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Thank you to for startups!


What is a BarCamp?

A BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants.


What is BarCampBank?

BarCampBank is a community organized around the following mission:


The aim of BarCampBank is to foster innovations and the creation of new business models in the world of banking and finance.

Where & When

Sun Microsystems Ltd.

Regis House

45 King William Street





Saturday Feb 14th 2009 from 9.30am - 6.00pm.



Who can help?

Please, if you can help us organizing the event, add your name here and help you could provide

  • Antony Evans
  • Thomas Barker
  • FredericBaud - help in communicating about the event

Who should join

If you are an innovator, a disruptor or a professional of the banking and finance industry, if you are excited by or just curious about all the innovations that the new technologies could bring to the banking and finance world, if you want to present a project, confront your ideas or just echo lively debates with your own experience, then you should definitely consider joining us on BarCampBankLondon2



Actual registration happens on http://bcblondon2.eventbrite.com/. There is a small fee (£10) to prevent no-shows (if this proves a problem for you, please contact the organizers. We want committed people to be there). 

Please also share your contact details with the other participants below.


Interested in participating


Once you have registered please share your contact details with the other participants below.

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# Name Location Email Site Note
1 Thomas Barker London, UK t homas (atttt) th omasbarker doot com http://thomasbarker.com Thinking of something interesting to do a talk on.
2 Antony Evans London and San Francisco antony at thestartupexchange dot com http://www.thestartupexchange.com Looking to meet with technical people who want to work on FS projects
3 FredericBaud Paris, France, EU fbaud (@at@) p2pventure dot org http://www.p2pventure.org Anyone interested in organizing a FundCamp in the UK? And why not start with a FundCampFinTech?
4 TuomasToivonen Helsinki, Finland toivotuo ät scred döt org http://www.scred.com/ Will attend schedule and reasonable cost flights permitting.
5 JeanChristopheCapelli Paris, France, EU jeanchristophe (@at@)friendsclear.com http://www.friendsclear.com Into P2Plending / social lending
James Easterbrook  London, UK  jamesatmyagencydotcodotuk  http://www.myagency.co.uk  Interested in new banking models and role of the creative industries in building them
7 Oleg Podsechin Cambridge, UK firstname dot lastname at companyname dot com http://www.ionsquare.com Interested in networking, talking about the VC industry.
8 BenGimpert London, UK b  e  n  (aaaat) something modern döt com http://www.somethingmodern.com/
Data mining, automated trading, credit crunch myth-busting, quant analysis
9 Rory Winston London, UK rory at theresearchkitchen dot com http://www.theresearchkitchen.com/blog/ Machine learning, startups, algo trading, computational stats and intelligent financial analysis
10 Claus Lehmann Germany see website http://www.p2p-banking.com

P2P lending/ p2p microfinance, innovative business models,marketing

11 Iain goldmann London, UK goldmanni@leadingedgegroup.co.uk www.leadingedgegroup.co.uk local banks, local bankers, bank retail distribution, community banks, owner manager branches
12 Chris Cook Scotland cjenscookAATgooglemail.com www.opencapital.net P2P Finance - through P2P  Investment (Unitisation) and P2P Credit (Credit Clearing)
13 Nicolas Guillaume Paris, France nicolas.guillaume at hotmail.com http://nicolasguillaume.typepad.fr/ P2Plending / social lending
14 Rob McKinnon London, UK   http://theyworkforyou.co.nz/ How to report performance of a multi-currency portfolio
15 Nick Peplow London, UK nick (a-t) nickpeplow.com careerscatalyst.com Graduate, Technologist, Connoisseur of things that go 'bing'
16 Foli Ekue London, UK

foli.ekue at alloyrfid.com 

17 Kaivi Ekue London, UK kaivi.ekue at alloyrfid.com


18 Jesus Perez Sanchez Madrid, Spain jesus.perez.sanchez at gmail.com


Interested in Blogs, Social Media, Bank reputation, P2P Lending, Finding people for developing a blog network in UK
19 Keiran Thompson London, UK thompson dot keiran at gmail dot com





How does it work

The first thing to remember is that a BarCamp is not like a traditional conference where the customers come to listen to 'experts' ramble on about a topic. Instead the content is provided by you, the participant. The main part of the event will consist of four 1.5 hour sessions. Each session will have three or four break-out groups discussing a specific topic. Each of these discussions will be moderated by one of the participants but everyone can contribute their perspective to the discussion. The topics for the break-out groups get decided at the start of the day by the entire group (so please try not to be late). Sounds complicated, but actually works out very easily in practice, and this format provides the best way of exposing everybody to the newest, and often most radical, ideas as well as letting everyone get a feel for each others strengths.

The schedule for the day will look approximately like this:

  • 9.30-10.00am Welcome and introductions
  • 10.00-10.30am Group allocation of discussion topics
  • 10.30-12.00pm First session
  • 12.15-1.45pm Second session
  • 1.45-2.30pm Late lunch (we will have some coffee and breakfast when you arrive)
  • 2.45-4.15pm Third session
  • 4.30-6.00pm Final session and wrap-up

Topics you would like to hear about

Please add your own to the list


  • P2PVenture: new platforms and formats to help the financing of early-stage startups -- FredericBaud
    • I'd like of course to speak again about the idea of organizing a FundCampFinTech
    • but I'd also like to talk about the idea of creating currencies backed by shares of a startup to incentivize early stakeholders
  • Writing a Free portfolio risk management system atop a few broker API's (i.e. Interactive Brokers). -- BenGimpert
  • Causes of and grass roots solutions to the credit crunch -- AntonyEvans
    • Related to this: Finding a third way to avoid swinging between regulation and uncontrolled markets. I'm looking for a name that could catalyze the question. Maybe "Refounding Finance". Ideas welcome. -- FredericBaud
  • Development of p2p lending/ p2p microfinance; trends, product innovations to expect; possible "cross border" lending approaches -- Claus Lehmann
  • Creation of an open and real-time settlement system for payments at the point of sale (see my post) -- FredericBaud
  • Presentation re Credit Clearing, and the use of a Value Standard - based on this Presentation - Chris Cook
  • Walk through the statistics behind a spreadsheet that suggests the phase of the moon can explain up to 5bps of the market's yearly return. -- BenGimpert




Who is linking us




Please post your photos of the event on Flickr's group BarCampBankLondon2. Tag is barcampbanklondon2.




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