product manager for process automation products at Emerson Process Management in Austin, TX. Prior to Emerson, Mike filled various engineering, sales, and marketing roles at Akzo Nobel and Alcoa. Mike holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University Houston and a Marketing MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


  • Just because you don't know the rules doesn't mean you should break them - digital marketing
    • With the rise of digital marketing, more and more people sign up for a social network, spend five minutes talking to their ten friends, and instantly are "gurus" of web marketing and product positioning based on their ten friends' habits.  In digital communications, it is easy even for the most seasoned marketer to get caught up in the echo chamber that is social networking and to stop listening and researching which truly should be an endless part of the digital workflow.  We'll be talking as a group about what some of the basic positioning rules are for products as they are marketed online and we'll discuss best practices while a few discover why they may need an expert. (Town Hall)
    • Benn Rosales is the Founder and CEO of Austin based New Media Lab, a digital communications company born to reduce costs for businesses by teaching them how to use social networking tools themselves.  Benn's entrepreneurial spirit is also evident in his role as Founder and CEO of AgentGenius.com, the nation's most widely read online real estate magazine.  Benn has worked with companies such as Apple, Kroger and is the former CEO of GoSinglePointe.com.    



  • Pricing
    • What should I consider in establishing pricing for my business?
      • The presentation provides an overview on pricing. What factors drive pricing, pricing structure, overview of pricing strategy, how to go about establishing competitive pricing for products and/or services for my business. The presentation will include walkthrough examples and conclude with some thoughts on pricing model.  (Pricing)
      • Fawzi Behmann has over 20 years experience in product line management for multiple product lines at different companies both for equipment and semiconductor fields. Also, he was exposed to pricing for applications and services. Fawzi Behmann holds BSC, Master in Computer Science and MBA.


  • Product Life Cycle & Portfolio Mgmt
    • HELP!  My Product Portfolio Runneth Over!   
      • What are you primary pain points and issues when managing your product portfolio?  What are your greatest risks when managing your product portfolio?  How accurate do you generally find your investment projections/forecasts are in terms of costs, expected revenue, and schedule? These are 3 key questions that Product Managers work to solve every day and that were asked of over 400 Product Development in a recent benchmark survey.  It's great that to understand the problems, but tell me, what are the solutions?  This HIGHLY interactive (and lively) session will review the benchmark survey, discuss this problems, and, more importantly, open discussion up to the wisdom of Product Campers for SOLUTIONS to these challenges.  BRING IT ON!  (Town Hall)
      • Carrie Nauyalis manages the strategic direction and development of Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management and Planview Process Builder. Ms. Nauyalis began her career at Planview implementing portfolio management solutions and training clients around the world, specializing in large, international implementations. She is now creating new opportunities for Planview customers with offerings and features that extend the benefits of Planview Enterprise further into the world of product development. Prior to Planview, Ms. Nauyalis held various systems engineering positions with Emerson Process.


  • Product Strategy
    • Value in Use Analysis for Product Pricing and Marketing 

      • Determining the proper price for a new product in the marketplace is one of the most fundamental issues that a commercial manager has to deal with today.  In this follow up session to the presentation shown during Jan 2010 Austin’s Product Potluck, we continue the discussion about the use of techniques for pricing products based on the value they provide to the user.  

        This paper presents a new approach to map the value and price space for a product or service called the "Value Box".  This new tool combines the conventional pricing approaches such as cost-plus alongside more sophisticated methods such as cost-in-use and value-in-use.  The Value Box allows the Commercial Manager to properly define marketing and pricing strategy as well as communicate it to his/her team and management.  The tool will be demonstrated with examples such as pharmaceutical pricing, Apple’s iPad and corrugated board manufacturing.  Marketing research methods to determine the value-in-use of a product will also be discussed.  An example of the use of software for conjoint analysis surveys will also be shown.

        Attendees will learn:

        1. An overview of the tools used to measure product value

        2. The difference between setting pricing using cost in use vs. value in use

        3. A new pricing tool, the Value Box, used to map the value/price space and develop pricing strategy

        The workshop will include request input from the Audience to complete or validate some of the tools and examples shown (Workshop)

      • Dr. Jose A. Briones is currently the Director of Operations for SpyroTek Performance Solutions which supplies specialty materials, software and consulting services to the manufacturing industry.  Dr. Briones has 18 years of technical and commercial experience in the manufacturing Industry, holding marketing, innovation, sales, engineering and research positions with several Fortune 500 companies such as Celanese, Elf Atochem, Air Products  and Reichhold.  Dr. Briones has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University and is a graduate from the Business Administration Program from Wharton Business School.  Dr. Briones’ expertise includes: Product Development and Ideation support, Probabilistic Decision Analysis and Forecasting, Business Model Assessments and Product Portfolio Pricing and Value Analysis.


    •   Taking Your Product Global - First Steps to Success
  • Managing a technology product in the US market is challenging.  Taking your product into international markets present new challenges.  By understanding the right steps to take, you can significantly reduce these challenges and enhance your chances of success.

    During this session, we'll explore the following topics:

    • Determining which market(s) to enter.

    • Preparing your product for international markets.

    • Creating and executing your market development plan.

  • Tom Evans is Principal at Lûcrum Marketing and brings over twenty years of successful hi-tech business experience helping start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies create and launch winning products. Tom’s experience covers numerous vertical industries, technologies and international markets.
                                 Vlada  Kuznetsova is Business Development Manager at McElroy Translation.



  • Total Vision
    • Are you too close to it to see the full potential of your product? Have you put limits on your success because you don't feel sure about what you've got? Focus is good but having blinders on means you miss the boat or someone else gets there first. Explore how to get comfortable with a bigger vision that is defensible to yourself and potential investors. Come prepared to talk about your project. Here's to your success!  (Workshop)
    • Jan Triplett, Ph.D. is COO, Business Success Center (BSC) and former co-owner of the Entrepreneurs' Association. For 27 years, she has provided a business safety net of advice and intervention for owners so they can avoid trouble and maximize their potential. She has worked successfully with owners to launch high tech, low tech, even no tech businesses - growing some to over $1 million in revenue and helping others find overseas markets. She is the author of A Networker's Guide to Success, co-author of Thinking Big, Staying Small, an NCRC certified technical advisor, and a member of Central Texas Assoc. of Guaranteed Government Lenders. She is proud that BSC is a City of Austin Certified Green Business. She was a presenter at 2010 RISE Austin and SXSWi.  
  • Product Strategy: Turning Negatives into Positives
    • Social Media has given us a thousand new ways to converse with our markets, but what do we really want to say?  Every technology and product idea has positives and negatives, and many marketers simply ignore the negative aspects of their products. This usually results in a shallow message that lacks credibility.  A better tack is to explain how you see the world and WHY you made the decisions you made in creating a product, then find the potential customers that agree with your approach.    Your product's negative aspects say a lot about what you think is important.  We'll provide an example product concept and take the audience through the process of creating a product strategy and core messaging in support of the strategy.  (Presentation)
    • Kelly Looney:  Mr. Looney is a startup veteran who has experienced an IPO, successful company transactions, as well as several typical startup failures. He has served in the roles of developer, technical leader, business unit manager, product manager, vp of marketing, vp of product strategy, and ceo. His companies have included CAP GEMINI, ParcPlace, Activerse, CMGI, Rocksteady Networks, Pinion Software, 5-D Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Semantic Designs.

  • Creating Scenarios for Uncertain Futures
    • Scenarios deal with mitigating risk – the risk that you’re addressing the wrong market or have incorrectly defined your requirements for a changing market.  This is especially relevant for long lead-time products in rapidly changing industries, generational hand-offs, and economic disturbances.   (Presentation)
    • Paul Teich is a Marketing Fellow in AMD's Office of Strategy.  Paul has cumulatively spent 17 years at AMD in various strategy, marketing and planning capacities, including scenario planning, long-range forecasting, and product management.
  • The services trap: Tips managing the product-services dynamic Cancelled
    • Product and services businesses are different.  Yet, every company must have some dimension of both.  Unfortunately, good product ideas can get seriously off track from services.  Failing to make corrections can result in a range of unintended consequences, from losing your best people to "losing the soul" of your company and completely crashing.  This session will offer some hard-earned tips for staying on track and navigating the necessary dynamic tension between the product development and the services delivery aspects that every organization faces.  (Town Hall) 
    • Steve Guengerich is a long-time executive for IT software and services companies, most recently with nGenera Corp. His last article for Pragmatic Marketing's Product Marketing Magazine, with Ross Speir, was "Seven things you can do to improve your credibiliity on the web."
  • Usability vs. User Experience – Why is failing on the iPhone more enjoyable than succeeding on a Blackberry?
    • The terms “user experience” and “usability” are often used as if they’re the same thing. If we improve usability, then we’ll get a better user experience, right?  Not exactly. They’re not the same thing and they sometimes are in conflict with each other. Your product strategy can have a big effect on usability and user experience, especially when there is a trade-off involved.  In this session, a panel of experts will share their valuable insights and experiences on this topic, with audience participation in the discussion.  (Panel Discussion)
    • Mike Boudreaux is a product manager for process automation hardware and software at Emerson Process Management.

      Paul Sherman is founder and principal consultant at ShermanUX. He has worked in the field of usability and user-centered design for the past 12 years.

      Susan L. Hura, PhD, is the owner and Principal Consultant of SpeechUsability, a consulting firm that helps clients understand and plan for successful speech technology and IVR projects.

      Mark Magnuson is the Director of Product Management at Kashmoo.com.

  • Shipping 101: OMG How do get this to Dubai? To Portland Maine?
    • You have many choices in today’s market, yet you do not want to overpay. This townhall will educate you to be a well-informed customer when dealing with parcel and logistics companies resulting in less stress and an efficient operation.  We will cover both domestic and international shippers.  We can show you where to look for hidden extra charges.   Links will be provided to free API WEB Tools for verifying delivery addresses BEFORE you ship so you can avoid the costly $8 to $10 address correction fees many shippers charge if you happen to get the address wrong.   Defective products or recalls do you have a plan in place? You cannot wait until it happens – be prepared.  (Town Hall)
    • Diana Genda, has over twenty years postal experience working with Global National Accounts with extensive postal budgets.  She recently relocated to Austin as Shipping Solution Specialist to develop the potential of the Austin market. Diana obtained her Masters in Education at University of Akron in Ohio.
  • The When, What and How of Prototyping Your Product
    • Everyone is aware that products, during their engineering and development, require trial phases, many in the form of prototypes.... but *what* should you prototype?  And which methods should you employ for best effect?  What are you trying to prove?  What technologies are available with which to build your prototype? My presentation would focus on the basics of prototyping a physical product (something other than a software product), in order to address such questions as: To what audience is the prototype intended to purvey information?  What product risk-factors is the prototype addressing?  What tangible decisions will the prototype enable?  What technologies do I use to create my prototype?  What should I expect from my prototype?  How much is this going to cost me (my company)?  Even with huge advances in virtual design platforms such as mechanical and electronics CAD, physical prototypes play a critical role in the development of products.  The technology used to create prototypes, both mechanical and electrical, are numerous, and expert knowledge is required to navigate a successful prototyping strategy.  Knowing what can be achieved by a prototype, in terms of specification-validation or decision-tree navigation, and when to apply the requisite budget is essential to today's product manager.  Example parts built from various prototyping technologies will be provided.   (Town Hall)
    • Chris Carroll was awarded a BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California at Davis in 1993.  Since then, he has held high-level product-management positions in the Aerospace, COTS Electronics, Photonics and Consumer Electronics industries before starting Capture Product Development, located in Austin, TX.  CapturePD serves startup through medium-sized companies across the US with product-development, engineering and numerical-analysis services.
  • How to Get Buy-In for Strategic Product Decisions
    • Getting buy-in for strategic product decisions is challenging.  Development, marcom, and sales all have their pressures and opinions about the product.  Executives want you to do the tactical work and leave the strategy to them, because they think strategy is common sense.  You might think that arming yourself with market facts is enough to overcome these challenges, but it’s not.  In this session, Sharon Drew Morgen will introduce the tools that will help you get buy-in.  (Workshop)
    • Sharon Drew Morgen is the author of the NYTimes Business Bestseller 'Selling with Integrity' and several other books on a new decision facilitation model called Buying Facilitation(R). This model is a change management model that offers the tools to help people make their own best decisions and achieve buy-in, regardless of the industry or topic. She has worked with several global corporations on change management and strategic decision making.  Sharon Drew ran a similar workshop at the national World Future Society, to great acclaim.
  • Putting "Planning" back into "Product Strategy"   
    • What kind of decisions are Product Managers and their leadership responsible to make about their products? Content vs. Time vs. Resource. Build vs. buy. Risk. ROI. Strategic vs. tactical. Customer vs. market. Disruptive vs. sustaining innovation. Mature product vs. new offering. EOL. Customer sat vs. customer acquisition.  These decisions have a far greater impact on the overall success or failure of the business than the method of developing and delivering the products (Agile? Scrum? Lean? Waterfall? Offshore?...). So, why is there so much focus on how we build our products, and very little formality in how we make product decisions? In this "town hall" style session, we will begin with a high level planning framework. Then, we will iteratively define the roles, inputs and outputs, approval gates, and a rough estimate of timing for an ideation-to-plan process that can be used immediately to help you drive your product direction and decisions.   (Town Hall)
    • John Milburn has been an instructor and consultant with Pragmatic Marketing for the past five years. Pragmatic Marketing has trained over 60,000 Product Managers around the globe. Before Pragmatic Marketing, John held Product Management and Leadership positions at IBM, Dell, Lane15 Software, and VTel.   

  • Requirements
  • PM Becomes A Strategic Asset
    • Yes, it's true: in technology industry companies, product managers and product marketers are playing an increasingly strategic role. But what does it mean to be more strategic, and what's driving this change? A Forrester analyst will answer these questions, using recent research on the PM role. We'll also talk about what next steps you should take in your own organization, based on the successful experiences of other PM teams. (Presentation)
    • Tom Grant is a senior analyst at Forrester Research, where he studies product management, product marketing, Agile, and social media. Before coming to Forrester, he was a VP of PM in Silicon Valley companies.


  • Social Media
    • From Product Management To Social Product Management
      • Social media are changing the job descriptions for product marketers and product managers. A Forrester analyst will show, based on current research, what form these changes are taking, what benefits they bring to the companies that embrace them, and what best practices increase the odds of success. We'll give special attention to inbound social media, used to make smarter product decisions.  (Presentation)
      • Tom Grant is a senior analyst at Forrester Research, where he studies product management, product marketing, Agile, and social media. Before coming to Forrester, he was a VP of PM in Silicon Valley companies.


  • You WILL Be Googled...What Will They Find? (and How to Fix It)
    • The first thing anyone is going to do these days is Google you - your company, your executive staff, your product, YOU. What will they find there? Is it disastrous or helpful? Will it convince a prospect to become a customer or send them running away screaming? Will it pound the final nail into your coffin or be a jewel in your crown of expertise? Worst of all, is there simply nothing there except for maybe that washed up 80's actor that has the same name as you?

      You have more control over this scenario than it might seem. Whether you're an entrepreneur or work for a large corporation, it's important for you to create and maintain a solid personal brand. In this workshop, we will cover the ways you can craft a better online persona that is compelling, professional, and much more likely to convert into your preferred action. And, the good news is that it will take more time than money (and you'll even get tips on how to make it take less time too). Recording will be provided for workshop attendees.  (Workshop)

    • Vicki Flaugher, aka @SmartWoman, is a marketing strategist who specializes in crafting effective & profitable online personas.  She was recognized recently in Forbes as one of 30 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter, as well as one of WE Magazine’s Bloggers to Watch.

      Vicki focuses on using social media tools to build reputation, authority, and rapport as an expert in a niche.


  • No Such Thing as a Social Product – Only Social Product Managers

    • With all the focus on social media and the opportunities it affords organizations, there is still very little traction in many sectors and roles.  While marketing and communications, pr and other functional groups in technology companies have rapidly embraced social platforms and tactics, the evidence indicates that the majority of Product Managers are less likely to use social options to improve products, engage the market and identify new problems to solve with their solutions.  This session will examine the state of product management and social media, while identifying 3 key takeaways which you can put in practice tomorrow to improve your understanding of buyers, your customers and the problems waiting to be solved.  (Town Hall)

    • Jon Gatrell is currently an instructor at Pragmatic Marketing and an active product management blogger @ www.spatiallyrelevant.org    


  • How Not to Screw Up a Product Campaign on Twitter
    • Twitter has become one of the fastest ways to research, listen to consumers and create outbound marketing campaigns and while there are some great successes so far, most campaigns have flopped.  We'll walk about some of those failures and give some guidelines as to what makes a great Twitter campaign.  With those guidelines, we'll then break into smaller groups to creatively brainstorm for a 20 minute makeover for the worst offenders and share with everyone how each campaign could be done better.  (Workshop)
    • Lani Rosales is the President of New Media Lab, a social media marketing agency here in Austin, and is the New Media Director at Agent Genius, the nation's most widely read online real estate magazine.  Lani is well known as a social media community organizer in Austin and specializes in digital communications and marketing.   


  • Other (Doesn’t fit in one of the above categories)
    • Leaf is Launching!  Be part of a ProductCamp first by launching a company and a product!
      • Information overload is a problem that every product manager has.  Between email, phone, IM, tweets, status updates, geolocations, and keeping track of who knows what, just communicating can feel like a full-time job.  Social networking has amplified the problem - we now have access to more information than ever before - but how's that working out for us?
      • Join ProductCamp Austin founder Paul Young as he launches his new company and product, Leaf, designed to solve the information tidal wave and allow you to focus on just what matters.  In true collaborative ProductCamp style, the first half of this session will be a description of the problem and solution, and in the second half, we will discuss potential use cases, positioning options, and marketing strategies as a group.  It's up to you to show up and help change the world!   ...Did I mention that everyone who comes gets a beta login? (Other format)
      • Paul Young is a product management professional with more than a decade of experience in hardware, software, and services product management and marketing. Currently, he manages product management for Dell's SaaS portfolio.  He has also held a variety of product management and marketing roles in technology startups and Fortune 50 companies such as NetStreams and Cisco Systems.

        Paul is the founder of ProductCamp Austin, attracting hundreds of product management and marketing professionals from the Central Texas area, and has helped other leaders launch over half a dozen ProductCamps around the world. You can read his blog at productbeautiful.com.


  • The Myth of Product Development Productivity
    • Lean Product Development helps us to understand the difference between efficiency and productivity and cautions against mistaking one for the other.  Our operating knowledge and understanding of "Developer Productivity" can be challenged from this perspective, along with the tools and processes that claim to deliver it. Flow-Based Management, Kanban, pull systems, and the simple queuing theory that underlies contemporary work management can help us to have a deeper and more effective and practicable sense of productivity. A product development understanding that isn't susceptible to mistaking efficiency for productivity creates conditions that delivery more product development return on investment regardless of your chosen methodology. This sessions provides a foundation for understanding Lean product Development and Flow-Based Management principles and helps attendees to navigate the morass of product development methodologies the habitually sap our best product development intentions.  (Presentation)
    • Scott Bellware:  Scott is a software product designer, developer, manager, and product development coach living in Austin, TX. Scott works with startups on rapid product development as well as with IT shops to improve the quality of their products, processes, and performance. Scott has founded and helped organize numerous professional groups and events regionally, nationally, and internationally. He is a teacher, a student, an organizer, and an activist who strives to communicate simple and powerful product development topics that have become obscured by complex, esoteric language. Scott is the founder and lead facilitator of Lean Software Austin and a speaker at the Lean Software and Systems Consortium conference.


  • The State of User Experience in Product Management   Cancelled

    • This discipline of user experience, aka user-centered design, experience design, yadda yadda - is a critical piece of the puzzle for product managers. Done right, it bridges the gap between product ideation / business requirements and development / implementation. Done wrong, it can slow or bog down projects and product development cycles. And no one wants that.

      The purpose of this workshop will be to provide attendees with an opportunity to discuss from their own perspectives what has worked - and what hasn't worked - in their experiences with user experience (UX) practitioners such as usability analysts, interaction designers, information architects, etc.

      The output from this session will be written up, shared with attendees, and possibly used to create a written piece that addresses what product managers want and need - and don't need - from UX practitioners.  (Workshop)

    • Paul Sherman is founder and principal consultant at ShermanUX, Sherman Group User Experience. He has worked in the field of usability and user-centered design for the past 12 years. He was most recently Senior Director of User-Centered Design at Sage Software in Atlanta, Georgia, where he led efforts to redesign the UI and improve the overall customer experience of Peachtree Accounting and several other business management desktop and web-based products.  He writes a regular column for the online user experience magazine "UXmatters" and has presented at conferences around North America as well as Asia, Europe, and South America.


  • A Look at Clouds from Both Sides Now - With Apologies to Joni Mitchell   
    • Cloud Computing is at the peak of the "Hype Cycle" and has become the buzz word of the year among IT product vendors and their customers.  Join us as we take a quick look at the purpose - and the supposed promise - of cloud computing. We will look at (Presentation)
      1. Who are the players, and who are the pretenders, in the cloud market place?
      2. How does corporate IT benefit from cloud-based solutions?
      3. How cloud platforms help traditional ISVs as well as SaaS companies?
      4. Is cloud computing ready for "prime time"?
      5. Do your customers care about cloud computing? Why should you?    
    • Colleen Heubaum is the founder and principal consultant at Winnow Consulting, an Austin-based product management and marketing consulting practice focusing on software and service technology products.    


  • Forget Your Product. It's All About YOU   
    • You are your biggest professional asset and there are a certain numbers of common traits you can identify to nurture and develop if you want to succeed professionally. Whether you are a developer, product manager or marketer, identifying these skills and competencies will help you rise to your best. Ultimately YOU should be in control of your professional destiny, not your employer. Led by two professionals who believe first and foremost in the human being, this session will cover specifics around how you can become your distinctive and best professional advantage as a leader, product manager, or even sales expert. (Town Hall)
    • Sherry Lowry will also share her latest research on what’s universally successful in the marketplace and workforce today.    Sherry Lowry is a business coach. She has mentored and trained over 200 field leads across 7 industries and trained over 3,000 professionals to gain advanced competency in coaching and communication skills. 
    • Bertrand Hazard is VP of Product Marketing at Troux Technologies. He has over 15 years of business experience devising and executing sales focused marketing strategies. He is known for his ‘franc-parler' and can-do attitude.
  • Building a Resilient Startup
    • Discussion focusing on ideation, venture launch processes, team composition, and leveraging the broader community.  (Town Hall)
    • Kevin Koym is founder of Tech Ranch Austin, a technology startup incubator. He is personally and professionally defined by his ability to inspire both individuals and businesses to seize the technological and social revolution on the horizon in order to better their community, as well as their profit potential. The key roles Kevin has played in a variety of startups throughout his life have enabled him to fine-tune his ability to replicate the success of helping entrepreneurs build what they never thought as possible before. 

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