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October 2009 update:

Please note: BarCamp Atlanta 3 has been rescheduled for Friday, October 23rd at 6:00 PM. You may RSVP here:



May 2008 update:


Save the dates. We are having the 2nd BarCamp Atlanta on October 17th and 18th. http://barcampatlanta.pbwiki.com and http://www.barcampatlanta.com will be updated shortly with details.


August 2007 update:


We're going to do this! Feel free to use the space below, but also keep an eye on http://barcampatlanta.pbwiki.com ...  



"I am shocked, shocked that Birmingham has beaten us to the punch. I plan to attend their camp, and if I like it perhaps I shall try to crank this one up." -- CharlesShapiro


After: It was pretty fun. Report at CharlesShapirosReport.





  • Hosted by Georgia Tech
  • Centergy building (ATDC/VentureLab) at Technology Square




  • October 12-13, 2007




  • Michael Mealling
  • Jeff Haynie
  • Lance Weatherby
  • Stephen Fleming
  • Aarjav Trivedi
  • ...you?


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  • -James Griffin - I'm working with a very intriguing project-based R&D team and I'd like to speak to someone who is bright and driven (I'm building parts of the team with FT resources to work on the next-gen platform for a mobile product suite, dealing with direct-push email for non-Blackberry devices). If you're in the Atlanta area, I'd love to chat with you for a few minutes to share the details. Give me a call at 404.920.3153 if you have a solid understanding of either Windows CE or Palm OS.
  • Brian Whigham - I'm betting no one wants to allow a bunch of drunk geeks to sleep in their office space. Why not look for a rich geek or a company (i.e. P&G) with some land to let us really camp out (like, outside)? Then, look for a sponsor (i.e. Verizon, Bellsouth, Speakeasy, etc.) to supply bandwidth. May have to be outside of Atl Metro. :-)
  • Jeff Haynie - We could possibly use Ga Tech and I have connections there that could help with space. They also have a hotel that we might be able to try and co-op some free room space.

-*Royi - Definately a second right here for the GaTech idea. Do you want to take the initiative to actually get this going? Maybe set a date? How's some time in December/January? Earlier? -

  • -Okay, we really need to get this going. I'm gonna have a short lunch meeting with an actual employee on the Tech campus, like, today ( 19 Oct 2006). -Judging from my conversations with the BarCampBirmingham folks, the hardest part of this is finding a space and a first sponsor. The rest is relatively easy. I know that some of y'all have the mistaken idea that this is an outdoor, overnight event -- probly from the word "camp". That's one possibility, but it's not the only one. The next step is an actual meeting, perhaps on a weekend afternoon. I'll announce that here and email as many people on the list above as I can when I have a time & place for that, probably toward the end of this month or the beginning of November. -- Charles Shapiro
  • David Cummings - If GaTech doesn't come through I'd be happy to host it at my office. We have enough room for 40 people comfortably, two full T1s, and, of course, a red racer Segway.

(David... bring the Segway! --Stephen F.)




  • MichaelMealling -- demo-ing and talking about Masten Space Systems suborbital reusable launch vehicle ( http://masten-space.com ). He can also talk about RFID and supply chain management stuff.
  • Mike Harrison -- Lightweight Identity Protocols to LAMP/P application frameworks
  • Brian Whigham -- Hrmmm, would an Asterisk VoIP or WRT54G hack demo be too boring? My spaceship building skills are a bit rusty.
  • Charles Shapiro -- Well, I'm currently working on a silly-but-amusing web project. I reckon I can talk about cgi-bin python for this kind of project. The web project is finished: http://tomshiro.org/sudoku-grinder
  • Timothy Moenk -- talking about how the convergence between virtual worlds and regular ol' 2d web is leading to the emergence of the Metaverse ( http://metaverseroadmap.org/ ). The virtual world of Second Life ( http://secondlife.com ) will be demo'd with examples of how people are already using it in conjunction with the web, and what current trends and possibilities tell us about what the 3d web might begin to look like in the next five to ten years.
  • Jeff Haynie -- I would like to do a demo of a next-gen framework for AJAX and a new social content/search site I'm working at called Hakano.
  • Matt Todd -- building web apps with the Canvas framework for PHP5 (or why we should be building them in Ruby); and also, writing beautiful code
  • Josh Watts -- I have an automated testing application I'm working on that I'd like to show everybody
  • Raj Bala -- Introduction to the Semantic Web: The Future of the Internet or Total Malarky?
  • Bill O'Neill -- I could present on systems administration topics, source control tools, or maybe an overview of "Getting Things Done"
  • Micah Wedemeyer -- Ruby on Rails and custom Google Maps (ie. navigat

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