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Barcamp Ireland - SouthEast

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Wrapping up the Barcamp in Waterford on 20th January 2007


Why not attend the first Irish Educamp in June 2007?

Details: http://barcamp.org/Educamp-Ireland



Presentations given at the barcamp, and attendee notes on same

Presentations Page


Blog: http://barcampsoutheast.wordpress.com/

Easier url for wiki: http://www.barcampsoutheast.com/

Participants' blog: http://barcamp.blogging.ie


What is Barcamp ?

Barcamp is a technology-focused, ad-hoc gathering of passionate folks who want to share, interact and spread the love around what they spend their days and nights toiling away on.

It is an informal gathering of people from technical and business backgrounds, where information and experiences are exchanged. The event is geared towards sharing knowledge and learning from others and there is a policy of encouraging active participation in all discussions.


How Much does it cost ?

Barcamp is free. However, if you plan to attend Barcamp you are strongly encouraged to sign up so we can gauge how many will attend.


When and Where is it on ?


Where - ArcLabs Research and Innovation building in Waterford IT: Research and Innovation Centre Website


Directions - Go to http://www.uk.map24.com/search?q=Carriganore%20Waterford


Detailed driving directions: https://barcamp.pbwiki.com/f/ArcLabs%20-%20driving%20directions.pdf



- if you get lost, call us at 051-302900


When - The date is Saturday January 20, '07


Time - CHANGE - 10.00 to 16.45 - we are going to run speakers in 45 minute slots to allow for good discussion and Q&A sessions afterwards. 4 rooms will be available so a 10am start gives us 28 slots and also the possibility to stretch at the end. We will schedule talks to try and avoid simultaneous runs of similiar topics.


Wheelchair accessibility ?


The venue is fully accessible for anyone in a wheelchair - with lifts to the first floor and kitted out toilets. If you have any questions or other requirements please let us know.


What Hotels are available in the area?


Cheapest (via several sites) seems to be the TravelLodge (single €59, double €69). Waterford Marina is also reasonably priced at €69. For those that can't bear to be away from an internet connection, the Ramada Viking (€69) might be a better pick and is the closest to the event location(it's 3km out from the town center). Breakfast at the Ramada is €10.


Rates sourced from:




How do I get to Waterford by public transport?


By train?


Friday night: 1625 from Dublin (Heuston) arrives at 1909; 1825 arrives at 2056

Saturday morning: 0730 from Dublin (Heuston) arrives at 1009


There's a return train on Saturday evening at 1825 but note that there is a bus substition from Carlow onwards - so you won't reach Dublin until 2138, according to IÉ. Sunday morning leaves 0930 (1213) and 1300 (1525).


By bus?


Bus Éireann will have all the details! Especially relevant if you're not coming from Dublin or some place else on the Dublin-Waterford train line, as this might be a more direct route.


How do I sign up ?


Please send your contact email address to barcampsoutheast at gmail dot com. Thanks.


Let us know what topics you are interested in hearing or talking about by emailing us.

Alternatively, if you are comfortable using Wiki software, you can sign up by editing this page


Sponsors - thank you

This barcamp is being smiled upon by the following entities:


Blacknight Hosting Solutions


Waterford County Enterprise Board 



Purcell Cullen Kennedy, Solicitors



Wimax EU who provided Ruckus wireless routers





For photos uploaded to flickr / powerpoint uploaded to slideshare etc, use the tag barcampwaterford.


Bar Talk Ideas - What folks want to hear about or talk about.

Barcamp is a conference with a difference.


At Barcamp, anyone can present. In fact, if this is your first time at Barcamp, presenting is actively encouraged. Talks will typically be 15-20 minutes followed by 15 minutes Q&A/Discussion but talks can be as short or as long as you like. You can use Powerpoint slides, or forego slides altogether. Talks can be technical or non-technical.


The Barcamp ethos is about sharing information. There is no overriding theme to the conference. If you would like to talk at Barcamp you can either sign-up beforehand or sign-up on the day.

There will be a whiteboard and post-its. If you want to sign-up on the day, just post the title of your talk on an available time-slot on the whiteboard.


Format: Name, Topic



Don't forget to add your name to the attendee list too! Talk Grid - topic summary



Is there something in particular you would like to hear about at Barcampireland ?


  • Alan Burke - Something about OpenID
  • Anyone fancy leading a talk along the lines of "Encouraging Safe Web Usage in Children"??


Pecha Kucha:

Iin which each speaker presents 20 slides for 20 seconds each. Would people be interested in presenting at/attending this? Please respond below. (James Corbett stealing Emmett Connolly's idea. See Wired article about it.)

  • James Corbett (still thinking about topic)




Keith Bohanna http://keith.bohanna.com

Tom Corcoran tcorcoran@wit.ie



Mary Fearon mfearon@wit.ie



If you are attending Barcampireland, please add your name to the list.

format: name, blog link

  1. Jason Roe - cr8or http://www.jason-roe.com/blog/
  2. Laurence Veale [iQ Content]
  3. Walter Higgins http://sxoop.wordpress.com/
  4. James Corbett http://www.EirePreneur.com
  5. Conor O'Neill LouderVoice
  6. Michele Neylon Blacknight / Pensieri
  7. Bernie Goldbach Blog
  8. Ken McGuire work / Creative Imagination
  9. James Cooley work / blog
  10. Aidan Finn http://aidanf.net
  11. John Butler work / blog
  12. Lee McGuigan [http://pilotinfosystem.blogspot.com/]
  13. Will Letters from the idiot
  14. Dennis Deery http://www.irose.com
  15. Tom Atkins http://susweb.net
  16. Paul Watson pwatson@tssg.org
  17. James Mernin jmernin@tssg.org
  18. Brian Caulfield brian@tvc.com
  19. Conn O Muineachain Edgecast Media
  20. Haydn Shaughnessy Media Angler
  21. Elly Parker ellybabes
  22. John Ronan John's Blog
  23. Brian fives brian.fives@enterprise-ireland.com
  24. Sabrina Dent Linden Lifestyles
  25. Rory Fitzpatrick Mediasat
  26. Richard Delevan sicNotes / Representing Dead Tree Media
  27. Chris Gallagher cgallagher@tssg.org
  28. Ferghal Reidy freidy@cablesurf.net
  29. TJ McIntyre
  30. Brian Cleland OpenIreland
  31. Paul Power Peerside
  32. Tom Doherty Lecterna Management Ltd (e-delegate Marketing)
  33. Alan Burke CompuSquad Ltd Athenry AC
  34. Martin Whelan Deise Design
  35. Justin MacCarthy [http://www.maccarthy.org]
  36. Donncha O Caoimh
  37. Siasy Collins European Irish/ blog
  38. Ray Griffin rgriffin@wit.ie
  39. Keith Gaughan; Talideon.com
  40. Kim Leahy kim@cquent.ie
  41. Cathal O' Riordan coriordan@tssg.org
  42. Colm Dunphy cdunphy@wit.ie / |blog
  43. Niall Doherty himself@ndoherty.com
  44. Brian White blog
  45. David Murphy notblog
  46. Kieran Gleeson notblog
  47. Paul McAvinchey Yaboya
  48. Andrew McAvinchey
  49. Cormac Moylan Blog
  50. Chris Chedgey http://chris.headwaysoftware.com
  51. Barry Downes bdownes@wit.ie
  52. Damien Mulley
  53. Joe Drumgoole
  54. Evert Bopp Wimax-EU
  55. Jan Blanchard
  56. John Handelaar
  57. George Pratt
  58. Miguel Ponce de Leon MiguelPdL's Blog 
  59. Eoghan McCabe
  60. John McCormac  (May Not make it.)
  61. Paul Brennan 
  62. Laura Czajkowski UL ComputerSociety 
  63. Helene Haughney http://nubiq.wordpress.com
  64. Roger Galligan Irish Blogs / Blogsome
  65. Ken Guest iPartners / Ken Guest's personal  blog
  66. Donal Mc Carthy http://donal.zinadoo.mobi
  67. Grainne O Connell
  68. Adrian Smith http://www.17od.com
  69. Fiona Haughney http://nubiq.wordpress.com
  70. Paul O'Leary poleary@wit.ie
  71. Dominic Maguire work  / play 
  72. Stephen Burke sburke
  73. Zac Burke http://zacburke.com
  74. Mike Bennett stressbunny.com
  75. Stephen Power learn4fungaeilge
  76. Donal Lehane [ Food-NPD.com]
  77. Bill O'Gorman wogorman@wit.ie
  78. Justin Mason blog
  79. Ray Leahy ray@cquent.ie
  80. Stéphane Corlosquet Eco Innovation
  81. Cian Foley UpTheDeise.com
  82. Paul Wright
  83. Michael Shanahan CONCEPT
  84. Brendan Lyng blyng@wit.ie
  85. Jamie Good Blog
  86. Dave Hearne hearne.dave@gmail.com


Tom Raftery Tom Raftery I.T.

Zeta Dooly zdooly@tssg.org sorry unable to make it now

Stephen Downey Passion Development Unable to make it now.

Aidan Coonan www.eventireland.com Unable to make it

Martin Murphy Unable to make it for the full day, I may be able to drop in for a while though.

Paul Walsh work / Search Thresher

denise cox denise cox's Blog  many apologies... i was really looking forward to this.


Barcamp Dinner - Saturday evening in Waterford

If you are attending the Barcamp Dinner, please add your name to the list. Venue will be confirmed once numbers are closer to final


  1. Conor O'Neill
  2. Damien Mulley
  3. Elly Parker
  4. James Corbett
  5. Keith Bohanna
  6. Tom Corcoran
  7. George Pratt
  8. Paul Watson
  9. Michele Neylon
  10. Justin Mason
  11. Jason Roe
  12. Eoghan McCabe
  13. Will Letters from the idiot


Can you offer a lift? / Need a Lift? Post here!

  1. I plan to drive down from Galway on Saturday morning, so I can offer one place, in my small van. Alternatively, if somebody is travelling down in a larger vehicle and can offer me a lift, I'd happily accept. Alan: alanburke@fastmail.fm
  2. I'm driving from Bandon to Waterford on the Saturday morning and back early on the Sunday morning (staying in Ramada). Happy to give lifts to up to four people if I can easily grab you enroute. conor@loudervoice.com
  3. The Carriganore campus where the TSSG building is can be hard to find. If anyone needs a lift in from somewhere central in Waterford City then drop me an email; paul@paulmwatson.com
  4. Im driving from dublin tomorrow, leaving at 8am need a lift? Mail jason (at) jason-roe.com


Upconing Educamp!

  1. In June 2007, the ICT staff of Tipperary Institute will host Educamp Irleand on Thurles campus, Tipperary Institute, Nenagh Road, Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland.
  2. Watch your mailing lists for details of collaborators and sponsors.