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Page history last edited by Christopher St. John 14 years, 9 months ago

Barcamp Berlin (Germany) is coming!


Yesterday (6/13) pixelsebi and Raju Bitter decided to arrange an Barcamp event in Berlin this summer/autumn. For the reason we wanna write all important information in German, we set up our own wiki:


German Barcamp Berlin Wiki: http://barcampberlin.pbwiki.com


We will keep you informed on this page, how things develop!




If you wanna join our Barcamp Berlin in lovely Germany and don't know how to do so, write me an email and let's get in contact to make it happen :))




2006-06-22 A date has been set: There will be a kick-off session/party on Freitag night (09/29), and Saturday (09/30) and Sunday (10/01) will be all-day sessions, workshops, demos etc.


2006-06-16 As you can see: we have a logo! THX Chris


2006-06-16 Pictures from our venue are online


2006-06-16 Tim Bonnemann - founder of the Web Monday - joined our orga-team and supports BarCampBerlin actively. Thanks :)


2006-06-15 Kick off Meeting was successfull


2006-06-15 awesome venue und sponsor found - looking for date - fotos on flickr from venue will follow


2006-06-14 wiki structure is build and ready to take all informationen, which is needed


2006-06-14 first mention in blog is tracked