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A Barcamp. In Amsterdam. Edition IV. Come on by!


For those who don't know about Barcamp, it is a series of 'unconferences' in which the participants set the agenda and are the presenters – all topics welcome. So come on by and give you own your own talk or workshop!


The Next Web Conference is April 3 and 4 and a bunch of people will be in town for the conference. We hope to complement The Next Web with something more intimate and, perhaps, more technical. Consider this Barcamp's relation to The Next Web as the original BarCamp was to FooCamp.



April 5, 2008

10:00 - 17:00




Second Floor

Wibautstraat 150

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Peter Robinett (peter@bubblefoundry.com) is taking the lead in organization. Please put your name below if you're planning on coming or sign up on the Upcoming page.


- Abdul-Rahman Advany (abdulrahman at advany dot com - socialbytes)

- Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (boris@thenextweb.org)

- Patrick de Laive (patrick@thenextweb.org)

- Arjen Schat (arjen@thenextweb.org)

- Robert Gaal (robert at wakoopa dot com)

- Menno van der Sman (menno at wakoopa dot com)

- Tessa Sterkenburg (tessa@tessasterkenburg.com)

- Martijn Pannevis (mail on martijnpannevis dot nl)

- Fred Howell (fred at textensor.com) - I'll demo the A.nnotate system for sharing notes on PDF/Word documents + web pages online

- Vladimir Oane & Dragos Ilinca (hello at ubervu dot com)

- Pascal Van Hecke (EN NL)

- Stefan Fountain (Soocial)

- Pascal Smit (Adthello)

- Simon de Haan (Soocial)

- Berry Groenendijk (LocalPoint)

- Reinier Zwitserloot (Tipit.to)

- Jeroen van Embden (Tipit.to)

- George Tziralis (askmarkets.com)

- Bert Goethals (bert at bertg dot be) "Why GIT is better then SVN"

- Marcel van der Drift (doehetnietzelf at gmail dot com) (Bareel: flash game

- Chris Comella ( http://www.buzzpal.com/contact )

Doe-het-niet-zelf / Don't-do-it-yourself )



Beer sponsor: The Next Web Conference (€250,-)

Anyone interested in sponsoring lunch?

Loans of equipment, such as projectors and wifi routers, are still welcome.



The Next Web

The Next Web Conference has kindly agreed to sponsor our drinks and are giving Barcamp participants a 35% discount to their conference (use the code 'barcamp' when registering.

Also, Dutch social media guru Erwin Blom and friends are offering funding to cash-strapped entrepreneurs to attend The Next Web.


Schedule and Notes

Here is what I remember; please add your own notes! - Peter R.

Big Room

  • A.nnotate Demo
  • forget
  • Roomware Project
  • Don't Do It Yourself/Bareel: What I (Marcel) presented was a multi-user location based flash game for a lower grade school. Demo at www.bareel.nl. And also the Dont-do-it-yourself-day or Doe-het-niet-zelf-dag. See www.doehetnietzelf.org or www.everybodyhere.nl Please spread the word about that last one, because we have a huge amount of space, internet, lunch, etc.wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet
  • Demo Scene


Small Room

  • Limits for Startups
  • Git vs SVN
  • Making the Long Tail Pay
  • Soocial Demo
  • Internationalization: The slides are online (here; .odp format) and check out the demo (here). Please contact me (Peter) if you'd like to work with me to make an XML-based repository of user interface translations.