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NOTE: BarCamp Buffalo has moved to its own page: http://barcampbuffalo.org — Register and learn more there!

The idea is to create ongoing events for people involved in new technology to connect and learn from one another.  

 BarCamp Buffalo #5


Event #5 - Wednesday, May 30, 2012 @ 5pm - 7pm Drinks/Food/Meet others! (buy your own food/drinks)

7pm - 9:30pm BarCamp presentations! 10 minute presentations with 5 minutes between for Q&A (and setup of next participant's presentation)

RSVP on Facebook


Pearl Street Brewery (click for map)

76 Pearl Street

Buffalo, NY 14202 

What is BarCamp Buffalo?  

  • A group designed to connect the disparate elements of the Buffalo technology and design communities
  • A meet up of people interested in technology, design and web development
  • A place to share what you are working on get input, insights and opinion from others
  • Learn about cool stuff that others in the technology and design communities are doing   

What should I expect?

  • Short presentations from people who want to share their cool stuff
  • Open participation for all.  Attendees are encouraged to talk, listen, share and get involved.  Someone have a cool idea or business plan that you want in on?  Well, share a beer and make a connection.  Someone making something cool and you want to know how they did it?  Ask some questions.  You get the idea.
  • A casual atmosphere, no suits!
  • Enjoy some drinks and have fun


Anyone can speak, even you! BarCamp is all about participation - talk about your projects, a cool website you want to share... anything relevant to tech and social media in Buffalo! 

Speaking sessions are up to 10 minutes. If not speaking, use the Topic field to indicate another way you can help! 

(To add a row: Edit page, right-click the table, Row, Insert Row...)

Presenter Participant URI Topic Occupation Interests



Your Name 
http://yoursite.com Title of talk 
What do you do?
Give 10 words or less on your interests 
0 Steve Poland http://www.stevepoland.com/about   x-TechCrunch writer startups, concerts, belgian beer, Purdue, consumer web/mobile apps
1 Garrett Fisher http://www.financesolutionsllc.com Why Freelancers Should Not Use TurboTax Startup Finance Consultant, Consulting CFO, Among other things tech companies, startups, turnarounds, travel, airplanes, mountain climbing, skiing, photography, aerial photography, hyper-analyzing why and how everything on the planet works the way it does
1 Alexander Levine http://www.oldversion.com  Transforming Buffalo - From Apathy to A Hub of Innovation Entrepreneur community building, adventure, travel, hiking, biking, swimming, start-ups, theatre, technology
1 Chris Smith http://buffalocashmob.com Social Media That Isn't Lame, The Cash Mob Story Engineer, Blogger, Facial hair enthusiast, brewing beer for profit, reading, doing
1 Joel Colombo http://www.360psg.com Core Values drive your Culture. Define them or they are defined for you. President, 360 PSG Coding, Entrepreneurship, Movies, Tech News Junkie !
1 Mike Dawidowicz (synace) http://buffalolab.org Buffalo Lab - a makerspace; learn, make, play!

Director - Buffalo Lab;

EVP Tech - CollectorsProof;

Director Tech - M2Synergies

Making things (tech, science, food); Collaborating; Providing opportunity for others
1 Chris Van Patten http://www.chrisvanpatten.com/ Custom WordPress Themes Without Agony Founder, Van Patten Media Web development, theatre, the arts
1 Charlie Wertz http://cjwertz.wordpress.com/ Will a robot eat your lunch Certified old guy

IT, economics, life, most of the above


1 Peter Cimino http://pjcimino.blogspot.com/ Astronomy 101 - The Night Sky Director of IT Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors Astronomy, Technology, Hockey, Living Life, and the Pursuit of Happiness!
1 Lisa Primerano http://www.primeranolaw.com A Lawyer Walked into a Bar[Camp]

IP/Corporate Attorney;


Compulsively research and collect information, analyze said information, and then sometimes over-analyze it.

BarCampBuffalo on the Web

Facebook Likes: http://www.facebook.com/BarCampBuffalo

Twitter: http://twitter.com/BarCampBuffalo

SlideShare.net: http://www.slideshare.net/group/BarCampBuffalo (please link all past and future presentations to this group)

SlideShare.net: BarCampBuffalo 1st Event slideshare




InfoTech Niagara


Topic Suggestions

Please list some topics you'd like to hear/learn about from others. Also, if you're looking for speaking ideas, reference this list to get ideas:

  • add a topic...
  • Programming & Development
    • Learning to code
    • Picking a language/framework
    • Language specific: Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP
    • Agile Development 
    • Debugging Technology 
    • Building a Twitter/Facebook app 
  • Startups, Entrepreneurship, Business
    • How to get funding for your startup
    • Finding technical co-founders 
    • Running your Business 
    • Ideas for making your app viral
    • Getting traction/users
    • How LinkedIn can help you find a job 
  • Hardware, Electronics, Robotics, etc 
    • Wireless Technology
    • Arduino  
    • Hardware hacking/repurposing 
  • Social Media
    • Marketing yourself w/ Twitter, Facebook, etc 
    • Software/tools to help you blog, tweet, build FB/Twitter apps, etc 
    • Blog your way to awesomeness 
    • Everything you do on the web is there forever, don't screw up you reputation
    • Interesting ways to track/gauge reputation
    • Distributed social networks like Diaspora
  • Local Technology
    • Growing tech culture
    • Web 2.0 in Buffalo
    • Attracting technology companies to Buffalo
    • Buffalo Startups 
  • Other
    • Homebrewing beer
    • Boy Scouts 101
    • How to be Awesome
    • Get rid of that gut
    • Gluten-free 101
    • Planting a vegetable garden
    • (anything that interests you!) 



Presentations From Previous BarCampBuffalo (for reference)

BarCamp is all about participation.  The following individuals presented (or were interested in presenting) at the events on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 and March 31, 2009, Monday, May 4, 2009:

Participant URL or Email Topic
Dan Gigante  http://www.clevermethod.com  Adding a Facebook comments box to your site in about 3 minutes
Tom Petrocelli  http://www.techalignment.com
Startup Funding Ideas 
Kevin Purdy http://thepurdman.com How Can We Fix the God-Awful Comments on News Sites?
Chris Van Patten http://chrisvanpatten.com/ FOSSwire + OpenID
Jim Lindley  http://jimlindley.com/  BuffaloFeed.com, maybe
Joseph Hsu http://josephhsu.com/ Live Stream Monitoring (w/ app), 5 min
Kevin Purdy http://lifehacker.com Writing smarter and faster, on the web or anywhere (10-12 min)
Steve Poland http://stevepoland.com/about Basic monetizing options (i.e. affiliate marketing)
S. Navpreet Jatana  http://www.jatana.com/ ‘Interaction Assurance’: Options for Strong Authentication in World 2.0?, Leadership & The Workplace: What Do We Expect?, Social Computing in the Enterprise: Social Software Considerations
Jon Brennan http://www.noobis.com  10 min TBD 
Colleen Kulikowski


10 min Wordpress Plugins
Chris Moyer http://inarow.net/

Javascript Apps: CouchDB & Titanium (10? minutes)

Chris Smith http://buffalogeek.com Facilitating
Ralph Whitbeck http://ralphwhitbeck.com
Intro to jQuery
Mike Canzoneri http://friendfeed.com/mfc5 I will talk while you watch a CodeSwarm video (13 min or less)
Derek Punaro http://punaro.com Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Jessica Hopkins http://twitter.com/hops11

5 min, Using social media for publicity and other nefarious schemes

Marc Odien http://wnymedia.net Sharing and Caring In A New Media World
Tom Lukasik (a/k/a sparky)



Lightning presentations (no more than 2~3 mins per, 7 mins total) on:

[1] Forming a WNY area Erlang SIG (Concurrency! Reliability! Cool Factor! Free! What's not to like?) 

[2] Doing $omething in $econd Life to make money ($erious Fun!) 

[3] Organizing an Independent/Freelance Computer Consultant, Architect, and Developer Co-operative to provide mutual support and shared resources for self-employed "Bit Workers" in the Buffalo/WNY area.   

Ok, no emails, so I'm on my own - but I'll have questions! I'm making it more of a conversation than a presentation! Healthy audience participation is hoped for.

Dave Marshall  david.marshall@mongooseresearch.com 

Options for developing for the mobile web.   

CSS vs. browser detect

platform based apps vs.  WAP apps 

I am starting a new company focused on mobile web design and mobile apps.. with integration with social networks.  This session will focus on the most effective ways to communicate via mobile from the user's perspective. 

15 min

Kevin Lim  http://theory.isthereason.com WTF: Work Time Fun (or if games are addictive, why can't work be addictive too? Here's how...) 
Eric Nagel http://ericnagel.com

Quoting programming/other gigs as a Freelancer (5min)

Dan Magnuszewski http://magnachef.blogspot.com Configuration Management With Puppet
Steve Poland http://stevepoland.com/about How to Startup! (not being a programmer yourself)
Eric Nagel http://www.ericnagel.com/ Affiliate Marketing on Twitter via Merchant RSS Feeds
Barnaby B www.openROC.com An upcomming app to save democracy that works through twitter, facebook, blogs, and the iPhone.
Mike Brennan http://www.noobis.com Raising awareness for non-profit org using social media / web 2.0 
Chris Muench http://www.chrismuench.com JSONP
John O'Keefe http://www.theokeefes.com How To Get Your Boss To Approve Your Idea. Understanding message "static" between you (sender) and the boss (receiver). A quick look at influence via Myers-Briggs.
S. Navpreet Jatana http://www.jatana.com Social Computing in the Enterprise: Social Software Considerations
Mark Nikirk N/A Cognitive psychology and metadata in flat file structures


Lessons Learned from previous BarCampBuffalo events:

  • break into relevant smaller groups and have people in those groups give presentations and/or start discussions
  • have people bring VGA cables, power cords, projectors, etc [we'd like to have a twitter search page displayed the entire time for tags '#BarCampBuffalo']
  • bring speakers for multimedia presentations
  • encourage more ad-hoc WiFi networks via sprint/verizon cards (note: they have bandwidth restrictions, so no downloading or video watching)
  • be better about time limits and cut-offs
  • have the online wiki list everyone in attendance (that's you!), what they do, interests, and links to their profile/websites
  • have an online chatroom setup that people can chat in during the event
  • more networking time
  • have a big list of what presentations will take place in which groups, so that people can bounce around if they want
  • encourage people to specify on the wiki what they'd like to hear/learn about from others