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UPDATE: there is a new Barcamp Brussels on May 5, 2007




  • Who? Anyone who is interested in technology, the Internet and several related topics, covered in an unconference style
  • What? A chance to meet the smart and wealthy people that could afford the Euro OSCON conference and attract other smarter people that won't participate to Euro OSCON ;-)
  • Where? SAP Lounge
  • When? Sunday Sept 24th (09h00 - 18h00)



Other Related Events




Name Organization Email URL From
Earnest Berry III Washington Square Associates earnest.berry@gmail.com http://www.washsq.com Washington D.C., USA
Olivier Decroupette extentio olivier at extentio dot com http://www.extentio.com/ Belgium
Tanguy Coenen Knosos, VUB tanguy_dot_coenen_at_vub_dot_ac_dot_be http://www.knosos.be/?q=blog/3 Brussels, Belgium
Boris Mann Bryght   http://www.bryght.com Vancouver, Canada
Kuai Hinojosa cybermalandro   http://www.basestructure.com Caracas, Venezuela
Mixel Kiemen VUB-mosi info(a.t.)mixel.be http://www.knosos.be/?q=blog/2 Brussels, Belgium
Dries Buytaert     http://buytaert.net Berchem, Belgium
Gunnar Langemark Langemark Social Media gunnar@langemark.com http://www.langemark.com Frederikssund, Denmark
Marco Barulli Clipperz marco_at_barulli.it -http://www.clipperz.com- Cattolica, Italy
Ton Zijlstra Proven Partners ton.zijlstra@gmail.com http://www.zylstra.org/blog/ Enschede, Netherlands
Edwin Mons     http://www.mons.net- -Eindhoven Netherlands
Chris Messina     http://factoryjoe.com/blog  
Thomas Narres Narres.IT   http://www.narres.com/ Germany
  CEFRIEL   http://www.cefriel.it Milan, Italy
  CSP   http://www.csp.it Turin, Italy
  Top-IX   http://www.top-ix.org Turin, Italy
  eZ Systems   http://www.ez.no Norway
Peter Forret   peter _at_ forret.com http://blog.forret.com Brussels, Belgium
-Werner Ramaekers-     http://www.werner.be Belgium
André Avorio   andreaandreavorio.com http://www.andreavorio.com/ UK
Pascal Van Hecke   barcamp.brussels *at* vanhecke.info http://pascal.vanhecke.info/ Belgium
Bart De Waele Netlash bart at netlash dot com http://www.netlash.com/ Gent, Belgium
Joeri Poesen Symbiotix joeri _at_ symbiotix _dot_ net http://www.symbiotix.net/ Leuven, Belgium
Clo Willaerts bnox clo _at_ bnox _dot_ be http://www.bnox.be/ Mechelen, Belgium
François Lamotte shoob fl _at_ shoob _dot_ com http://www.shoob.com/ Brussels, Belgium
Bart Van Herreweghe   bart _at_ vanherreweghe.com http://bart.vanherreweghe.com Gent, Belgium
Ferran Cabrer CONSEN Euro-Group consen(@)consen.org http://CONSEN.org/ Barcelona
Pieter Baert   info at pieterbaert dot be http://www.pieterbaert.be/ Antwerpen, Belgium
Bruno Lowagie iText: PDF solutions bruno at lowagie dot com http://www.lowagie.com http://itext.ugent.be/ Ghent, Belgium
Frank Louwers Openminds  frank _at_ openminds _dot_ be http://www.bluemonday.be Ghent, Belgium
Miel Van Opstal z0r coolz0r gmail com http://blog.coolz0r.com Lier, Belgium
Simon Mc Dermott Attentio simon attentio com dot http://www.attentio.com Brussels, Belgium
Denis Lamotte User Need dl _at_ userneed dot com http://www.userneed.com Brussels, Belgium
Garsett Larosse WebAssistant.com garsett@webassistant.com http://www.webassistant.com Westmalle, Belgium
Jeroen De Cock   jeroendecock_at_gmail_dot_com -http://www.lichtgeraakt.be- Merksem (Antwerpen), Belgium
Erlend Debast   erlend_at_artueel_be http://blog.artueel.be Brussels, Belgium
Bruno De- -Bondt Indymedia.be bruno _at_ indymedia _dot_ be -http://www.indymedia.be/- Brussels, Belgium
Bèr Kessels webschuur.com ber curly webschuur point com http://www.webschuur.com Nijmegen, Netherlands
Gilles Ruelens vrr.be gilles at vrr dot be http://www.cssindustry.com Mechelen, Belgium
Pieter Jelle De Brue statik.be pieter dot jelle at statik dot be http://www.statik.be/ Leuven, Belgium
Bert Heymans oakyard.be bert at heymans dot org http://www.heymans.org/ Sint-Truiden, Belgium
Bram Vandoren   bram at bram dot be http://www.bram.be Veltem-Beisem, Belgium
Bernard Grymonpon Openminds bernard _at_ openminds _dot_ be http://www.wonko.be Gent, Belgium
Thierry Guégan   thierry_guegan_dhaliwal AT yahoo.ca www.arvoriad.com Paris, France
Luc Van Braekel   luc_AT_lvb.net lvb.net Waregem, Belgium
Ilse Jansoone Partena-ziekenfonds ilse at jansoone dot be http://www.jansoone.be/ Gent, Belgium
Roland Tanglao Bryght   -http://www.bryght.com- Vancouver, Canada
Jan Van Sweevelt   vansweej_at_gmail_dot_com   Hasselt, Belgium
Kristof Van Tomme Pronovix kvantomme_at_gmail_dot_com http://pronovix.com Szeged, Hungary
Will Moffat Writing Firefox extension will_bc at hamstersoup dot com HamsterSoup.com Leuven, Belgium
Steven Wittens Bryght / Drupal   http://wh.acko.net Bonheiden/Mechelen, Belgium
Francesco Levorato   barcamp ATAT flevour.net http://www.flevour.net Padova, Italy
Alain Ravet   alain_._ravet_at_gmail_com   Braine l'Alleud, Belgium
Jean Philip De Tender VRT Eén jeanphilip.detender@vrt.be http://detender.wordpress.com Brussels
Vladimir Blagojevic   vladimir (dot) blagojevic (at) gmail (dot) com   Brussels, Belgium
Larry Moffett e-Strategy hereislarry at gmail.com http://www.e-accelerator.net Brussels
Filip Bunkens keys filip at bunkens dot be http://www.achter.be Leuven, Belgium
Erik Hermans Raincity Studios   http://www.raincitystudios.com Vancouver, Canada
Dominik Lukes University of East Anglia d.lukes (at) uea.ac.uk http://www.dominiklukes.net Norwich, UK
Arto Bendiken MakaluMedia   http://bendiken.net/ Malaga, Spain
Alex Bendiken MakaluMedia   http://www.macbert.com/ Malaga, Spain
Niall O'Broin MakaluMedia   http://www.makalumedia.com/ Dublin, Ireland
James Walker Bryght / Drupal   http://www.bryght.com/ Toronto, Canada
Eric Gundersen Development Seed   http://www.developmentseed.org/blog Washington DC, US
Ian Ward Development Seed   http://www.developmentseed.org/blog Washington DC, US
Alexander Barth Development Seed   http://www.developmentseed.org/blog Washington DC, US
Chris Johnson OpenBand / Drupal cxjohnson -at- gmail-dot-com http://sanelane.com Stuttgart, Germany
Bruno Peeters   bruno novito be   Korbeek-Dijle, Belgium
Alexa Joyce UNESCO alexa.joyce_at_ gmail _dot_ com http://www.unescobkk.org Bangkok, Thailand
Frederik Questier Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)   http://questier.com Brussels, Belgium
Koen Pellegrims Telindus koen (dot) pellegrims (at) telindus (dot) be   Tisselt, Belgium
Len Dierickx   len(dot)dierickx(at)gmail(dot)com http://blockquote.be Antwerpen, Belgium
Dan Karran MC Dean / Drupal dan squiggle karran dotnet http://www.dankarran.com Stuttgart, Germany
Moshe Weitzman Tejasa / Drupal Services weitzman AT tejasa dotcom http://www.tejasa.com Boston, USA
Dries Knapen Endymios dries _at_ endymios _dot_ com http://endymios.com Antwerpen, Belgium
Neil Drumm Advomatic drumm@delocalizedham.com http://delocalizedham.com/ San Francisco, USA
Michael E. Meyers NowPublic.com meyers at nowpublic com http://NowPublic.com/ New York City, USA
Pieter Hintjens iMatix Corporation ph-at-imatix.com [http://www.imatix.com] Brussels, Belgium
Laurens Vandeput Joomla! laurens@joomlatools.org http://www.joomla.org Diest, Belgium
Johan Janssens Joomla!   http://www.joomla.org Diest, Belgium
John Rizzo JavaBlackBelt john.rizzo@loop.be http://www.JavaBlackBelt.com Brussels, Belgium
Nicolas Brasseur JavaBlackBelt nicolas.brasseur@loop.be http://www.JavaBlackBelt.com Brussels, Belgium
Yoeri Severy Yappa yoeri at yappa dot be http://blog.yappa.be/ Sint-Truiden, Belgium
Jan-Willem Bekkers Comfirm webdesign jwbsp01 at comfirm dot be http://www.comfirm.be/ Maaseik, Belgium
Cindy De- -Smet Hogent cindy at- -smetty dot be- http://www.smetty.be -Gent, Belgium
Danny Buytaert Freakout.be / Joomla! danny at freakout dot be http://www.freakout.be Zwijndrecht, Belgium
Colin Brumelle Bryght colin@bryght.com Bryght Mixed Content San Francisco, USA
Josef Vosyka HMC pepeek at bigfoot dot com   Prague, Czech Rep.
Derek Wright Drupal drupal .at. dwwright .dot. net http://BateriaLucha.org Oakland, CA, USA
Roel Guldemond Gbb i am made anxious to learn about drupal   Ossendrecht, Netherlands
CIT/loop LOOP PRODUCTIONS   http://www.loopproductions.com THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS
Arun Rattan CMS user arunrattan@gmail.com   Brussels, Belgium
Frank Ignoul Comfirm webdesign fisp01 at comfirm dot be http://www.comfirm.be/ Maaseik, Belgium
Ted Serbinski Lullabot   http://tedserbinski.com/ Washington, DC, USA
Jeff Robins Lullabot jeff at lullabot.com http://lullabot.com/ Boston, USA
Jurriaan Persyn Incrowd jurriaan at incrowd dot be http://www.jurriaanpersyn.com/ Gent, Belgium
Andreas Haugsturp Pedersen AAU andreas at solitude dor dk http://www.solitude.dk/ Aalborg, Denmark
Arthur Wolf ReseauCitoyen / af83 wolf.arthur at gmail dot com www.reseaucitoyen.be Bruxelles, belgium
David Boschmans Microsoft david.boschmans@microsoft.com http://blogs.msdn.com/davbosch Diegem, Belgium
Fouad Ajimi Promobridge info (a.t) promobridge dot com http://www.promobridge.com Brussels, Belgium
Dylan Barwick Lucita Europe dylan@lucita.net http://www.lucita.net Brussels Belgium
Steve McKenzie Raincity Studios   http://www.raincitystudios.com Vancouver, Canada
Bernard Vander Beken     bernard-at-jawn-dot-net Belgium
Grégory Renard Wygwam info (at) wygwam.com http://blogs.developpeur.org/redo/ Mouscron, Belgium
Aurélien Verla Wygwam info (at) wygwam.com http://blogs.developpeur.org/aurelien/ Lille, France
Tom Bernaerd   tom {a} schuppe.be http://blog.schuppe.be Brugge, Belgium
Jo Wouters   jo.wouters (at) wechel (.) com   Leuven, Belgium
Alec Hendry MTV Europe hendry.alec (at) mtvne.com http://www.mtv.co.uk London, UK
Maarten Schenk Six Apart Europe maarten (at) sixapart (dot) com http://www.blogologie.be Houthalen, Belgium
Djun Kim Bryght   http://www.bryght.com Vancouver, Canada
Richard Hardwick   rch aroba skynet.be http://users.skynet.be/watermael/home.html Bruxelles
Gerhard Killesreiter   gerhard AT killesreiter DOT de   Freiburg, Germany
Toon Coppens Incrowd toon (at) incrowd (dot) be   Ghent, Belgium
Hagen Graf   hagen.graf (at) gmail (dot) com http://www.bloghouse.org/hagen Fitou, France
Kenneth Himschoot WaSP kenneth (at) himschoot (dot) com http://www.webstandards.org Eeklo, Belgium
Dimitri Pasquazzo Just BI IT dimitri_dot_bracamp_dot_org (at) justbiit (dot) com http://www.justbiit.com Liège, Belgium
Christophe Van Durme Lithium ICT christophe (at) lithium (dot) be http://www.lithium.be Hasselt, Belgium


Note: names of participants as they emerge from the various ongoing discussions.



Do you want to join us? Add your name and some contact information!



  • SAP (location)
  • Skynet (location and catering)



If you would like to sponsor BarCampBrussels, please add your name to the list above




Boris has set up a Google Group for discussions of BarCampBrussels. Highly recommended!


Proposed sessions




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