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Mediamatic, Post CS Building, Amsterdam. How to get there.




Staying up-to-date

  • Planet BarCamp for the latest blog entries and pictures
  • #barcamp at irc.freenode.org


Some Neat Ideas

  • BarCampBrusselsForTheImpatient is happening at this time, let's set up some sort of video link
  • * We've done some talking and it looks like we should be able to set up (at least on the Amsterdam end) a dedicated box with a projector and speakers for the BarCampBrusselsForTheImpatient people. Long live the internet!
  • The SlackerLounge! We're going to set up a corner for people to sit and have some turkish coffee/tea while being anti-social and non-computery, because it's nice to be a slacker sometimes and we want you awake.


Organizery People


Attendancy People


Groups, Projects, Companies, Organizations Represented


Volunteery Opportunities


Sponsory Love


Sleeping Over?

  • If you plan to stay on location and get your late-night hack on (or just don't have a place to stay), bring a sleeping bag.
  • Termie: I have an apartment very close by and can offer some floor space for those in need, let me know if I can help
  • Katie: We have a spare room nearby if anyone needs it

Ankara Evden Eve Nakliyat


Not attending

  • Ton Zijlstra, schedule conflict, but wish you a rocking meeting and look forward to seeing/hearing reports.
  • bert boerland, would love to see flickr and *pods as well. Have fun!
  • Mike Wessling Working on Tag42 (not feeling very well and I guess you guys have enough bugs to deal with)
  • Pim Rupert - would love to come next time, bringing along his geek friend Eelco Lempsink


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