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Building on the success of the first BarCampBankBC held in September 2008, we are excited to announce that we are doing it again! Sign-up and spread the word.


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What is a BarCamp?


A BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants.


What is BarCampBank?


BarCampBank is a community organized around the following mission:


The aim of BarCampBank is to foster innovations and the creation of new business models in the world of banking and finance.




• William Azaroff | Vancity | http://www.azaroff.com

• Gene Blishen | Mount Lehman Credit Union | http://www.tinfoiling.com

• Marce Clizi | the virtual keyboard arabic | http://www.clavier-arabe-pro.com/arabic-keyboard.php 

• Tim McAlpine | Currency Marketing | http://www.currencymarketing.ca


When & Where


When: Saturday, September 26, 2009 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Vancity Head Office, 183 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

• The location is close to most of downtown Vancouver's hotels and is right near a SkyTrain station 


Registration Details and Payments

Please register and pay at  http://barcampbankbc2.eventbrite.com There is a $10 fee to help cover a pizza lunch. You are on your own for breakfast. This is a not-for-profit event. 


Please Add Your Name Here

In addition to registering through Eventbrite, please add you name here if you are planning on participating

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Please list your details and interests here to help everyone schedule contacts during the event.


No. Name Company Location E-mail Website/Blog Interested in Discussing Paid on Eventbrite
1 William Azaroff Vancity Vancouver, BC, Canada William_Azaroff at vancity dot com




Social Finance, sustainable banking, strategic development, the future of online banking, internal collaborative tools  
2 Tim McAlpine Currency Marketing Chilliwack, BC, Canada tmcalpine at currencymarketing dot ca http://www.currencymarketing.ca/blog Web stuff, social media stuff, credit union stuff  
3 Gene Blishen Mount Lehman Credit Union Mt. Lehman, BC, Canada gblishen at mtlehman dot com http://www.tinfoiling.com    
Ed Dron Community Savings Surrey, BC edron at comsavings dot com http://twitter.com/comsavings credit unions, social media, viral marketing, and stuff.  
5 Tom Cannon HSBC Vancouver, BC tom_cannon at hsbc dot ca     Yes
6 Laurel McJannet Verity Credit Union Seattle, WA LaurelM@veritycu.com http://blog.veritycu.com online banking, mobile banking, using social media to increase usable of online services and member relationships, evolving a website into an online branch Yes
7 David Cesarini   Vancouver, BC       Yes
8 Apoorv Dwivedi CUCA (Alberta Central) Calgary, AB apoorv dot dwivedi at albertacentral dot com http://www.linkedin.com/in/apoorvdwivedi1 credit union system development issues, product development in banking and financial services, competitive strategy  
9 Pamela Bennett CUCA (Alberta Central) Calgary, AB pamela dot bennett at albertacentral dot com     Yes

Abdulla Abdulla

North Shore Credit Unon North Vancouver, BC abdulla_abdulla at nscu dot com http://www.nscu.com  



11. Sheila Mackenzie On maternity leave with HSBC Vancouver, BC her at backattheranch dot ca   User Experience Consultant  
12 Heather Harmse Vancity Vancouver BC Heather_Harmse at Vancity dot com     Yes
13 Werner Harmse Central1 Credit Union Vancouver BC wharmse at Central1 dot com     Yes
14 Andy LaFlamme MaPS Credit Union Salem, OR alaflamme@mapscu.com



15 Randy Johal CitizensBank FX & Global Payment Solutions Vancouver randy_johal at vancity dot com   Mobile payments..global remittances to the developing world..reaching out to commercial clients in the green sector..a successful banking model post implosion both online and in branch….. Yes
16 Jason Peckham Vancity Vancouver jason_peckham@inventuresolutions.com Arabic keyboard  How will we service the millenials, X's and Y's?  What does a proactviley converged service delivery model look like in the future?  What are the key elements of value and how can they be used to differentiate and support key strategies?  What will the ideal mash-up look like?  I would also like to talk about strong cheese.  ;0)  
17 Rebecca Pearson Vancity Vancouver rebecca_pearson@vancity.com      
18 Wendy Holm Vancity Vancouver wendy@theholmteam.ca http://www.theholmteam.ca building social capital, strengthening cooperation among credit unions and appealing to younger  members  
19 Matt Vance Industrial Credit Union Bellingham, WA mvance@industrialcu.org www.industrialcu.org   Yes
20 Margaret Dron   Vancouver margaret dot dron at gmail dot com     Yes
21 Chloe Morrow Central1 Credit Union Vancouver cmorrow@central1.com      
22 Joseph Sullivan            
23 Lynn Williams            
24 Jan Fisher Servus Credit Union Red Deer   www.servuscu.ca    
25 Randeep Johal            
26 John-Paul Holecka            
27 Dene Rossouw AuthenticDialogue.com Vancouver dene@authenticdialogue.com



28 Jeremy Osborn Good Energy Research, Climate Smart Vancouver jeremy@climatesmartbusiness.com www.climatesmartbusiness.com Social media, sustainability, finance. Yes.
29 Steve Thomson Thomson & Associates Consulting Vancouver steve@thomsonconsulting.ca www.thomsonconsulting.ca Green finance, venture capital and alternatives, online banking, mobile banking Yes
30 Margarita Lurye Central 1 Credit Union Vancouver mlurye@central1.com     Yes
31 Ed Brett Westminster Savings Credit Union New Westminster, BC ebrett@wscu.com https://www.wscu.com   Yes
32 Vince Hodges Pennyminder Financial Software Inc. Pitt Meadows, BC vince@pennyminder.com http://beta.pennyminder.com/ Open Banking, Startup financing Yes
33 Matthew Brown Servus Credit Union Edmonton, AB mbrown at servuscu dot ca http://www.servuscu.ca   Yes
34 Ben Skelton Habanero Consulting Group Vancouver and Calgary benskelton at habaneros dot com http://www.habaneros.com   Yes


To add a row, right click and select 'Insert Row After'


Places to Stay

There are lots of great hotels downtown within walking distance of the Vancity Head Office.

Vancouver Tourism.


Other Things to Do

Vancouver is full of incredible things to see and do.

Vancouver Tourism.


Proposed Sessions & Topics

We are looking at running this BarCampBank in Open Space so we're going to hold off on a list of sessions and topics. 


Blogging/twittering/podcast/vlogging tag


Everyone is strongly encouraged to bring your laptop/blackberry/iPhone/camera, and record/take notes/photograph/blog/tweet/podcast the sessions, conversations, and your impressions. For everyone who will be blogging, photographing, and/or recording this event, please use the tag bcbbc2 on your blog, flickr page, etc. Twitter hashtag is #bcbbc2


Blog posts 

BarCampBankBC2 was a local, reflective event by William Azaroff

BarCampBankBC2: the crystal ball diaries by Tim McAlpine



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