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DemoCamp Lineup

Saturday, August 18, 2007 5-7 pm at the BLUE CHALK CAFE (venue change for more people)

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Time Company/Organization Presenter Notes
5:00 Intros Staff Quick introduction of the concept
5:05 AppMarks AppMarks Team AppMarks is a web desktop for the iPhone.
5:10 Box.netBoxxa Beta FREE BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5:15 Minekey Alex Gault Recommendations widget for blogs
5:20 JS-KitLev Walkin We will add star Ratings to as many of your Blogs as we can!
5:25 Koders Darren Rush Code search for your team & version control system
5:30 Plaxo Joseph Smarr Plaxo Pulse and the Open Social Web
5:35 Pibb Kevin Fox OpenID Communications
5:40 LaVonne Reimer Solving business challenges through community
5:45 Wrike Andrew Filev Manage your projects via e-mail and web
5:50 Simplify Media Paul Joyce Access and share music over the internet with iTunes
5:50-6:00 Time Makeup nobody We will inevitably run overtime, here is the buffer
6:00 Atlassian Stewart Mader Wiki adoption strategies with
6:05 Ringll Ashwani Kumar Social Voice Messaging alike Twitter but for Voice Messages
6:10 QlipMedia Swamy Viswanathan and Mike Skeffington One-click multimedia messages through email
6:15 OneRailsTeam TBA IM-style note-taking tool for lifehackers
6:20 Worldwide Lexicon Brian McConnell Collaborative translation tools for websites
6:25 Swamble Gerard Ramos and Scott Schroeder Friendly Competition
6:30 Clearspring Widget Platform Shawn Van Ittersum Self-posting widgets that spread from site to site: MySpace, Facebook, and many more. Get viral :)
6:35 CoolChaser Chao Lam Can MySpace be beautiful?
6:40 Antlook Victor Kryukov Personal news - Best links picked for you by computer
6:50 StrayformBrandt Cannici New Network for Digital Content Funding and Distribution
6:55 Closing We will inevitably run overtime, here is the buffer
7:00 Head to the Party

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