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PrivacyCampTO: Privacy for everyone!

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PrivacyCampTO is an unconference happening in Toronto, Canada on digital privacy in the age of social medial ubiquity. Digital privacy is all over the news media lately, and the issues are changing so quickly that it's hard to keep track--whether it's Google Buzz's flawed launch, Facebook's move from opt-in to opt-out and back when it comes to new features, or sites allegedly sharing personal information about users with advertisers.


Everyone is welcome: educators, techies, policymakers, students, academics, librarians and, of course, casual users. The goal of PrivacyCampTO are is to look at privacy issues relating to everyday users and everyday situations both practically and theoretically. In other words, privacy for everyone. Many of these areas have not yet been explored, such as how gender and privacy relate, or how children understand and negotiate digital privacy. We would also like to provide background and howtos for causal users.


PrivacyCampTO is the first PrivacyCamp in Canada, following the growing number of PrivacyCamps in the US (first started by PrivacyCampDC last year).


More specific things we hope to cover within that umbrella:

  • Sites: Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook
  • Privacy as a personal safety issue
  • Specific user groups: children, youth, women, LGBTQ
  • Gendered privacy issues/threats
  • Privacy management strategies
  • Privacy howtos (ie Facebook privacy settings explained) for casual users
  • The evolution of the meaning of privacy and privacy culture
  • Is privacy dead? Does it matter?
  • Strategies for getting Google, Facebook et al. more involved in addressing privacy issues/concerns before they happen



  • When June, 19 2010
  • Where 3rd Floor Rogers Communication Centre, Ryerson University (80 Gould Street, Toronto, Canada)
  • Who Students, technologists, theorists, industry, NGOs, facilitators, teachers, casual users - everyone is welcome! 

Blog http://privacycampto.org

Schedule/List of topics

We are currently working out the best way to have the most inclusive, friendly, interactive, informative and fun unconference, which means we are still working out the best way to organize and facilitate the day. However, we want to give everyone an idea of what will be covered. So we are inviting everyone to add their presentation/conversation topic to the page below:

Schedule (and add your presentation!)



Hosted by EDGE Lab, Ryerson University

Lead sponsor: The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Atmosphere Industries

Digital Media Zone, Ryerson University



Organizing Committee

  • Kate Raynes-Goldie, EDGE Lab/Curtin University of Technology - Lead Organizer contact: kate at atmopshereindustries dot com or @oceanpark
  • Jason Nolan, EDGE Lab - Logistics
  • Alex Bal, EDGE Lab - Logistics
  • David Fono, Atmosphere Industries - Technology
  • Luke Walker, Atmosphere Industries - Communication


We need volunteers for logistics and support. We are especially looking for dedicated livebloggers/bloggers/photographers/podcasters to ensure the entire event is recorded so that the learning can be used and shared beyond the event. Contact kate at k4t3 dot org if interested.

  • Alex Raynes-Goldie (@galavants) - design/web support
  • Julianna Yau (@juliannasculpts) - Head unconference blogger
  • Melanie Ching (@herrealworld) - registration & photography 
  • add your name and email 



wanna live blog, or twittercast during the camp? sign up here!  

Official tag

Please use the tag #privacycampTO

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