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TOOLS sessions

Page history last edited by Daniele Ferrari 12 years, 5 months ago

** TOOLS "What the hell with collaborative or creative storytelling tools ? Let's explore and comment"

(collaborative tools, production tools, creative tool, project management)

KH & Aymeric & Rhys


STORYTELLER : You may talk with its creator ROBERT PRATTEN online on SUNDAY (ask Rhys)





Daniele suggests this tool:


wireWax (www.wirewax.com)

wireWAX is a taggable video tool. The first of its kind, it allows users to add intuitive tracking tags to people and objects and video. And then add information, links, images and importantly dynamic applications.

I think wireWax could became a useful transmedia tool for creating interactive online video, helping narrators to engage audience on multiple levels (video+text+third party application+web integration+much more..) 


KH List of tools for testing & comments :