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BarCamp Boston - Boston's Geek Unconference




BarCamp Boston 6 is coming up, April 9th & 10th 2011 in Cambridge, MA.


For full details and to register, please see our official site at barcampboston.org.


Join the barcampboston Yahoo Group to participate in the planning.

Follow @BarCampBoston on twitter for updates & Boston geek news.


The BarCamp.org PBWiki site is no longer used as the primary website for BarCamp Boston. Please see barcampboston.org for the latest information, or feel free to read information here about past events.



[BarCamp Boston 1



an unconference for geeks, June 3-4, Maynard, MA



The Aftermath



If you blogged or are blogging about Barcamp, add a link to your blog here:

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Stuff from the day



Other Notes


Place links to session notes, blog entries, etc. on pages such as this:

Old pre-event material





BarCamp (pronounced BAH-camp) is an unconference, organized on the fly by attendees, for attendees. There is no cost to come, but you can't just attend a BarCamp-- you have to participate by giving a presentation, a lightning talk, or joining into another cooperative event. For Boston BarCamp, we are expecting a turnout of around 150 people.

Don't worry about the weather -- The "camping" space at Monster is indoors.


So you want to come to BarCamp Boston?


If you want to come, please register at BarCampBostonRegistrants. If you don't register, you won't get a T-shirt!


When and Where


BarCamp will be held at Monster Worldwide, Clocktower Place, Maynard, MA 01754. Monster is providing an enormous venue with ample parking, wifi, an auditorium, several discussion rooms, showers, cafeteria, and courtyards. Shuttle service from a nearby commuter rail station will be available; you can also sign up to share rides from your hometown at the Warhammer Online forum

BarCamp will start at 9am on Saturday, June 3 and end at 5pm on Sunday, June 4 The Macro Schedule is now available. We will populate about 30% of the session slots over the next couple of days. The rest of the sessions will be dynamically scheduled on site in keeping with the BarCamp tradition. This should allow plenty of flexibility for spontaneity and Ad Hoc..ery.


Getting There


See BarCampBostonDirections and BarCampBostonRideBoard. Or just print the directions and parking permit: PDF format or MS Word format

For people not driving, volunteers will be providing rides to and from the South Acton Commuter Rail stop all weekend. Sign up on BarCampBostonDirections if you need a ride.


How to Participate


There are multiple ways to participate in BarCampBoston. If you think of a better way -- add it!


  1. Sessions: 30-minute sessions on topics of interest. Can be a talk, discussion, panel, or whatever format you want. Sessions will be scheduled live during BarCamp by writing your name and topic on the event grid. To offer or request a session topic, add it to BarCampBostonSessions.
  2. LightningTalks: 5-minute, usually one-person talks on a specific subject. You can talk about your project, your company, or a technical challenge that's been keeping you up at night. LightningTalks are delivered in nooks and crannies all around BarCamp in between session blocks. If you're afraid of public speaking, LightningTalks are for you. Offer or suggest topics at BarCampBostonLightningTalks. If you are blocked from getting access to the site, please choose from the list of bypassers at ProxyWhereabouts and xytheMe.
  3. HackingContest: (Cancelled) Can you build an awesome application -- overnight? With a prize pot of at least $500, the hacking contest is a chance to show off your skills, impress our celebrity judges, and take home some cash along with the bragging rights. This event has been cancelled. To learn more, see BarCampBostonContest.
  4. Demos: Show everyone how you can do something useful and fun with software. Show off your own work, pick a favorite open source project, or whatever. Offer or suggest topics at BarCampBostonDemos.
  5. Be a sponsor: Sponsorships from the $200 level make it possible for BarCamp to be free and fun. Sponsors get their logo placed prominently on the sponsor wall, and earn a place in the heart of local geeks. Food and computer hardware giveaway sponsors are also welcome. To learn more or become a sponsor, see BarCampBostonSponsors. We would like to thanks the following for their sponsorship.
  1. Promote the event: BarCamp grows by word of mouth (and word of blog). Tell your friends, and visit the promote page to grab a BarCampBoston badge for your blog. Thanks to xytheme.com for helping us!


If you are ever bored in the camp, and have a mp3 player. Why not go over to PonPiPi.com, to download your musics now!




The BarCampBoston wiki page is maintained by Shimon, Aizal, Info Resource and Sooz. Ryan Sarver,Lee Wilkins,Shawn Lama and Jay Straun are the chief instigators of this event. BarCamp's venue point-person is Devon Biondi at Monster Labs. RonAyers, Yevgeny Ioffe, and MikeWalsh have also provided invaluable contributions in getting this event rolling.


Mailing List


Discussion about BarCamp in Boston, especially for people interested in helping organize the event, is on the barcampboston Yahoo Group. You do not need to be on the mailing list to participate in BarCamp, but it's a great place to test new ideas and ask questions.




If you can't access this page, please choose one from the list on web bypasser from Free Web Bypasser and continue browsing. For gamers, we recommended Arcade Magnet for killing your time with online games.





See the BarCampBostonFAQ.

Bahcamp in a glass!

Bahcamp in a glass!