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There's an RSS feed for this page at http://strasslab.net/BarCampAlsace1.xml

If you're brave enough you can download the Ruby code here http://strasslab.net/rss.rb

Bug report ? Suggestion ? Question ? You can contact me at strass@strasslab.net


As proposed here : Association pour une pratique de l'innovation. My blog is explaining the whole project of ressource for innovation.


I invite all people on saturday 26th, August 2006, for a first nanoBarCamp in Strasbourg (France).


J'invite toutes les personnes intéressées au premier "nanoBarCamp" à Strasbourg. Si vous ne parvenez pas à vous inscrire, contactez-moi ( phs@latitude.fr ), je vous inscrirai.


Where :


In Strasbourg (France).

The nanoBarCampAlsace is limited to 25 (uh... 26) people because of facilities !

But it's only the beginning of BarCampAlsace...



3, rue des alisiers

67100 Strasbourg



Access map to Latitude : download here (for the lazy ones here you go for the Google Maps)

The best is using the tramway (Schluthfeld Station)

Car parking in the neighborhood, but best in the free car parking Schluthfeld, beside the tramway station

How to prepare your participation at the first BarCampAlsace



When :


saturday 26th, August 2006

At 2:00 PM


My wife will bake apple, bilberries and quetsch plums pies. Eventually mirabelle plums pie.



If you don't like tea or water, your allowed to bring something to drink (avoid alcohol, in the afternoon)



In the evening, dining in a "winstub".


Proposed sessions


The topic of the nanoBarCampAlsace is :



To this end, people who experienced former BarCamps are welcome to the nanoBarCampAlsace.




Discussions in french or english : depends on who is participating.


Attendees / other topics



Jean Michel Billaut will be with us trough a skype conference.



nanoBarCampAlsace on saturday 26th, August 2006 is now full, sorry. But you can join us at dinner !







Sorry for my bad english. My best french would not be understood.


Hé that's nice Philippe, let's say you could aso mirror this page in french on the wiki-net barcamp ;) -- ChristopheDucamp


Why "BarCampAlsace" and not "BarCampStrasbourg" ?


Alsace is a small region... let's say its like a town of 1,8 million inhabitants with a lot of parks. I think Alsace is the right (minimal) size for a BarCamp. Due to its size, but at the border of Germany et Switzerland, we have here the opportunity to organize crossborder BarCamps. PhilippeSchoen


So what about the first european BarCampRhine ?




Photos (use the tag 'barcampalsace').


Video Podcast


Video Podcast



something is going on

pies are ready...