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Thank you to for startups!


What is a BarCamp?


A BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants.


What is BarCampBank?


BarCampBank is a community organized around the following mission:


The aim of BarCampBank is to foster innovations and the creation of new business models in the world of banking and finance.

Where & When

Sun Microsystems Ltd.

Regis House

45 King William Street




Saturday July 5th 2008 from 9.30am - 6.00pm.


Who can help?


Please, if you can help us organizing the event, add your name here and help you could provide

  • Antony Evans
  • Thomas Barker
  • FredericBaud - help in communicating about the event

Who should join

If you are an innovator, a disruptor or a professional of the banking and finance industry, if you are excited by or just curious about all the innovations that the new technologies could bring to the banking and finance world, if you want to present a project, confront your ideas or just echo lively debates with your own experience, then you should definitely consider joining us on BarCampBankLondon




Actual registration happens on Eventbrite. There is a small fee of £10 to prevent no-shows. Please register via the url below:


Please also share your contact details with the other participants below.


Interested in participating


Once you have registered please share your contact details with the other participants below.

To edit the page click here password is c4mp.


# Name Location Email Site Note
1 James Gardner London, UK james.gardner (@at@) lloydstsb dot co dot uk http://bankervision.typepad.com Head of Innovation at Lloyds TSB. Will be talking about innovation programmes and the economic reasons why *not* to give them too much money
2 FredericBaud Paris, France, EU fbaud (@at@) p2pventure dot org http://www.p2pventure.org Anyone interested in organizing a FundCamp in the UK? And why not start with a FundCampFinTech?
3 JeanChristopheCapelli Paris, France, EU jeanchristophe (@at@) friendsclear dot com FriendsClear Can't wait :)
4 Alexander Osterwalder Geneva, Switzerland alex (@at@) arvetica dot com http://www.privatebankinginnovation.com I can talk about business models in private banking
5 Conor M Ogle London, UK cmogle1972 (@at@) googlemail dot com   Particularly interested in structured products to retail customers and electronic trading
6 Christophe Langlois London, UK cm_langlois (@at@) yahoo dot com http://www.Visible-Banking.com Founder of Visible-Banking.com - Senior Innovation Manager at Lloyds TSB - http://www.linkedin.com/in/christophelanglois
7 Thomas Barker London, UK t homas (atttt) th omasbarker doot com http://thomasbarker.com Formerly of Zopa, but going to talk about derivatives instead
8 Laurent TRICHET Paris, France ltrichet (@at@) semaphore-conseil.com http://www.semaphore-conseil.com Since 1997, Sémaphore Conseil has been providing competition monitoring and consulting services on European retail markets for banks, brokers and insurance companies
9 Antony Evans London and San Francisco antony at thestartupexchange dot com http://www.thestartupexchange.com Looking to meet with technical people who want to work on FS projects
10 Wouter van Hulten Amsterdam, Netherlands woutervanhulten (@at@) hot mail dot com www.interxion.com interested in innovation & startups
11 Sean Park London/Geneva sean (at) sixthparadigm (dot) com http://www.parkparadigm.com can't make this one due to a date conflict but interested in catalyzing innovation in markets and financial services
12 Nicolas Guillaume Paris/France nicolas.guillaume (at) hotmail (dot) com http://nicolasguillaume.typepad.fr/ P2P Lending, Social Banking, Bank2.0, FriendsClear, VRM
13 John Wilson London wilson (dot) johnd (at) gmail (dot) com http://www.greatapps.blogspot.com great idea for an event
14 TuomasToivonen Helsinki, Finland toivotuo (at) scred (dot) com Scred Co-Founder at Scred, a p2p economy facilitation service.
15 Aaron Kumar London aaron (at) kuberamoney (dot) com www.kuberamoney.com Co-Founder at KuberaMoney, an innovative social finance model based on microfinance
16 Rahul Verma London rahul (at) kuberamoney (dot) com www.kuberamoney.com Co-Founder at KuberaMoney, an innovative social finance model based on microfinance
17 Dave Birch London mail (at) dgwbirch (dot) com www.dgwbirch.com Chair, Digital Money Forum
18 Chris Cook Linlithgow, Scotland cojock (at) hotmail (dot) com www.opencapital.net Former IPE Director. Interested in how a Peer to Peer "Market 3.0" may incorporate partnership-based alternatives to conventional credit and investment
19 Geoff Lamb London Geoff (at) GeoffLamb (dot) com www.GeoffLamb.com Enterprise/Technical Architect Contractor working in Finance
20 Faheem Hamid London faheem (dot)hamid(at) logica (dot) com www.logica.com Business Consultant interested in new business models esp. new "ownership" solutions
21 Ian G Vienna iang (dot)iang(at) org https://financialcryptography.com financial cryptographer / CA systems auditor / all interests
22 David Peterson London david@agileagency.co.uk http://www.agileagency.co.uk http://www.davidpeterson.co.uk Lean and agile methods
23 Henry Jacob Gatwick henrydjacob (at) gamil (dot) com www.henryjacob.com interested in innovation, startups & agile
24 Simon Veingard London simon (at) covestor (dot) com www.covestor.com Founder, Covestor - the world's first real-trade sharing service to enable self-directed investors to compete with the pros.
25 James Webster London jim (at) james-webster(dot)com http://www.thenewsbeforethenews.com Interested in making developers at banks more agile
26 Rob McKinnon London rob theyworkforyou(dot)co(dot)nz http://theyworkforyou.co.nz/ Interested in George Soros' Reflexivity Theory, and his identification of fertile fallacies. Emerging an open society through work on Parliamentary systems. Formerly programmed trading and risk management systems.
27 Rory Winston London rory (at) theresearchkitchen (dot) com http://www.theresearchkitchen.com/blog/ Interested in innovative software for e-commerce/finance
28 Teppo Toivonen UK teppo dot toivonen at gmail dot com Scred Advisor for Scred, Wealth Management Professional
29 Todd Veri London todd.veri@mpnt.com http://www.midpoint-transfer.com b2b,p2p foreign exchange
30 Jane Tandy London janetandy@hsbc.com   there has to be a better way
31 Darren Armitage London darrenarmitage@hsbc.com   interested in innovation process
32 Matthias Boizard Paris matthias dot boizard at sciences-po dot org   night job: thinking hard about regulatory issues of p2p lending in france
33 Cameron Stevens London camstevens @ at @gmail dot com http://www.prodigyfinance.com/ Founder, student P2P lender
34 Stephen Mason London stephenmason at stephenmason dot eu http://www.stephenmason.eu Barrister
35 Sirish Reddi London sirish at narureddi dot net   microfinance, mobile payments, social finance
36 James Eckhardt London james at medeck dot com   Chartered Accountant
37 Barbara Mallinson Brighton bmallinson at obami dot com http://www.obami.com Founder of Obami, a lifestyle management site
38 Andy Wiley London andyjwiley at yahoo dot co dot uk   interested in fs startups
39 Andra Sonea London asonea dot mba2003 at london dot edu   SAP Consultant for Banking.. there is such a thing



How does it work

The first thing to remember is that a BarCamp is not like a traditional conference where the customers come to listen to 'experts' ramble on about a topic. Instead the content is provided by you, the participant. The main part of the event will consist of four 1.5 hour sessions. Each session will have three or four break-out groups discussing a specific topic. Each of these discussions will be moderated by one of the participants but everyone can contribute their perspective to the discussion. The topics for the break-out groups get decided at the start of the day by the entire group (so please try not to be late). Sounds complicated, but actually works out very easily in practice, and this format provides the best way of exposing everybody to the newest, and often most radical, ideas as well as letting everyone get a feel for each others strengths.

The schedule for the day will look approximately like this:

  • 9.30-10.00am Welcome and introductions
  • 10.00-10.30am Group allocation of discussion topics
  • 10.30-12.00pm First session
  • 12.15-1.45pm Second session
  • 1.45-2.30pm Late lunch (we will have some coffee and breakfast when you arrive)
  • 2.45-4.15pm Third session
  • 4.30-6.00pm Final session and wrap-up

Topics you would like to hear about

Please add your own to the list


  • Peer-to-peer lending: where does it go next?
  • Virtual Wallets and micro-payments: is now the right time?
  • Ethical banking and microfinance
  • P2PVenture: new platforms and formats to help the financing of early-stage startups -- FredericBaud
  • MicroBonds: Adding a new floor to the capital market building -- Thomas
  • Beyond Credit: new "asset-based" financing mechanisms - Chris Cook
  • b2b/p2p foreign exchange: how to disrupt a market?

Other Upcoming BarCampBank Events






Under Development

The following barcampbanks are being planned, do not hesitate to join to help the event be a success


Who is linking us



There's a facebook group for the event, helpful for easily inviting all your friends to come!!


Techcrunch UK and European Events




New Media Age


Cambridge University Entreprenuers









Pictures from the event


There is now a Flickr Group for BarCampBankLondon. Please post your photos and videos there. Please use the barcampbank, barcampbanklondon and barcampbanklondon1 tags.



PDFs of the leaflets on the table


Zopa Italy

Leaflet - Loanland P2P lending 080616 v1.0.pdf


Nexx Flyer


PDFs of leaflets not on the table


Thomas, this is great you uploaded the PDFs of the leaflets that were offered as goodies during BarCampBankLondon. Now, anyone - even none participants - can enjoy the collection you managed to assemble. I propose that anyone interested in completing the list with leaflets of other startup in fi-services, upload corresponding PDFs and add them to this sections. -- FredericBaud




To edit the page click here password is c4mp.

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