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AmazonCamp Toronto


Date: Thursday, November 15, 2007
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Indoor Playground

364 Richmond Street


*Indoor Playground has a practical capacity of ~45-50. If we start to significantly exceed that the venue may change...

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  • November 6, 2007 - Okay we're a definite go for Indoor Playground - which means this puppy is at capacity. I've started a waiting list below *but* we won't start moving people over unless we drop below 45 attendees. 50/55 will fit but it'll be very cozy so if we can shave a few bodies off we'll need to. If you've signed up and can't come please do the right thing and take your name off the list. *ALSO* We need a *projector* - anyone have one we can borrow for the night? We'll take good care of it.


  • October 4, 2007 - We'll be running this event in conjunction with the newly formed Toronto AWS Users Group and we'll be using their registration form located off the event page here. Email addresses collected will only be used to contact you in the context of this specific event unless you indicate otherwise. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


  • October 2, 2007 - We now have a confirmed date of November 15, 2007. At the moment the venue is Indoor Playground but it's looking like we're going to exceed our capacity there. Working on a bigger space. We've also confirmed that Mike Culver, an AWS evangelist will be joining us for the evening.


  • September 26, 2007 - Dates are starting to take shape, right now the thinking is sometime the week of November 12-16. Likely the Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. We have a venue commitment for <50 people and are working on some ideas in case we go over that #. Amazon is aware of the event and we're working to try and get someone up from their AWS team to participate in the event.




Format would be similar to FacebookCamp where we'd have a few tech/how-to conversations followed up with demos of what the local community has been doing with the various AWS services. More than anything it would be a great venue for those of us developing on this infrastructure to find & get to know each other.


If you'd like to attend please signup on the wiki below:


Thx - Ryan



Event Ideas/Suggestions



  • Topics should cover the main AWS services. S3, SQS, EC2, and FPS (Could use someone in the beta to talk about FPS). -- dave
  • I'd like to see an example of using S3 with MySQL - Jamie McQuay


Potential Presentations


  • Presentation by Mike Culver, AWS Evangelist.
  • Someone from FreshBooks would be willing to come and talk about FPS - Ben V
  • Enomaly can demo several AWS related products including ElasticDrive, Enomalism and ElasticLive - Reuven
  • Clay Tablet could demo our product (running EC2/SQS/S3) - Ryan C.
  • I can talk about Zoomii's logging approach - structured logs, real-time and historical, backed up on S3, from many network-unaware processes across many EC2 instances - Chris Thiessen
  • I can also talk about Zoomii's load-balancing approach: a non-blocking Java proxy server that discovers worker servers and what they're serving through 'leases' uploaded to S3 - Chris Thiessen
  • I can talk about AideRSS architecture: EC2 and SQS and how we scaled up our system to 100+ EC2 servers. (Ilya Grigorik)


Registration site up! This event will be run in conjunction with the newly forming Toronto AWS USers Group.


Please add your name to the registration page here. This will also ensure you can receive any updates

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If you've already signed up below we'll save a space for you but we'd appreciate it if you could add your name to the proper registration system above.






  1. Ryan Coleman Clay Tablet Technologies
  2. Sebastien Chorney
  3. Dave Rapin Clay Tablet Technologies
  4. Libin Pan
  5. Laura Scroggins lauramba!
  6. Michelle kanfer
  7. Chris Thiessen - zoomii.ca - blog
  8. Paul Dowman
  9. Steven Vetzal ThreeWiseMen.ca
  10. Mike Bowler EasyBrandingTools.com and GargoyleSoftware.com
  11. ThomasPurves I'm in.
  12. Leila Boujnane Blog
  13. Andrey Petrov
  14. Paul Bloore
  15. Levi Cooperman FreshBooks
  16. Ben Vinegar FreshBooks
  17. Reuven Cohen toronto.awsusers.org
  18. Alex de Bold http://www.chickadvisor.com
  19. Josh Newman http://3rdparty.ca
  20. Jonas Brandon
  21. Jaafer Haidar http://www.sensidea.com
  22. Anand Agarawala BumpTop
  23. Ethan Henry
  24. Adam Wisniewski
  25. Andy Strote Context Creative
  26. Jamie McQuay Scimatic Software
  27. Michael Bodalski
  28. Husein
  29. Jim Xu Smack Inc.
  30. Matt Rintoul | Smack Inc.
  31. Craig Saila
  32. Colin Smillie - refreshpartners.com
  33. Ilya Grigorik - aiderss.com
  34. Marty Tarle
  35. Rajesh Duggal
  36. Martin Kuplens-Ewart
  37. Nick Desbarats ChoiceBot Inc.
  38. Andrea Costantini Radiant Core Inc.
  39. Lilian Hanna Radiant Core Inc.
  40. BryceJohnson Sorry cats I can't make it. I'd love to get good notes.
  41. Kurt Gooden
  42. Sayem A
  43. Nestor Correa Octopz Inc.
  44. Jeff Fedor - aiderss.com
  45. Simon Woodside - wants to hear about databases


Waiting List:

We will start moving peple over if the attendance goes below 45...

  1. Sundeep Madra
  2. Amar Var