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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago

This page will be refactored soon. It was just dedicated to make a first attempt to organize a first VideoBridge between SamRose and other french BarCampBank participants. The discussion has been a bit chaotic and we have to learn after this first experience ?


The archive of our video-conversation can be seen here. And we must now provide a first block-resume of this chaos. Main topics which we could feel to help to write our BarCampBankMissionStatement :


  1. WikiThinkTank about the future of the bank
  2. Reputation karma, KarmaInitiative --> a technical aspect. How the karma could complete/help/replace the old scoring system used in traditional banks.
  3. P2PBank (people to people) --> Credit's long tail
  4. Micro-credit -> micro-financement towards entrepreneurship and associations -> WikiVenture
  5. Opportunities to integrate web 2.0 services via bank-retail.



Sorry for my english. Please help-me. I'd be happy to help in french and my opinion now is that we should now focus via clustering our groups and conversations between :

  • topics listed above
  • geographical locations


Thanks a lot for your participation. BarCampBank could "embrace the chaos". Let's try to "order chaos" as we speak in another nice wiki-community ;-)


Sam, could you give your point of view on this firt draft mission statement listed above. I'll try later, perhaps next sunday to listen to the archive, read the chat-space to help to produce a resume. May I suggest to all flashmeeting participants to join the BarCampBank group with a RealName and indicate their preferred topic with a small tag-line ?


Think, we could now also imagine to organize a BarCampBank video-briding with LionKimbro just to talk about project space ? Cheers -- ChristopheDucamp


Christophe, I think this is a great basic starting set of core concepts. I'll help create the pages that link to BarCampBankMissionStatement, if you'd like. It was awesome to participate. I'm really encouraged that other people are enthusiastic about these ideas. -- SamRose wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


Héhé thanks Sam, that's really exciting in France too ! Until sunday, I plan to stay quiet... and will try have some future synchronization on the WikiNet. Let's say we could preserve our GeekHealth and have fun too ? I should come back soon to give news of our future localization of WikiOhana and a BarCampBankWikiVan trip to be prepaired to join BarCampZurich at the end of October. Maybe we should plan a BarCampBankRoadMap in order to eliminate thread-mode and to be more serious towards any BarCampBankBoard and future BarCampBankGovernance ;-) Yes i'm a bit joking in being excessive, but we have to learn this very new LinkLanguage which should be easy to assimilate. Will try to be more wiki-strict in the future and to translate a sort of ConventionDeNommage in BarCampBankTitleConvention. Great job Sam ! Take care and have a nice week-end. Cheers. -- ChristopheDucamp

The first BarCampBank's FlashMeeting





  • september 27th 2006
  • hour : 23:00 CET (Paris) -> Sam, could you translate in US times ?
  • hour : 17:00 EST (Detroit, MI, USA)
  • hour : 16:00 CST (Chicago, IL, USA)
  • hour : 15:00 MST
  • hour : 14:00 PST (San Francisco, CA, USA)




Who (please register with your real name)



Agenda (to be completed and ordered !)

  • MissionStatement to be written
  • BarCampBankBoard nomination (rules, international board vs local boards)
    • board localizations (wiki-forks from here -> how to work in small groups)
  • BarCampBank page structure : should we divide the group in several topics, regions, countries, languages
  • multilingual issues
  • ProjectSpace-implementation
  • members' geovisualisation (projet free wikimapia -> OlivierAuber)
  • how could we install some easy spreadsheets-wiki ?
  • what bank services based on web 2.0. could we offer to entrepreneurs ?
  • How could we develop CommunityWikiBanks (lend) ?
  • How could we experiment a first WikiVenture for profit ?
    • What are local laws regarding for profit ventures?
    • Possible organizational strcutures include: International or local for-profit cooperatives, an international or local version of Solari, or?
    • WikiVenture in a nutshell: Use wiki to co-build and document. First, establish trust, transparency, rules of inclusive decision making. Clearly define the goals. What you as an individual, and as a collaborating group envision that you’d like to be doing, and the plausible alternative directions that it could go in? What do you as an individual, and the collaborating community envision as the satisfactory reciprocation, the satisfactory return on your investment of time/energy/resources/money? This exercise will help reveal the likely sustainable business models. Create business plan and models, define roles. Try to test your ideas. "Do more with less". Then, fund only if funding is necassary to launch. Promote with PinkoMarketing, or similar promotion frames.
  • First feedbacks of the french branch from BarCampParis4 and BarCampParis6
  • PinkoMarketing
  • How to imagine efficient communication channels
    • ban email ?
    • canonical real-time and asynchronous channels
  • what decision-process in our boards ?
    • What organizational frameworks exist that we might borrow from? Sociocracy for example. Other examples?
    • What can we learn about decision making and apply from studies of deliberation, like the Cass Sustien book Infotopia and the many references it contains to studies about how groups effectively and ineffectively make decisions.
    • There is also potential knowledge contained in The Cooperation Commons summaries and the P2P Foundation that can inform and help create effective decision making processes both for Bank boards, and for open projects that grow from the banks.
    • See http://blog.p2pfoundation.net/?p=467 and People and Participation PDF for some useful frameworks and real world applications that might inform a sustainable and successful organizational structure.
  • etc.




Just trying to organize a first on-line session to be opened with SamRose. Don't hesitate to :

  • register even if you are curious.


Thanks in advance. -- ChristopheDucamp


Videobridge and Wikiting...I think that some people want a free-for-all, while some want a structured meeting that follows some points of order and accomplishes decision making. it seems that both are needed. So, I suggest that , that possibly, depending on the nature of the project that the meeting is for, that some time be devoted to structured meeting, where there are points of order discussed. Perhaps this structured part could even follow some simplified version of Robert's Rules of Order, or some other system?


Then either before or after, there could be an open brainstorming/jam session. What do you think about that? Just an idea/suggestion. -- SamRose



Hi Sam. Sorry for not answering in the overall WikiNet but time is quite scarce. How about joining us for a BarCampBankFlashMeeting2 ? We could discuss of StructuredMeeting, organization, exposure, PinkoMarketing ? The agenda is now opened. And I'd be happy to see you as the chair of this meetup ? Let's say I'd love to have an open-minded boss ;-) -- ChristopheDucamp