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BarCampCanberra #1 - Signup Page


Saturday, April 19


(text based on BarCampSydney3 nicked from BarCampMelbourne who poached it from BarCampLondon)


Please click Edit page above and add your name to the bottom of the list below, including some way of contacting you (blog link, email address, etc.) and whether you're keen to participate and the topic you're thinking about.


If you have a Yahoo! account, make your self traceable by adding your status to Upcoming.

You can also associate yourself with the Facebook Group.


When you're done, head over to the BarCampCanberraBlog.



Friday Night Drinks

Friday night drinks are on at Andrew Boyd's house, 24 Sulman Place Swinger Hill/Phillip (suburb depends on your map) starting at 5PM. If you're going to turn up late please call Andrew on 0413 048 542 to confirm that we didn't get bored/drunk and repaired to a restaurant somewhere :)


The accommodation crunch

We're up against the 2020 Summit on the 19th, so hotel accommodation will be tight. It's in your interests, if you plan to stay for the dinner, to arrange your accommodation as soon as you can. If you can't get anything, or your budget is tight, contact an Unorganiser listed on the main BarCampCanberra page - they have access to a list of spare rooms around Canberra and would be happy to hook you up.


There's also a list of accommodation available at the bottom of this page.


Sexy, sexy t-shirts

We will have t-shirts, so make sure you add your size when you sign up. There will be other stuff as well. See the shop. The first 20 registrations got their custom orders. Everyone else gets grey marle with a full-color logo.


The original order was for 40 t-shirts. If you're outside the first 40, or we didn't order a shirt in your size based on averages, you may not get one on the day, but we'll make sure you'll get one!



If you would like to sponsor BarCampCanberra, please add your name and contact details, or email Stephen Collins. All we ask is $200-$1000 from each sponsor. Of course, you get yourself mentioned on the day if you contribute.


The April 2008 BarCampCanberra is sponsored by:


acidlabshttp://www.acidlabs.org/Part-sponsorship of t-shirts, door prize
Web Directionshttp://webdirections.org/Pizza lunch, door prize
SMS Management and Technologyhttp://smsmt.com/T-shirts
AussieHQhttp://aussiehq.com.au/Dinner and drinks
Microsofthttp://www.microsoft.com/en/au/T-shirts, general costs
Indigo Pacifichttp://www.indigopacific.com/Door prizes
Maadmobhttp://maadmob.com.au/Door prizes
Kate Carruthershttp://katecarruthers.com/Wine for dinner



On-the-Day UnOrganisers (Wranglers)

NameEmailURL From What can I do
Ruth Ellisonme AT ruthellison dot comhttp://www.ruthellison.comCanberraPhotography, general run around
Ajay Ranipetame AT gmailhttp://www.aggregatedsolutions.comSydneygeneral run around
Ben Winter-Gilesbenwintergiles AT gmailhttp://www.benwintergiles.comCanberrageneral run around
Jamie Reidjamie AT cwolf dot orghttp://cwolf.orgCanberraVideo, general run around, setup if required
Caronne Carruthers-Taylorcct023 AT gmail dot comCanberraPhotography, general run around


IT Support

We need people who can help with management during event - which just means troubleshooting if someone can't get their slides working or something! Just help if you're needed.



The venue is supplying rooms with a projector. We also have wireless as far as we know.


Attendee list

If you're not on the list, we don't know you're coming. This means we might not have a t-shirt for you and we certainly can't be expected to cater for you space or food-wise. Please put your name down if you intend being at the event even for just a single session.

No.Full NameURLEmailAttend and/or present?Presentation TopicShirt size and typeComing to dinner?
1Stephen Collinshttp://www.acidlabs.org/trib at acidlabs dot orgunorganise, attend, presentInnovation, collaboration and knowledge sharingIt's a secretYes
2Simon Pascal Kleinhttp://klepas.org/klepas at klepas dot orgunorganise, attend, presentWeb TypographyAsh grey small tee Yes
3Ruth Ellisonhttp://www.ruthellison.comme at ruthellison dot comattend, present, take photos, help outRamsey's Kitchen UX NightmaresWomen's Tank Top - medium Yes
4Keith Langhttp://www.plasq.comme at plasq dot comattend, present, promoteYou want Grandma CertificationMens large t-shirt
5Rae Buercknerhttp://www.indigopacific.comme at gmail dot comattend, present?, promoteRIA's ColdFusion LiveCycle ESWomen's Cap Sleeve t-shirt Large O hell yes!
6Ajay Ranipetahttp://www.aggregatedsolutions.comme at gmail dot comon-day-unorganise, attend, present, promotestuff!Mens Black t-shirt LargeYes
7Nathanael Boehmhttp://www.purecaffeine.comsnoop at purecaffeine dot comunorganise, attend, presentFree Australia Wireless, Merakis, Wireless World 2008 debriefMens Black t-shirt MediumYes
8Brad Kelletthttp://pantsland.combck at bradkellett dot comon-day-unorganise, attend, present, promotestuff!Mens Black t-shirt medium
9Donna Spencer (Maurer)http://maadmob.com.audonna at maadmob dot neton-day-unorganise, attend, present, promoteWhy does it always 'depend'?Women's dark tshirt black medium yes
10Noel Kellyhttp://thegnollinthemachine.blogspot.comgnoll110 at yahoo dot com dot auattend, promote, present?stuff!Men's dark t-shirt black XXL
11Tammy Jackson tammyj.here at gmail dot comattend, promote Women's dark t-shirt black Medium
12Darren Menachemson darren at thoughtpod dot orgattend, promote, presentBroadening design thinkingMen's White T-Shirt XXL
13Tim Dingwall tdingwall at gmail dot comattend, promote Men's dark T-Shirt XXL
14Matthew Sheppardhttp://kstruct.com/matthew dot sheppard at gmailattend, present (perhaps)Unsure - Maybe iPod Touch SDK stuff-
15Susan MacGillivrayhttp://zuzuland.com/blogsusan dot macgillivray at gmailattend, promote Women's Dark T-Shirt Red L I didn't see this before but probably
16Rohan Mitchellhttp://ticktickdone.comrohan at rohanmitchell dot comattend Men's White T-Shirt Large
17Andrew Boydhttp://onblogging.com.aufacibus at gmail.comunorganise, attend, presentWhy information architecture matters to FOSS - and vice versaMen's Dark T-Shirt XXL with fitted Batman cape yes
18Paul Wayperhttp://mabula.net/paulway@mabula.netattend, presentSimple CGI templating with ClearSilver (http://www.clearsilver.net), CGI, Perl and making senseMen's dark T-shirt Large Yes
19Sisira Adikari sisira dot adikari at canberra dot edu dot auattend, promote Men's White T-Shirt L
20Michael Harmerhttp://www.nerdherding.netmichael at nerdherding.netattend, present, on-day-unorganiseNerdherding: save your project with use-cases and incrementsAsh grey medium tee
Read this!! >>If you're below this row, you can'tcustom order a t-shirt!Sorry. But do put yoursize. You'll get something.
21Justin Kerr-Stevenshttp://www.extendedreach.wordpress.comjkerrstevens at gmail.comattend, promote,present,whats government doingMens XL
22James Peekhttp://www.sparkos.comjames at sparkos.comattend, presentFlash/Flex + PHP + MySQL integrationMens XL
23Alison Younghttp://alegrya.wordpress.com/alegrya at gmail dot comattend, take photos, on-day unorganiseTBA....Women's LYes
24Jamie Reidhttp://cwolf.orgjamie at cwolf dot orgattend, take photos, video spot, help on the day Men's L
25Kate Carruthershttp://carruthk.blogspot.comkate.carruthers at yahoo dot comattend, present, help on the dayTechnologists as Insurgents and Revolutionaries - importance of presentation and communication skills Men's XXL yes
26Caronne Carruthers-Taylor cct023 at gmail dot comattend, present, promote, take photos, unorganise on the day UCD in govt - useful or a corset? Women's XXL Yes
27Patrick KeoghFor fun , for work , err... patrick@keogh.net.auattend, present, debate, take photosKM in a small dispersed organisation
28Martin Ollmanhttp://www.techosapien.commollman at gmail dot comattend, present, help on the daySemantic NetworkingMen's MYes
29Melanie Rogersmelaniedrogers at yahoo dot comattendWomen's XLYes
30Craig Thomlercraig at wordsoup dot com dot auattendMen's LYes
31Michael McGooganhttp://www.aussiehq.com.aum dot mcgoogan at aussiehq dot com dot au attend, meet, presentMen's XXXLYes
32Shaun EwingWork, Personalse at se dot id dot auattend, meetMen's XLYes
33Sam Wilsonhttp://samwilson.id.au/sam at archives dot org dot auattend, discuss, document, eatGenealogical collaboration stuff; maybe.Men's S
34Ben Winter-Gileshttp://benwintergiles.combenwintergiles AT gmail dot comattend, meet, presenteither, Kids toy design and applying it to application design OR Use of a design language theory to co-ordinate design in distributed design environmentsMen's LYes
35Nathan Collinsattend, help with videoMen's S
36Matt Baylissmatt dot bayliss at gmail dot comattendMen's S
37Cuong Tongcuong dot tong at gmail dot comattend,presentjquery/jquery ui (maybe?)Men's M
38 Richard Landsberg richard dot p dot landsberg at gmail dot com attend Men's L
39Paul Chamberlain @arkem arkem at mornmist dot com attend, present(maybe)? crime in online games Men's XL Possibly
40Gavin Jackson gavin dot jackson at gmail dot comattend, presentgrails, open source performance testing Men's M
41Nick Hodge http://www.nickhodge.com/ nhodge at microsoft dot comattend, presentpresentation skills, stuff Men's XL
42Roshan Sathe roshan dot sathe at gmail dot comattend Men's XXL
43Stephen Dann http://www.stephendann.com/ stephen.dann at anu dot edu dot au attend, presente-marketing, teaching internet stuff to the not-so-tech inclined Men's XLPossibly
44Jason Hando http://www.utopiainternet.com/ jhando at gmail dot kom attend, presentMoodle and Joomla use in schools Men's LYes
45Janine Cahill http://www.futurejourneys.com jcahill at futurejourneys dot com attend, presentreal world virtual world social communities deepening the experienceWomens Lyes
46Margery Tongwaymargeryt at tpg dot com dot auattendMaybe
47Nigel Carruthers-Taylorhttp://www.icognition.com.aunigel.carruthers-taylor at icognition dot com dot auattendMen's LYes
48Raffaele Filardorfilardo at bigpond dot net dot auattend, present(maybe)Lisp/REST/software engineering in start-ups?Mens MYes
49Christopher McKennahttp://www.Electrogoo.com (construction)Kraden at Westnet dot com dot auattendMens LPossibly
50Peter Enzerinkhttp://enzerink.net/peter/ barcamp at enzerink dotted netattend, promote, maybe presentadlib on something not webMen's XLMaybe
51Steve Gluhakhttp://www.aussiehq.com.aus dot gluhak at aussiehq dot com dot au attend, meetMen's XXXLYes
52Tim Sharpehttp://www.aussiehq.com.aut dot sharpe at aussiehq dot com dot au attend, meetMen's XXXLYes
53Chriswaterguy (Chris Watkins)http://www.appropedia.org/User:ChriswaterguyChriswaterguy att the domain appropedia dot org attend, meet present Free content, licenses & changing the world.

Maybe Linux newbies getting together, kidnapping an uber-geek and making him (safe assumption?) answer our questions...?

Men's LYes
54Grant Sebastiangrant at pcug dot org dot au attend, meetMen's XL
55Matthew Kerleblog, facebookmattkerle at gmail dot com attend, meetMen's LYes
56Danielle Breckon http://www.utopiainternet.com/ danielle.breckon at gmail dot kom attend Women's SYes
57Paul Hagon http://www.paulhagon.com/ attend Men's LNo
58David Page http://www.otobas.com david dot page at otobas dot com attend/presentGoogle's new App Engine - What is it and where might it go? Men's XLYes
59Dean Klemick deanlk at gmail dot com attend Men's LMaybe
60Chandni Kapur www.anecdote.com.au chandni at anecdote dot com dot au attend Women's L Maybe
61Tobias Snoad tobias at lgsolutions dot com dot au attend Mens S No
62Nick_McNaughton http://www.bluecoveventures.netnick dot mcnaughton at bluecoveventures dot netattend XL No
63Ben Hamey http://www.hamey.combenjamin at hamey dot comattend M No
64Andy White http://lgsolutions.com.auandy at lgsolutions dot com dot auattend M Yes, oh god yes
65B Thyer attend L No
66Michelle Tan attendWomen's small No
67Joan Chang http://webtechnow.blogspot.comattend M No


strange things


Donate a couch!!

Details for Out of Town-ers - Got a Couch? Need a Couch? Save on accommodation by staying with one of your fellow BarCamp-ers. Leave your details here if you can put someone up or need a place to crash on the weekend...


No. From AboveNameGot A Couch?Need A CouchWhich Nights? Contact Me By...
1 Steve Gone, sorry. Email me and I'll try to find you something. NoFriday, Saturdayemail
27 Patrick TakenNoFriday, Saturdayemail
45 Janine No Yes No FRI SATemail
53 Chris Watkins No Yes No Friday, Saturdayemail
17Andrew Boyd Yes, but sofa bed taken for Saturday night, but there is still a mile of floorspace for the intrepid with sleeping bags NoFriday, Saturdayemail




Car pool!!

Details for Out of Town-ers. Save on travel costs and environmental footprint by traveling with one of your fellow BarCamp-ers. Leave your details here if you can put someone up or need a place to crash on the weekend...


Offering a lift:

No. From AboveNameSpacesFrom (& to)Travel dates Contact Me By...
45JanineOffering Sydney sat morn & sunemail
23AlisonOfferingSydneydown Sat morn, back Sun mornemail


Needing a lift - contact those offering a lift and/or add yourself here:

No. From AboveNameSpacesFrom (& to)Travel dates Contact Me By...