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About Digital Media Camp Canada

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About National Digital Media Day(1)


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In a Nutshell


An annual day to raise the profile of the digital media industry and celebrate the dynamic work taking place in this sector.


In Canada, a massive cross-country event that will include gatherings, lobbying, education and celebrations. In other countries, linked in celebrations and demo camps.



Let's Get Organized Together


About The cooking has started on National Digital Media Day. Ryan and I had a working session in Ottawa a few weeks back and have started to have a bit of a plan in place. Ryan Lejbak is our Chief Logistics Officer for the day. We don't know exactly what that entails yet but I'm sure he'll rock.


Over a 24 hour period, we'd like to have demo and bar camps across Canada, exchanges, a national photo walk, streaming sessions, lobbying and partying, with hopefully some celebrity participation along the way. We may even have the completed national Digital Road Map to present courtesy of Susan Annis and her gang at CHRC.


Ana Serrano is going to lead a kind of 'bus camp' from Toronto to our gathering point in Ottawa. Jon Husband is going to help wrangle MPs. Kris Krug will choreograph a national photo walk and Jennifer Ouano is our official Mobile Mob Maven. McLean and the Nimble crew are going to stream some programming specific to the day, and Megan and I are cooking up some exciting ideas on media strategies.


You might be wondering what's left to do...TONS! Here's a few things you can do right now to help:


- Invite ten friends/colleagues to this group

- Help out with one of the above activities

- Set up a wiki for each of these groups so we can get crackin

- Secure sponsorships for tshirts, resources and supplies (we would ideally like everyone to wear the same tshirt design for a 24 hour period to raise profile of our industry)

- Coordinate a tshirt design competition

- Host a bar or demo camp in your town


This is a purely organic event - meaning, that in order for us to succeed we need mounds of volunteer power. If everyone did just one thing we could blow this out of the water!


Thanks again - I'm really excited about this day and what it will do to raise the profile of our industry. Ping me anytime. xo Lynda


(This was taken from the Facebook Group about Digital Media Camp Canada. Join the Facebook group).


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