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CapitolCamp Unconference Topics


Topic Title  Details  Presenter  


What is OpenGov / Gov 2.0?

For the past year, the presses have been running wild about Open Government and Government 2.0. This session will dig into what is Government 2.0 and how it is changing how we do business. Noel Hidalgo & others
How to best use social media? This open conversation will delve into best practices and pitfalls of online engagement strategies.  NY Senate CIO & NY State CIO

Writing 140 character press releases.

Within the age of Twitter and social network status updates, PIO need to learn how to write 140 character press releases. This in-depth conversation will discussion will explore how to ensure your message is retweetable. (needed)
An overview of NYSenate.gov's Drupal Workflow Since launching NYSenate.gov on Drupal in May 2009, much of the Drupal workflow has changed. This session will talk discuss these improvements, future developments and how you can use Drupal in your organization. NY Senate CIO
CivicCommons & Code for America For the past year, we have been writing programs to scratch our own itch. Now CivicCommons and Code for America are going to help us share code with the rest of America. This session will talk about their resources and how we can plug in. (needed)
An introduction to Bluebird, the NYSenate's new open-source CRM. The Senate CIO is embarking on a new road with Bluebird, an open-source CRM built on CiviCRM. This conversation will introduce Bluebird to the general public and provide an open forum of improvements, future features and everything else under the sun. NY Senate CIO
Tools for productivity   From Blogs, Newspapers, Social Media Sites, Comments to internal communication software suites, this conversation will review a number of applications the NY Senate CIO team uses to communicate and keep each other on schedule. NY Senate CIO
Cloud Computing for Government What does cloud computing mean for the cost of technology services and what are the security implications of not owning your silicon?  
Lessons on going mobile Lessons learned on submitting to Apple's app store. This session will review the NYSenate's mobile apps (iOS, Android) and give a sneak preview of our forthcoming blackberry app. NY Senate CIO
SeeClickFix 101 How you can use SeeClickFix.com for your agency. SeeClickFix
GIS and Cloud Cartography  A number of state agencies and the Senate are teaming up to better use the OpenGeo suite. This conversation will talk about the future and how we can help each other out. NY Senate CIO
Beyond Streaming: How Internet Video is Changing Everything
From YouTube to legislative sessions to (un)conferences, live streaming events are becoming a powerful conversation medium. This session will highlight strategies that enable online communities to engage in video in new and meaningful ways, both live and post-event, building from a conversation started at the 2009 Open Video Conference.
George Chriss, (OpenMeetings.org + Noah Kunin (via videoconference), Sunlight Foundation
Impact of the Digital Divide and Accessibility on the Use of Social Media by Government
The use of social media by government raises several concerns.  First, the use of technology infers interactivity.  What happens when whomever responds to questions and comments is offering different/more information that what appears on the public web site or in publications?  Second, what about those who don't have Internet access or can't use the application because it's inaccessible?

NYS Forum IT Accessibility Committee

Collaborating across agencies in NYS  (or it's hard to be social)
Over the past year or more, the NYS Webmasters' Guild along with NYS Forum, Emerging Technologies Workgroup and IT Accessibility Workgroup, has experimented with various tools and methods and varying success to enable collaboration among its members. We've encountered many interesting issues (security, accessibility, policy, privacy, etc.), hit some roadblocks, made some progress, learned a lot. This isn't a "how to" discussion, so much as a what worked for us, what didn't, why, and where we think we're going. Focus on specific issues for individuals within government agencies.
Jim Costello (and others from Webmasters' Guild?)
How to run a successful  open source project
Kitware (www.kitware.com) is a local company that has been in business since 1998. The company has grown from 1 person to over 70 is the past decade. Much of our business model is based on open source software.  This talk will cover the mechanics of what it takes to run a successful open  source project over the long run.  Some open source projects that Kitware supports are CMake (www.cmake.org), VTK (www.vtk.org), ITK (www.itk.org), ParaView (www.paraview.org).
Bill Hoffman CTO Kitware Inc.
Adventures in Moderation (working title)  With decentralized content management systems and public comment/feedback system, how do we insure the process of discourse exists without squelching freedom of speech. This session will delve into lessons learned from the Senate/s experiment in digital communication (e.g. online comments, digital mailing, web content). Half of this session will center around workflows and adjudication process.  Simon Saks, NY Senate 
Hyperlocal: Where Flacks and Hack(er)s Combine Their Powers for Good  "Hyperlocal" has been a growing buzzword in journalism, new media and developer circles alike for the past year. But what does it mean for PIOs and communications pros, and what tools can developers use to support them? We'll talk about the practical implications of the local and hyperlocal media landscape, how to take advantage of the tectonic shifts in traditional newsrooms, and specific ways for the communications and developer functions can unite to drive great results. This won't be a 30,000 foot view of things--we'll be using examples from state agencies and other public-sector organizations to illustrate how to do all this. Colin Mathews, readMedia 
Open State Project

A high level overview of Sunlight Labs' Open State Project (formerly the Fifty State Project), a project to collect and makes available data about state legislative activities, including bill summaries, votes, sponsorships, legislators, and committees.  (http://openstates.sunlightlabs.com/)

James Turk, Sunlight Labs 
Open-Source Software in New York State Government  Overview of the Senate's use of open-source software followed by a discussion of pros, cons, policy issues, vendor relationships, financial and innovation benefits, requisite skills and collaboration opportunities of using open-source software in State government. NYSenate CIO Office 
Analyzing Government Website & Social Media Traffic, and How to Grow It Review of the NYSenate website and social media analytics over the past year; methodology for measuring usage; lessons learned in terms of maximizing usage; approach to evaluating return on investment based in part on traffic metrics. NYSenate CIO Office

OpenGov ROI, or, "Is It Worth It?"

What's the value proposition for government agencies?

What's the return on investment, in terms of public / social / civic benefit, open OpenGov work?  Is it based on each stakeholder group? Is it based on intended use of data? IS it based on efficiencies within government? Or all of the above? Examples from the local, State, and Federal level will be discussed, and methodologies to measure costs and returns will be brainstormed.  Meghan Cook SUNY Albany's  Center for Technology In Government and NY Senate CIO Office 
When .gov's do it right: Scrapers, Widgets, and Graphics for NYSenate.gov and Data.gov When data is provided in free and open formats, and with free and open API's, many unnecessary barriers to entry and collaboration are removed. Come see what happens when you get academics, government staffers, journalists, and developers, sitting at one table together, with a little bit of grant money, a little bit of time, and a whole lot of python. FOSS@RIT - CIVX.us Team



CapitolCamp Developer Summit Topics


Topic  Details  Session Leader 
How to go mobile  an overview of our mobile apps.  Nathan Frietas 

OpenLeg API

  NYSenate CIO
SeeClickFix API   SeeClickFix API
CIVX Deep Dive and Demos
Demonstrations using CIVX, an opensource public information system, to visualize data.
NYSenate.gov's Drupal Codebase An overview of the NYSenate codebase for you to download and hack. NYSenate CIO
Open State Project Technical Overview

A technical discussion of Sunlight Labs' Open State Project (formerly the Fifty State Project).  We'll be talking both about the API and how to contribute to the project. (http://openstates.sunlightlabs.com/)

James Turk,

Sunlight Labs 

Democracy Map - Overview & Discussion  An overview of the DemocracyMap project, current architecture, open-source code, and data-gathering approaches.  http://democracymap.org Ryan Wold, e-Democracy.org 
Government Open-Source Software Project Process  How to Run Open-Source Software Projects in Government, incl code repositories, development process, etc.  KitWare & NYSenate CIO Team
Sunlight's Open State Project Hackathon  Python hacking for Sunlight Labs' Open State Project, New York State API Sunlight Labs
State Geo Data Widget Hackathon Python & GIS hacking to develop widgets for NYSenate and other data CIVX
DemocracyMap & NYSenate GeoAPI Discussion of and development around DemocracyMap, and NYSenate GeoAPI project Ryan Wold, DemocracyMap, Jared Williams, NYSenateCIO
NYSenate OpenLeg API Discussion of technologies used for development of a real-time legislation API for NYSenate Jared Williams, Graylin Kim, NYSenateCIO
NYSenate Mobile Design & Development of NYSenate iphone, ipad, android apps; mobile, text & voice Nathan Freitas, NYSenateCIO
Cloud Approach, cost Nathan Freitas, NYSenateCIO
Drupal & PHP for Gov't Breaking down Drupal & NYSenate.gov, and going into using PHP as a programming language and platforms based on it in government Ken Zalewski, NYSenateCIO