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BarCamp Boston 3 is coming up, May 17-18th 2008 in Cambridge, MA.


For full details and to register, please see barcampboston.org.



The BarCamp.org PBWiki site is no longer used as the primary website for BarCamp Boston. Please see barcampboston.org for the latest information, or feel free to read information here about past events.



BarCamp Boston 2

March 17-18 2007, MIT, Cambridge MA


BarCampBoston2 totally rocked with 190 people.

If you have any thoughts on what could have been even better or what should be next checkout the barcampboston Yahoo Group or maybe jot them down at BarCampBoston2Followup.


Stuff you'll need during BarCamp


  • The Schedule
  • IRC Backchannel
  • Upload your photos to the BarCampBoston Flickr pool
    • Please tag any photos or blog posts with "barcampboston" and "barcampboston2" so everyone can find them! Thanks!
  • Here's Phillipe Lejeune's video collage  of the coding contest. It's version 0.8 and we still need to add some information such as the names of the team members, a good brief description of the rules of the contest and perhaps some links to the final project(s) site(s) but overall the video rocks and really captures the vibe of the contest and BarCampBoston2.





BarCamp is an unConference, organized on the fly by attendees, for attendees. There is no registration fee, but you don't just attend a BarCamp -- you can participate in discussions, demo your projects, or join into another cooperative event. Topics may include, but are not limited to: open source software, startups, UI design, entrepreneurship, AJAX, hardware hacking, robotics, mobile computing, bioinformatics, RSS, Social Software, programming languages, and the future of technology. There will be a software development contest. The winning team gets a helicopter ride with Phil Greenspun as pilot. There will be lots of other fun activities day and night throughout the conference. Please note that BarCamp has nothing to do with Booze. There will be absolutely no alcoholic beverages on site.


Where and When


Ray and Maria Stata Center (MIT Bldg. 32)

32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA 02139


Saturday, March 17 2007 - 9:00 AM to 11:59 PM (Things kick off at 10:00 AM, Sessions from 11:30 AM to 6:30PM)

Sunday, March 18 2007 - 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Sessions from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM)


See the BarCampBoston2Schedule for an idea of what happened.


Please note that no overnight "camping" at MIT is allowed. Security will kick us out at midnight on Saturday. If you're coming from out of town, try asking for a place to stay on the BarCampBoston2CouchShare



How to Participate


There are multiple ways to participate in BarCampBoston2. If you think of a better way -- add it!


  • Sessions: 30-minute sessions on topics of interest. Can be a talk, discussion, panel, or whatever format you want. Sessions will be scheduled live during BarCamp by writing your name and topic on the event grid. To offer or request a session topic, add it to BarCampBoston2Sessions.


  • Lightning Talks: 5-minute, usually one-person talks on a specific subject. You can talk about your project, your company, or a technical challenge that's been keeping you up at night. Lightning Talks are delivered in nooks and crannies all around BarCamp in between session blocks. If you're afraid of public speaking, Lightning Talks are for you. Offer or suggest topics at BarCampBoston2LightningTalks.


  • Posters/Demos: Set up a table in the central common area and show everyone how you can do something useful and fun. Demo during lunch time and/or session time. Show off your own work, pick a favorite open source project, or whatever. Offer or suggest topics at BarCampBoston2Demos.


  • Be a sponsor: Sponsorships from the $200 level make it possible for BarCamp to be free and fun. Sponsors get their logo placed prominently on the sponsor wall, and earn a place in the heart of local geeks. Food and computer hardware giveaway sponsors are also welcome. To learn more or become a sponsor, see BarCampBoston2Sponsors.


  • Promote the event: BarCamp grows by word of mouth (and word of blog). Tell your friends, and visit the promote page to grab a BarCampBoston badge for your blog.


  • Programming Contest: New for BarCampBoston2 is a software development contest. Write something cool. Win helicopter rides with Phil Greenspun. Create the seed for a new startup. Have fun!




This is the coolest part! All you have to do is signup at the registration page: BarCampBoston2Registrants


Getting There


The Stata Center is a short walk from the Kendall T stop. It is also a short walk from Massachusetts Avenue, where the 1 bus and M2 shuttle run, and not too far from other routes, such as the 85 and 69.


Car Parking is available for free in the MIT East Lot next to the Stata Center, as well as other MIT lots.




ShimonRura is the principal instigator for BarCampBoston2. Our sponsoring student agency is the MIT E-Club (E = Entrepreneur). Larry Lyons, president of the E-Club, is our primary contact at school. Other members of the organizing committee include RayDeck, JeffPotter, KeithErskine, MikeWalsh and Sooz.



Mailing List


Discussion about BarCamp in Boston, especially for people interested in helping organize the event, is on the barcampboston Yahoo Group. You do not need to be on the mailing list to participate in BarCamp, but it's a great place to test new ideas and ask questions.


If you would like updates on your mobile phone, you can sign up on the BarCamp Boston Padpaw group.


Blog About It



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