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DevCamp is a BarCamp style unconference for the Software Development Community.

DevCamp Philosophy

DevCamp's approach to conduct an uncoference is a derivative of Open Space Technology (OST )'s approach to hold meetings and conferences.
DevCamp is always focused on the specific purpose of a developer meetup, knowledge sharing and learning whats cooking in the developer neighbourhood - but it always begins without any formal agenda beyond its served purpose.

DevCamp is a BarCamp with developer & code development as its core theme. To know more about DevCamp:
What to expect in a DevCamp?
The Rules of DevCamp


Event details


July 10th (Saturday), 2010


Where to stay?

This is a single day event, campers outside of Chennai, should take care of transportation and accomodation themselves.






Contact Gautham H gauthamh@thoughtworks.com if you would like to sponsor the event.


The number of parallel sessions and time slots for each sessions won't be planned until the day of the event , but speakers be prepared for at least a 30 min presentation/talk. Fishbowl conversations , Lightning talks will also be conducted during the session slots depending on participant's interests.

  • Morning - Sessions
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon - Sessions
  • Evening - Wind up

Proposed Sessions

Note: Due to the nature of this event, please assume a high level of exposure and knowledge on the part of your audience and tailor your sessions to suit. Avoid 'Hello World' and how-to sessions which can be trivially found on the net. First hand war stories, in-depth analysis of topics and live demos are best suited for DevCamp.

Session Title

a) Design Patterns using C++

b) Latent Semantic Indexing and Plagiarism detection

c) Automatic Language Detection using Naive Bayes
d) Text Mining - Some Applications

Sudarsun Santhiappan
Burning Glass Technologies, Chennai
Dynamically composing User Interfaces with Feature Decorators
Siddharta Govindaraj
Silver Stripe Software
Getting Started With Amazon Web Services(AWS) with Hands-On
Balaji Sowmyanarayanan
AWS Enthusiasts and User Group, Chennai
EucaWatch(CloudWatch for your Private Cloud) for Eucalyptus
Samuel Vijaykumar M
CSS Labs(CSS Corp Pvt Ltd)
Lucandra - Cassandra + Lucene, a scalable solution for Lucene/Solr large indexing mechanism Prabhu Kuppurajbabu CSS Labs(CSS Corp Pvt Ltd)
Identify Code Smells And applying Refactoring techniques. Satya Narayan Thoughtworks Inc, chennai
A demo of same origin policy, jsonp and the new cross origin resource sharing spec. Sriram Narayan ThoughtWorks, Inc. Chennai
The Open Web Stack and the Future of Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, Web Storage, SVG and more Shwetank Dixit Opera Software
TDD and CI Life cycle
Shyam Sundar ThoughtWorks, Inc. Chennai
Developing scalable solutions on the AWS cloud - AutoScaling, Elastic Load Balancing, CloudWatch and other Amazon Web Services Raghuraman Balachandran/ Harish Ganesan
8KMiles Web Services, Chennai
Introduction to Accessibility and it's importance Srinivasu Chakravathula Yahoo! India R & D

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Topics I would like to hear about

  • Scaling applications
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Smartphone Development
  • Lean, mean and simple
  • Semantic Computing
  • Distributed Computing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Agile Methodologies and Practices 
  • add a topic...


Contact No
Design Logo and On Time Stage Arragements
Speaker, Blog
Blog, Tweet, Speak, Volunteer
Shiv Deepak
idlecool [at] gmail [dout] com
Logo Design, Online Publicity, Blog, Volunteer
K Varadaraj
Publicity, Poster and logo design, Blog and Volunteer
Balaji Sowmyanarayanan
Publicity, Tweet, Sponsors, Speak. 
7. Vignesh.R vign.ran@gmail.com 9677755781 Logo Design, Speaker
8. Balakumar Muthu balakumar.muthu@gmail.com 9941189227 Publicity, Logo Design, Blog, Tweet
9. K.Prabhuraj prabhu.k.raj@gmail.com 09900703126 Publicity,Blog,Tweet,Volunteer
10  Vasanth Govind  govivasanth at gmail dot com 9840905909  Tweet, Invite People, generate discussions
11  Shaswat Nimesh  shaswatnimesh@linux.com 9962967881  Online Publicity,Blog,Tweet,Speaker,Invite people , Volunteer
12 Saravanan Sundaramoorthy dearsaravanan@gmail.com 9940432545 Online Publicity, Invite people, Technical Discussions/Help, Volunteer

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Participants (aka Campers)


Due to an overwhelming response, we've closed registrations due to venue size constraints. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Note: Your registration is recorded in a google spreadsheet. Check this link to confirm. It usually takes 5 minutes to update in the sheet view below.


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