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Barcamp Brussels is over, it was a great day and the results can be found on the Barcamp Brussels Blog



Barcamp Brussels is an ad-hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees. All attendees must give a demo, a session, or help out in some way. Anyone with something to contribute and with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.





  • 2-3 separate rooms for presentations/demos
  • you will be able to propose your speech/demo on a public board the day itself
  • there will be Wifi for the attendees - so live demos are possible
  • sponsored breakfast and lunch





  1. Instigator: Peter Forret
  2. Pascal Van Hecke
  3. Bart De Waele
  4. Clo Willaerts
  5. Ine Dehandschutter
  6. Frédéric De Vries
  7. Dries Buytaert
  8. Bart Van Herreweghe
  9. Luc Van Braekel
  10. Cindy De Smet
  11. Thomas Bouve
  12. Miel Van Opstal
  13. Jesse Wynants
  14. Pieter Jelle De Brue
  15. Pieter Baert (vanaf late namiddag)
  16. Bert Balcaen
  17. Kris Buytaert (pas na de middag)
  18. Denis Lamotte
  19. François Lamotte
  20. Wouter Adem
  21. Roel Van Gils
  22. Len Dierickx
  23. Simon Mc Dermott
  24. Denis Balencourt
  25. Dirk Sabbe
  26. Bruno Lowagie
  27. Damien Merenne
  28. Bert Pattyn
  29. Frank Louwers
  30. Guy Van Ginderen
  31. Pieter Vandekerckhove
  32. Kora Van den Bulcke
  33. Thomas Soetens
  34. Bruno Peeters
  35. Alain Ravet
  36. Geert Allegaert
  37. Walter Vanderstukken
  38. Jo Wouters
  39. Alex Talmon-l'Armée
  40. Mixel Kiemen
  41. Heymans Bert
  42. Damien Van Achter
  43. Alexander Koprivnicanec
  44. Tanguy De Kelver
  45. Lode Nachtergaele
  46. Ilse Jansoone
  47. Wim Mostrey
  48. Sven Marievoet
  49. Britt Mesdagh
  50. Erlend Debast
  51. Maarten Schenk
  52. Filip Borloo
  53. Johan Janssens
  54. Laurens Vandeput
  55. Filip Vandegehuchte


Won't make it: