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According to our "NamingConvention", this page has been our fourth BarCampBankFlashMeeting on line and offline.



Sunday December 17 2006, 17:00 UTC, 6:00pm CET, 12:00am EST, 10:00am PST


Date was decided via a poll, please click here to see list of voters and votes.



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The first suggestion of having some barcampbankers diving and gathering in SecondLife, while using Flash-Meeting software for our visio-conference, motion and recording features is still open.


Agenda 90 minutes:


Subject Length Comments
BarCampBankMissionStatement (en) or BarCampBankFr:EnoncéMission (fr) 10 minutes to be finalized
How can we grow awareness around BarCampBank's mission? 1h20mnblogs, wikis, network, BarCampBank3
Open discussion remaining time out of the 2h00 booked



The agenda will be formatted for 90 minutes. Currently in discussion in french here.





  • Newbies, bankers, barcampers, hackers, groups, communities, wiki-bikers, and you ? ...


Attendees (barcampbankers in alphabetical order):




Report meeting:


The flashmeeting recording is available here: http://fm-openlearn.open.ac.uk/fm/index.php?pwd=dbd79d-104


During the flashmeeting we decided that we should find a central place where we can contribute together in English to mimic what's happening on the French branch, thanks to HelmutLeitner and ChristopheDucamp we now have an English branch setup. I propose that we use this wiki to exchange ideas on the Forum section, that we start producing white-papers or collaborative presentations (and move BarCampBankProjectScreening there), but that we keep the official pages for announcing BarCampBank or BarCampBankFlashMeeting here. Please feel free to start moving pages to the new wiki site and to start contributing with new ones. -- FredericBaud


Thanks to Sam, we even have now a direct access to the English branch through http://barcampbank.com -- FredericBaud




Closed here. Please join us for a future BarCampBankFlashMeeting


Archive is on BarCampBankFlashMeetingDiscussionArchive