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Page history last edited by Sylwia Presley 12 years, 2 months ago

Welcome to the Barcamp Nonprofits wiki! To register you need to (a) join this workspace (you may need to create a wiki account); and (b) click 'Edit' on the page and then scroll down to add your name to the list, before saving the page. 


BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. It is sometimes also called un-conference.


Barcamp Nonprofits London -  2012 


Please note: our next event is in planning stage so you will gradually see more and more specific information here. 


When: Friday, 17th of February 2012


Main website: http://barcampnonprofits.com/ 

Tickets: http://barcampnonprofitslondon.eventbrite.co.uk/



Where:  London, Prince's Foundation, EC2A 3SG, 19-22 Charlotte Road



Big thank you to Voice for helping us out initially and JustGiving for offering again their media sponsorship! We have been very fortunate to receive media sponsorship from UK Fundrasing as well! Big thank you to all our sponsors! 


Big, big, BIG THANK YOU to the Prince's Foundation for the venue and great support on the way! 

Other sponsors: Audioboo, The Browser, Blackbaud, Rapidata, Moo print.


We are actively looking for sponsors, so if you have any suggestions, do let us know!


Suggested Schedule


  • 10-11AM: Registration, event opening, scheduling of the sessions
  • 11AM-1.15PM:Morning sessions
  • 1.15PM -2.30 PM: Lunch sessions
  • 2.30PM - 5.30 PM: Afternoon sessions, wrapping up
  • Dinner and drinks - in one of London pubs or restaurants




Contact details
Sylwia Presley
social media ethics, transparency, word of mouth marketing for nonprofits, safe Internet for kids
Howard Lake
UK Fundraising 
social media and digital fundraising 
Nick Watts 
social media and fundraising 
Amy Oberholzer
 Rapid data
 social media and fundraising 
Laila Takeh
 @spirals / Personal blog
all things charity digital - social media, fundraising, advocacy
Krzysztof Pawliszak  
@globalvoicespol activism, citizen journalism, social media



Volunteers/Participants/Speakers (aka Campers)

  • Sylwia Presley, @presleysylwia, Voice/GlobalVoices - organising and on the day
  • Howard Lake, @howardlake, UKFundraising,
  • Nick Watts, @nickinoxford, Voice
  • Amy Oberholzer, @ALO365,
  • Laila Takeh, @spirals organising and helping on the day
  • Krzysztof Pawliszak, @glbalvoicespol, helping on the day
  • Euan Semple, @euan, speaker
  • David Dixon, speaker 
  • @Gr22data, speaker
  • @reyes, speaker
  • Shaun Dakin, speaker, Founder @PrivacyCamp and #PrivChat on Twitter
  • add yourself and let us know how you can contribute
  • Name, Twitter id, company, what you would like to help with?  


Proposed Sessions


Social Media & Collaboration Panel for Barcamp Nonprofits - as a part of global Social Media Week we will be hosting a panel discussion at 4PM - more over at SMW website> http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=1953 (your tickets are valid, no need to register there too). 



Time Gallery (90+ people) Board Room (15 people) Reception area (15 people)
Networking area 1 Networking area 2
11-11.45AM Social Media implementation - challenge or opportunity (Nick Watts)  Social media for fundraising (Prince's Charities)
11.45AM-12.30  Role of curation in digital fundraising (Nick Watts)     

12.30-1.15 PM


 Global Voices - citizen journalism for a change (Sylwia Presley and other GVers)
1.15PM - 2.30PM  Managing volunteers on the web (Nick Watts) Kids and Social Media, Myths of Safe Internet Experience (Sylwia Presley)
If digital is integrated - who 'owns' it? (Laila Takeh)
x x
2.30-3.15PM  Kedar (Skype with Dubai) - sm for sustainability (topic to be confirmed)  Role, impact, & implications of data for charity fundraising and comms  Technology for Transparency and Global Voices Online (Krzysztof Pawliszak)  How can we benefit from work with bloggers? (Sylwia Presley)   
3.15-4PM SOPA, PIPA and ACTA - our privacy and access to Internet (Shaun Dakin, US,  over Skype)    
4-5PM Social Media Week panel: http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=1953         
5-5.30PM Wrapping up        


Few topics to get you thinking about yours;) 


  • Online fundraising tools
  • Social media for event management
  • Applying social media across the organization
  • How to convince your marketing team to use the power of social media?
  • How to promote your college on-line?
  • Using geo-location tools (Foursquare, Panoramio) for campaigning
  • Creative ideas to take your on-line presence to the next level 
  • (your suggestions)  




Task List

(please add your name next to the points you can help out with)


  • Wifi - not provided by the venue, attendees must bring their own, few mifi accounts will be available (for event bloggers?), ...
  • Projectors - one provided by the venue, 3 additional projectors confirmed (@presleysylwia)
  • Photo - 1 photographer confirmed (@darthberne), 
  • Video - 
  • Audio -  
  • Official blogging - 1 event blogger confirmed (Laila).



  • Breakfast (coffee!) - we will not start without it;) (Anna and Sylwia will look into this)
  • Lunch - cutlery available from last event (Anna)
  • Whiteboard - Laila to source
  • Stationery - some bits and pieces are still available from last event, but if you can bring post-its and pens, it would be great! 
  • Badges - Moo Print have offered us 10% discount so we will print those, 
  • Goodie Bags - @RapidData_UK offered stress balls! :) but we are happy to accept more small assets and goodie bags themselves!  



Tags for the event:

Please use the tag #barcampnfp for content related to this event.


You can find us on Twitter as @barcampnfp and on Storify as http://storify.com/presleysylwia/barcamp-nonprofits-london-2011 


Who's blogging?

We hope you all will be blogging! ;) But do let us know if you would like to be one of our official bloggers:


Laila will be live blogging (web connection and app 'playing nicely' permitting): http://spiralforms.wordpress.com



Barcamp Nonprofits 2012 project


As a part of our barcamp we will be developing a pilot project for a charity of our choice (voting during the event) to showcase the benefits of social media for nonprofit organisations. We will use this wiki to log our notes and allow our virtual attendees to contribute too. We are waiting for your suggestions and ideas!


Project suggestions:

  1. (add your points here)



Our last project:

Initial ideas:

Support a small charity with a social media competence to develop their own strategy.


Notes from the event:

We have decided to support Against Breast Cancer. Sylwia Presley, Bernard Galewski and Graeme Hunter committed to run this project. 


Project plan:

3 sessions of social media training to tackle current issues with internal comms, marketing and potential for social media engagement.

Series of brainstorming sessions to work out the ways for social media support of fundraising (Oxford Battle of the Bands - fundraising event).


Final update:

We will present the result of our work during the next event.