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BarCampBrighton2 is an unconference to be held on 15th - 16th March 2008. It will follow up the very enjoyable BarCampBrighton.


The story so far


Jon Markwell and Jay Gooby have got parts of Sussex University as a venue and are currently working on getting the last of the sponsorship.


The venue will be the Student Union which means we'll have 24hr access with support from university facilities people.


People involved


Paul Silver

Matt Weston

Jon Markwell

Jay Gooby

Premasagar Rose

Madhava M Bailey

Vicky Walberg


Offers of Assistance

Dave Phelan is keen to help with wifi again, depending on dates, babysitting, yada yada...

Hamlesh Motah is happy to help with whatever he can (Jon knows what I'm like) ;)




We're looking for sponsors! Please see the BarCampBrighton2Sponsors page.


Who has a ticket and is coming? (This is NOT where you sign up, go here for that)


Who is wanting to come?