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This LivingLabCamp was held in Valencia on 13 April 2010. The original Barcamp page appears below, while in this space reporting and follow-up information is presented.


LivingLabCamp Website

Given the interest displayed in the open LivingLabCamp approach and the many ideas for interaction among Living Labs that emerged, we have decided to:


  1. Hold further LivingLabCamps in occasion of other ENoLL events and meetings, gradually extending the scope and length in order to allow for more time for people to discuss their work and also in order to allow for interaction with the local community and its creative energies.
  2. Open a social networking website on the Ning platform that will be complementary to the new ENoLL website at www.enoll.org. This website will allow anyone to participate in Living Lab activities, upload photos and videos, create groups to discuss items of common interest, etc. The address is http://livinglabcamp.ning.com 


Membership and attendance

The organizers of LivingLabCamp Valencia prepared a participant's list for signatures but forgot to distribute it :-(  However it was possible to make a first estimate by noting those who did not take a name badge, although this leaves us in the dark for those who may have attended without having registered. At this point it doesn't matter (unless some of you require certification for having attended), but we will re-circulate the list in order to construct a the mail list for future events and announcements.


Presentations and photos

Francesco Molinari is currently emailing all those who presented in order to get approval to publish powerpoints and photos. These will be published on the Ning site as well as through links from the programme below, including the key summary phrases given by each presenter. The list of subscribed presenters (which was generally respected with additional sign-ups) was as follows:

  1. Esa Posio, OULLabs 
  2. Bill Kretzschmar, RoswellVoicesLL
  3. Francesco Molinari
  4. Carla Kocsis, THINKlab 
  5. Adam Turowiec, Turek Living Lab 
  6. Brane Semolic, INOVA Consulting, Lens Living Lab 
  7. Mamadou DIOP African Living Lab ISEG/UNIDAF 
  8. Alessandra Talamo, IDEaCT lab 
  9. Ming Wu, Smart Life Lab
  10. Jesse Marsh, TLL-Kypros
  11. Eric Seulliet, 3D Living Innovation/SmartSystem
  12. Enrique de Miguel www.ruraislab.com  RuraisLAB Galicia 


Key words

At one point, everyone was asked to sum up their impressions with one word. The ones we were able to capture make up the following list (if yours is missing, just add it by editing this page):

Community - Mosaic - Common ground - Cooperation - Easy - Variety - Collaboration - Social development - Believe it - Smart city and community - Communication - Transformation - Involvement - Collaboration - Convergences - Diversity - Societal transformation - Collaboration - Territory - Living lab - Empowerment - Innovation - Open innovation - Smart processes - Inspiration - Social innovation - Future - Inter-disciplinariness - Boiling - Spirit of the Future - It’s possible - Progress - I together too - Society - Intuitive - Improvement - Sharing experience - People - Creativity - Co-creation - Sustainable governance - Value - Transparency - Synergy  -Trust - Technology - Entertainment - Reality - Accountability - User power - Cooperation - Configuring the future - Immigration and entrepreneurship - Fun - Magic


Notes from the parallel session: thematic areas for cooperation

In a parallel session on the 14th, we discussed possible areas of cooperation. Below are some sketchy notes of what was said. All those present are warmly invited to complete the notes concerning their intervention with name and LL name, and are free to add names and comments on their own.


  • 3D Living Lab Fabrique du Futur: Media network
  • MiPlaza: specificity of corporate-led LLs, possible group of Living Labs configured as a service
  • Tolouse: networks on Space technology, environment, agro-food 
  • Munich: space as a transversal theme, mobile services
  • Swiss Food Lab: food
  • IBBT: Well-being
  • Sustainable Construction LL (Lisboa, PT): network on sustainable building and planning, energy and water efficacy, urban resilience/climate change
  • Space group: risk and living with risk, space, crisis management
  • Roswell LL: a thematic group on communities
  • St. Etienne: eco-design, lifestyles
  • Student exchange programme, possible link with summer schools  






What is a Barcamp?

The term BarCamp refers to a particular type of meeting based on active participation, without a pre-determined agenda of speakers. The objective is to bring people together and share knowledge. The BarCamp is a method that originates in the community of web developers but its "non-conference" approach is being extended to other fields.

All participants are normally expected to prepare a presentation/debate or participate in some way in organizing the event. All presentations occur on the day of the event but it is good practice to upload a note, a powerpoint or a video to the website (you can add links to comments at the above link).

There is no fixed agenda. The length of presentations will be decided according to the number of rooms the University of Valencia will be able to provide, but we hope to be able to have parallel sessions and allow up to 30 minutes for each presenter.

In the opening session of the BarCamp, those who have registered to speak place a post-it with the name of their talk in one of the available slots (divided by session and meeting room). Other participants refer to this board to choose which session to participate in at any given time.

Each meeting room is equipped with a video projector, a flip chart and a free-access WiFi network. Every presenter has their own time slot that can be used however he or she sees fit, considering however that the emphasis is on interaction and that it normally takes some time to set up computers, change roomes, etc. Every session has a rapporteur who synthesizes the debate in one of the plenary sessions.


The LivingLabCamp idea

This Valencia event is the second instance of an idea called LivingLabCamp. (The first one was held in Palermo in October 2009.) The idea is linked to the Living Lab movement, an approach emerging in information and communication technology R&D based on User-Driven Innovation. In synthesis, a Living Lab (LL) takes research out of the laboratory and into the dynamics of the real world, to blend technological with social and organisational innovation in a co-creative process that involves all participating actors: researcher, local authorities, SMEs, associations, individual citizens.

The LivingLabCamp idea combines the objectives of getting to know each other, sharing knowledge and experience, and having fun specific to the BarCamp concept, with an emphasis on the governance of the network that takes form during the BarCamp itself as a common theme, running in parallel with respect to the single presentations. A specific area in the web site and targeted plenary sessions offer the opportunity to ask and discuss questions like: how can we transform our abilities and ideas into common resources, how can we organise this network, how can we transform our capacity to generate innovation into a permanent thing?


The Valencia LivingLabCamp

The Valencia LivingLabCamp is organised in the context of a week of events dedicated to the Future Internet PPP and Assembly, in which the European Network of Living Labs, ENoLL, is organising a series of workshops as well as the official announcement of the new 4th Wave Living Labs. 

The main goal of this LivingLabCamp is thus to provide an open environment where ENoLL Living Labs, especially the new 4th wave members, and the Future Internet community can interact, share and exchange knowledge and experiences with brief 5-10 minute presentations of on-going work and follow-up discussions.

The new Living Labs will have the opportunity to learn about the ENoLL thematic networks and join those that are closest to their interests and activities.

Future Internet researchers will be able to learn of Living Lab activities throughout Europe and identify opportunities for collaboration, including in contexts such as the Smart Cities scenarios envisaged but the open CIP ICT PSP theme 4 call for proposals.

Following the LivingLabCamp there will be a visit to the CIRMI Living Lab site.




Tuesday April 13th, 2010, from 14:00 to 17:00



Room Innova, at 8G Building, Access A, 4th floor

Itaca Institute, Vera Campus Site, UPV, Valencia, Spain


Snacks and drinks are on a pay-your-own basis (unless some sponsor wants to make themselves known...)




The central message of the Palermo LivingLabCamp is "Co-creativity for the Future Internet". Contributions of all types are therefore welcome, ranging from technical discussions of Future Internet research to descriptions of user involvement in concrete Living Lab settings. We will especially welcome different approaches and scenarios about what the Future Internet is, how it may affect the daily lives of citizens and businesses, and what are the key issues that emerge. 

To register, add your name with a link to a relevant web site at the end of the "Who's participating" list; to reserve a presentation slot add your name to the "Who's presenting" list as well, with an indicative title: your presentation can be in Italian or English.


Who's participating

  1. Jesse Marsh, www.atelier.it
  2. Francesco Molinari, www.lunigianaamica.it 
  3. Alessandra Talamo - IDEaCT LAb http://dip38.psi.uniroma1.it/dppss/?q=node/539
  4. Ming Wu http://www.smartlifelab.com
  5. Bill Kretzschmar http://www.cvb.roswell.ga.us/language-life.html
  6. Fanuel Dewever http://www.83degreessouth.com 
  7. Carla Kocsis www.thinklab.salford.ac.uk  
  8. Paula Queipo www.prodintec.com
  9. Adam Turowiec, www.rozwoj.org, Turek Living Lab, PL
  10. Magdalena Ciolek, Turek Living Lab, PL 
  11. Hendrik Hielkema CKIR, Aalto University FI
  12. Esa Posio CIE, University of Oulu 
  13. Mamadou DIOP  www.isegcesmi.com
  14. Aissatou SEYDI www.isegcesmi.com  
  15. Gil Nadais,  Mayor of Águeda Municipality
  16. Aida Antunes, Agueda Municipality
  17. Eric Seulliet, 3D Living Innovation www.3d-living-innovation.eu
  18. Ana García, i2BC www.i2bc.es
  19. Jon Switters, i2BC www.i2bc.es 
  20. Laurent Dupont, NIT Smart City Living Lab, InoCité - Nancy-Université
  21. Helena Farrall, Sustainable Construction Living Lab, PT
  22. Ivan Pilati, Trentino as a Lab, Trento, Italy - www.taslab.eu
  23. Luca Mion,  Trentino as a Lab, Trento, Italy - www.taslab.eu
  24. Brigitte Trousse,  ICT Usage Lab  (PACA  Regio, France)
  25. Annika Sällström, Botnia Living Lab, Luleå Sweden - www.cdt.ltu.se www.testplats.com  
  26. Enrique de Miguel, RuraisLAB Galicia (Spain) - www.ruraislab.com  
  27. To register, click on "Edit" to the top left and modify this web page inserting your name (and website) in the list





14:00-14:15 Registration

14:15-14:30 Objectives and means of operation

14:30-16:30 Presentations

All speakers who register will have the right to make a presentation of their ideas.

The exact time available for each presentation will be a function of the number of registered participants, and will be announced on April 9th.

The order of speakers will be on a first come first served basis, following the order of the listing below.

16:30-17:00 Debate and sharing of ideas



Who's presenting (indicate name, institution or Living Lab, title)

  • Esa Posio, OULLabs 
  • Bill Kretzschmar, RoswellVoicesLL
  • Francesco Molinari
  • Carla Kocsis, THINKlab 
  • Adam Turowiec, Turek Living Lab 
  • Brane Semolic, INOVA Consulting, Lens Living Lab 
  • Mamadou DIOP African Living Lab ISEG/UNIDAF 

  • Alessandra Talamo, IDEaCT lab 

  • Ming Wu, Smart Life Lab

  • Jesse Marsh, TLL-Kypros

  • Eric Seulliet, 3D Living Innovation/SmartSystem

  • Enrique de Miguel www.ruraislab.com  RuraisLAB Galicia 


  • To reserve a presentation slot, click on "Edit" to the top left and modify this web page inserting your name in the list 





If you want to actively participate in the preparation or running of the Valencia LivingLabCamp, feel free to contact:

Jesse Marsh, jesse@atelier.it 



Social Media 


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