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AccessCamp: A discussion-based "unconference" on accessibility and user experience 


Note: We've made some important changes on 02/19/2009! We are now ending at 2:30.


In the spirit of BarCamp, AccessCamp is a discussion-based, teach-and-re-teach "unconference" where participants exchange ideas, solutions, and stories on accessibility and usability. At AccessCamp there are no "attendees," everyone gets involved in some way. Even if you think you can't bring anything to the table, you'll be surprised at what you can contribute. A number of ways to get involved include: volunteering, planning, proposing sessions, getting sponsors, and leading sessions. AccessCamp is a great way to network, meet, and befriend all types of professionals within the San Antonio and even Austin areas!

This would be (to our knowledge) the first "AccessCamp" ever, and we're pioneering it right in the booming city of San Antonio, so there's plenty of reason to be excited!

Event details


AccessCampSanAntonio will be Saturday, February 21, 2009 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM


Nail Technical Center, San Antonio College, 1300 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78212-4299 (links to Google Map)


Sign up through our Eventbrite page: http://acsa.eventbrite.com/ (excuse the green/gray color scheme--that's Eventbrite's doing)


  • Morning (10-noon)
    • Opening (10 - 10:30AM)
    • Sessions Begin (10:30 AM - noon)
  • Lunch (Noon - 1:00PM)
  • Afternoon (1 - 5:00PM)
    • Sessions continue to 4 PM
    • Wrap up 4 - 4:30


Name and Contact Details
Name Blog E-mail Twitter Phone
Donald Wilcox, Jr. Neon Night-Rider makiten [at] neonnightrider |dot| com @makiten 313-478-6323
Cory Van Bibber   cvanbibber [at] gmail |dot| com @aequitas700 210-535-6290
Mike Rush   mrush [at] knowbility |dot| org   210-365-5074
Mikey Van Bibber Something Catchy mvanbibber [at] gmail |dot| com @barakwontserve 210-995-2084


Each Volunteer's Name and Contact Details
Name Blog E-mail Twitter
Brittany Cofer   undead.biped [at] gmail |dot| com  
Want to volunteer? Just add your name here!

On Twitter?

You can follow AccessCamp @accesscampsa. Our hashtag will be #acsaw09.


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Please use ACSAW09 to refer to the 2009 AccessCamp San Antonio.


Who's blogging about AccessCamp San Antonio?

ACSA Bloggers
Name Blog Title
Donald Wilcox, Jr. Neon Night-Rider
Mikey Van Bibber Barakwontserve



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