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BarCamp Brighton


We are currently organising BarCampBrighton3 which will take place on September 6th and 7th 2008 at Sussex University. Please go to the BarCampBrighton3 page to find out more.




BarCampBrighton is an unconference to be held on the weekend after dConstruct, 8-9 Sept 2007 at Madgex's offices, 30-31 North St., Brighton (capacity: 100). The goal of this (the first) BarCampBrighton is to bring together tech professionals in Brighton and people in town for dConstruct to learn and cowork. BarCampBrighton is a two day event: if you like you can sleepover on the Saturday night. Just bring a sleeping bag and camp mat as you'll be sleeping on the floor. BarCampBrighton will run from 10am on Saturday until 5.30pm on Sunday.


Unlike many conferences you may have been to, a BarCamp is free and all content is provided by the attendees. There are no spectators, only participants. Attendees must give a demo, a session, or help with one, or otherwise volunteer / contribute in some way to support the event. BarCamp is 100% non-commercial, non-profit and community driven. No one is paid for their time, no one is charged to come and no profits are made. To learn more, read this explainer.




BarCamp Brighton tickets open on Wednesday 8 August, at 11am. There are 80 tickets available. You can register at Event Wax at that time. Tickets sold out in 22 minutes. Sorry to everyone who missed out. Update: a small number of returned tickets will be released on Wednesday 29 August, at 11am, and here: http://tinyurl.com/29uoar



Like most BarCamps, we have created a number of sponsorship packages that represent real costs we face as part of the running of the event. If you think you might be able to sponsor something please mail Matt Weston on matt at mattweston dot org or skype him on matt_weston.



SCIP have kindly agreed to lend us 4 projectors for the day. Hopefully The Inuda Network will be able to supply the others.


Dave Phelan will bring some access points.



Glenn Jones

Paul Silver

Andy Budd

Matt Weston


Session Notes



Talks (subject ideas etc)


Helpers (add your name)

Mat Walker

Ian Forrester

Wayne Douglas - (can possibly offer venue on Gloucester Road - next to Eagle Pub)

Dave Phelan - looking at assisting with WiFi via piertopier.net

Mat Walker - Can help out generally and provide equipment (via SCIP).

Tom Coady - General Dog's body.

Mark Ng - (big) Dog's body.

Danny Hope - Dog's Body

Mr Ribot - (small) Dog's body.

Raj Anand- Happy to help

Colin Bolt - Happy to help

Niqui Merret - You know where to find me

Neil Ford - stepping up to the plate

Robert Lee-Cann - Another willing volunteer here!

Riccardo Cambiassi - a good opportunity to step out the city and come to the sea.

Jonathan Markwell - Happy to help - based at the Innovation Centre / Sussex Uni if the connection is useful.

Joh Hunt - Always good to help out, and another Sussex person

Caz Mockett - Depends on the date, but I'm willing to help if I can make it I'll be in France at the Rugby World Cup! Maybe next time :-)

Otu Ekanem

Ryan Alexander - I'm quite useful, really.

Jez Nicholson

Luke Hay - Wired Sussex would be up for helping out

Gareth Rodger - Look forward to it

Rosie Sherry - Happy to help

Daniel Counsell, Realmac Software - Happy to help

Will McInnes - I enjoy lifting heavy objects - it makes me feel real

David Singleton - Happy to lend a pair of hands

Thom Shannon - Would love to help, just let me know

Jane Dallaway - Can help out with photography etc

ChristopheDucamp - would be enthusiast to join and help with some french friends MicroFormateurs ?

Tom Hume - two arms, two legs

Wayne Douglas

Richard Dallaway - let me know how I can help

Tim Small - Can do network infrastructure setup, also power infrastructure if necessary (I know my Watts from my VAs, have a power meter, current clamp etc.)

J-P Stacey - happy to help, will do the same amount as the barcamp average to within one standard deviation, whatever on Earth that might be.

Cennydd Bowles - lifting stuff builds character




Tag "BarCampBrighton" and(/or?) "BarCamp"









Les samedi 8 et dimanche 9 septembre 2007 chez :

30-31 North Street
Brighton,United Kingdom


(50° 49' 33 N, 0° 8' 22 W)


BarCampBrighton est une non-conférence qui aura lieu le week-end après la rencontre de dConstruct, les 8 et septembre 2007 dans les bureaux de Madgex.

La capacité est de 100 personnes. Le but de ce premier BarCampBrighton est de réunir ensemble les professionnels de la technologie venant de Brighton avec les personnes venues pour dconstruct afin d'apprendre et co-travailler.

A la différence de beaucoup de conférences auxquelles vous avez déjà pu assister, un BarCamp demeure libre et tout le contenu est fourni par les participants. Il n'y a pas de spectateurs, seulement des participants. Les personnes présentes doivent donner une démonstration, une session, ou aider et se porter autrement volontaire / pour contribuer en quelque sorte à supporter l'évènement. BarCamp est 100% non-commercial, à but non lucratif et conduit par la communauté. Personne n'est payé pour son temps, il n'est rien demandé à l'entrée et aucun profit n'est réalisé. Pour en savoir plus, lisez cet explicatif.


La ticketterie du BarCamp Brighton a été ouverte le Mercredi 8 août à 11h00 partis en 22 minutes sur Event Wax. Plus de place et les planners sont désolés pour tous ceux qui ont manqué l'appel.