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BarCampBirmingham2 Proposed Sessions




Click "Edit" at the top of the page, then enter c4mp as the "Invite Key". You can also enter your name and email address if you like.


Have a topic you want to talk about? Add it below.

  • Haml and Sass - Reduce the divs and clean up your CSS! Rails-focus (JasonMcCay)
  • Creating rubygems and a look at the ruby-flickr gem (BenWyrosdick)
  • Interaction Design - How to develop high quality software by changing the development paradigm (Bill Abel)
  • Ubuntu Alabama LoCo (MichaelRamm & LoCo Team Members) (No support and I will be late)
  • Twitter: Fad or Phenom (MichaelRamm) (Technical Problems with laptops)
  • Personal Productivity through GTD (MichaelRamm) See above
  • How Modern Designers Are Taking Over The World, One Website At A Time (ChrisCollins) I'll still be happy to talk to anyone interested in this topic.
  • Documenting Design (Bill Abel) Chat with me if you're interested in this topic.
  • Interacting with Everyday Objects (Bill Abel) See above.
  • Mobile Device Emulation for Fun & Profit - Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android (Chris Rue)
  • Introduction to Adobe Flex 3 and AIR (John Cook)
  • Social Media Marketing (Jeff Keeton)
  • Do the Right Thing: A Starting Point for Ethical Responsibility in New Media (Wade Kwon)
  • Starting a Startup (CurtisPalmer)
  • OLPC related talk (HenryMcBride)
  • Git it while it's hot!! (AnthonyCrumley)
  • The Rails Philosophy (AnthonyCrumley)
  • Usability / interface design (Joel Calvin)
  • Meta-programming; Ruby (Greg Houston)
  • Demos: The tools of Social Media: Seesmic, ooVoo, etc. (ScottSchablow)
  • What's next for local new media: The Terminal one year later (AndreNatta)
  • The Future Of BarCampBirmingham (JeremyFlint)
  • Designing for New Media (Kenn Mccracken)
  • Enhancing the Windows Developers Experience - Tips and Tricks to make your development life easier (Robert Cain)
  • Hi-Def Video & It's Done Dirt Cheap (Chris Rue)


Have a topic you would like to hear about? Add it below.

  • Web 2.0/3.0
  • Communication
  • Usability
  • Collaboration in Social Networking
  • Social Responsibility and Ethics in the New Media Environment
  • Collecting and Leveraging User Data
  • Topics in Analog vs. Digital
  • Information Thresholds of the Client, Customer, Community, Co-Worker, etc. (TMI?)
  • Organizing User Generated Content
  • Aggregated Content
  • Teaching Others How to Check Their Email
  • The Blog as a Medium
  • Prediction Exchanges and the Wisdom of Crowds
  • What To Do When the Server Goes Down
  • Thought Leadership in the Digital Age
  • rsnapshot, rsync, and other useful tools
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Google Analytics, Mint, and tracking visitors
  • PHP MVC Frameworks (Cake, Symphony, Code Igniter, etc.)
  • Flex
  • RubyAMF, SWX Ruby, Flexible Rails, etc.
  • Prototyping
  • The evolution of traditional media companies
  • Computational Journalism
  • iPhone SDK
  • iPhone Web Development