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BarCampCanberra #2 - Signup Page


Feedback Suggestion for next time


- People suggest what they want to be presented on eg: a wish list perhap 1 month or 2 before the camp.

- To have the sessions semi finalised on the wiki a day before


Saturday, 28 March 2009

(text based on BarCampSydney3 nicked from BarCampMelbourne who poached it from BarCampLondon)

Please click Edit page above and add your name to the bottom of the list below, including some way of contacting you (blog link, email address, etc.) and whether you're keen to participate and the topic you're thinking about.

If you have a Yahoo! account, make your self traceable by adding your status to Upcoming.

You can also associate yourself with the Facebook Group.

When you're done, head over to the BarCampCanberraBlog (not working?).

Sexy, sexy t-shirts

We will have t-shirts, so make sure you add your size when you sign up. There will be other stuff as well. See the shop. The first 20 registrations got their custom orders. Everyone else gets grey marle with a full-color logo.

The original order was for 40 t-shirts. If you're outside the first 40, or we didn't order a shirt in your size based on averages, you may not get one on the day, but we'll make sure you'll get one!


If you would like to sponsor BarCampCanberra, please add your name and contact details, or email Stephen Collins. All we ask is $200-$1000 from each sponsor. Of course, you get yourself mentioned on the day if you contribute.

The March 2009 BarCampCanberra is sponsored by:

Sponsor URL Sponsorship
acidlabs http://www.acidlabs.org/  
Five Senses Coffee http://www.fivesensescoffee.com.au/ Gift vouchers for presenters
UX Australia http://uxaustralia.com.au/  
Keith Lang http://UIandUs.com Stack of cool books
Australian Anthill http://anthillonline.com/ Subscriptions for presenters
Electric Shadows Bookshop http://www.electricshadowsbookshop.com.au Gift voucher for presenters
Crystal Approach





IT Support

We need people who can help with management during event - which just means troubleshooting if someone can't get their slides working or something! Just help if you're needed.


The venue is supplying rooms with a projector. Nathanael Boehm will be recording and podcasting the audio from the presentations in the main room N101 only. We also have wireless as far as we know.

Attendee list

If you're not on the list, we don't know you're coming. This means we might not have a t-shirt for you and we certainly can't be expected to cater for you space or food-wise. Please put your name down if you intend being at the event even for just a single session.

No. Full Name URL Email Attend and/or present? Presentation Topic Shirt size and type Coming to dinner? Coming to recovery yum cha on Sunday 29th?
1 Nathanael Boehm www.purecaffeine.com nboehm at purecaffeine dot com unorganise, attend, present Social media in Gov, User testing in Gov, OpenAustralia - haven't decided yet. Resilient Nation Australia M Yes Yes + 1
2 Rae Buerckner www.raebuerckner.com rae.buerckner at gmail dot com unorganise, attend, present UX in gov, RIA & Web 2.0 M Yes Yes
3 Darren Menachemson   design AT thoughtpod.org unorganise, attend, present Designing out evil XL


4 Liam Hodge www.lolinternets.net yin dot 0x7d8 at gmail dot com Attend, Present The lack of sense in Home Networking - or "How i learnt to stop worying and set an SSID and a proper WPA Key on my router" M Yes  
5 Andy White www.arcwhite.org andy at lgsolutions got com dot au Attend, Present Not sure yet, but I've got a few ideas! M Maybe  
6 Simon Pascal Klein klepas.org klepas at klepas dot org Unorganise, attend, present Web typography S


7 James Peek www.sparkos.com james at sparkos dot com Attend, present Couple of ideas at the moment XL Yes  
8 Peter Enzerink www.enzerink.net/peter/ peter at enzerink dot net Attend, present


Golf XL Maybe Maybe
9 Donna Spencer http://maadmob.com.au/ donna AT maadmob dot net

Attend, present

Sorry-can't make it. May pop in for a short while

Not sure - something interesting Girls L No Yes +1 - it's my birthday 
10 Matt Bayliss   matt.bayliss @t gmail d0t com Attend   Golf S Not Sure  
11 Brenda Moon moon.net.au brenda at moon.net.au Attend  

Mens 3XL


Yes Yes 
12 Susan MacGillivray zuzuland.com/blog susan dot macgillivray at gmail attend Unsure Womens M Yes Yes
13 Lozz Cochrane geekingforgood.com mail hat lozz doht org Attend Maybe - something non-profit tech related Girls M Yes Yes
14 Caronne Carruthers-Taylor    caronnect at gmail dot com  Attend, present  Not sure ... maybe, Designing ways  Girls XXL  Yes   
15 Nigel Carruthers-Taylor www.icognition.com.au nigel.carruthers-taylor at icognition dot com dot au Attend - Mens L Yes  
16 Cameron Moon cameron.moon.net.au cameron (at sign here) moon.net.au Attend Unsure Mens M (Charcoal)  Yes  Yes! 
17 Teresa Watts http://chigarden.com teresa AT teresawatts DOT com Attend, maybe present Internet Explorer voodoo doll? Girls S No Yes
18 Jamie Reid cwolf dot org jamie at cwolf dot org Attend, maybe present

Not sure.

Golf Shirt XL Yes  
19 Ruth Ellison www.ruthellison.com me AT ruthellison DOT com Attend, present

Robots stuff




Designing for cognitive disabilities

Girls M

(Women's Dark T-Shirt)

Yes Yes
20 Alastair D'Silva alastair.d-silva.org alastair AT d-silva DOT org Attend, maybe present   Mens Golf XL Yes Yes
21 Shoaib Burq nomad-labs.com shoaib AT nomad-labs DOT com Attend, present upcoming opportunities for geohackery Mens S Yes  
22 ($) Stephen Dann stephendann.net stephen AT stephendann FULLSTOP net attend, present, rabble Committing the Internet to Paper 18 months in advance aka The Joy of Text(books): Mens XL</s> No  
23 Andrew Meers   meersa at bigpond period com Attend, maybe present Challenges of managing user centred design web project? Mens S Probably  


Sonia Quinn   sonia at harpraxis dot net Attend   Mens L




Rohan Mitchell rohanmitchell.com rohan at rohanmitchell.com Attend, present Something about online business Mens L


26 Steven Bailey steve186.com me at steve186 dot com Attend   Mens S Not Sure  
27 Kate Carruthers siliconfederation.com kate dot carruthers at yahoo dot com Attend, heckle spurious interjections from audience Mens XXL Dunno  
28 Andrew Boyd http://uxaustralia.com.au/ facibus at gmail dot com Attend, present, unorganise GOYA and contribute - with or without coding Mens XXL Hell Yes Almost definitely probably
29 Guy Leech guyleech.net  guyleech at gmail dot com Attend, be awesome   Mens XS or S Maybe  
30 Alison Young http://alison-young.com alegrya at gmail dot com Attend, photograph, present Contracting from personal experience Women's XL Yes  
31 Jessica Enders formulate.com.au  jessica [at] formulate [dot] com [dot] au Attend Can do a fun 5-minuter on bad forms, if desired. No thanks No No
32 Joshua May notjosh.com notjosh at the gmails Attend, present Identity on the web, mobile webdev, fun with <canvas>, RAD with symfony. Will gauge and pick one on the day Medium I  
33 Amie Cupitt   amie.cupitt at the gmails Attend   womens small yes yes  
34 Craig Thomler eGovAU craig.thomler [at] gmail Unorganise (or maybe disorganise in my case), attend, present Selling social media to senior civil servants (letting you do the fun stuff) Men L Yes - designated driver ;) Yes
35 Jeff Waugh bethesignal.org jdub at previous Attend, present TBD :-) Men XL TBD :-)  
36 Pia Waugh pipka.org greebo at previous Attend, present TBD Women M TBD  
37 Stephen Collins acidlabs.org trib at acidlabs dot org Attend, unorganise, think about taking a rest from presenting Under consideration Men L Yes  
38 Dean K dnosauria.net deanlk at gmail dot com Attend, podcast, video/ ustream?, present Depending on developments, something like 'Beyond Rallies and the Echo Chamber - Looking for Opportunities to Influence' Men M Yes Yes
39 Keith Lang  UIandUs.com  keith at skitch dot com  Attend, present  Building Interfaces that Scale  Men L if you have a spare. Yes   
40 Jason Hando utopiainternet.com jhando at g mail dot com Attend, present TBD ;-) Men M Yes  
41 Danielle Jayne N/A onlineddesign at gmail dot c om Attend   Ladies S Yes  
42 Michael Honey  michaelhoney.com  gmail: firstname.lastname  Attend, think  If someone wants me to  Mens M  No  
43 David Page otobas.com
otobas at gmail Attend/present The Yubikey Mens golf XL No  
44 Linda Gehard lindagehard.com lindagehard at gmail Attend, ask questions, heckle - Ladies L Yes  
45  Rachel Price  N/A  rachel dot price at abs dot gov dot au  Attend / probably present  Introducing ABS BetaWorks  Ladies S  Maybe   
46 James Iseppi   spam at iseppi dot org Attend - Mens XXL Yes  
47 Malini   m dawt raha at readingroom dawt com dawt au Attend   Womens S TBD  
48 Jason Nielsen  N/A  mail at jason net nz  Attend  Mens M  Yes  No 
49  Cuong Tong   cuong dot tong at gmail dot come Attend, present Dont know Men M No No
50 Ahmed Al-Mamun N/A sazeib at gmail dot com Attend - Mens S No No
51 David More www.optimalexperience.com dmore54 at gmail Attend /present IA/UX/UCD Mens XL No No
52 Peter Anderson http://www.nsw.u3anet.org.au/ peterjohnanderson [at] gmail.com Attend (happy to discuss) NSW U3A website project Mens 3XL No No
53         Something about Agile and UCD XL No  
54 Lauren Kelly N/A laurenkelly1989 AT hotmail DOT com Attend - XL Not sure Not sure
55 Janine cahill www.futurejourneys.com jcahill at futurejourneys dot com attend, present my fave things whispers of the future womens L yes only if its before 11am
56 Kaustubh Srikanth http://houndbee.com kaustubh at houndbee dot com attend, present unsure Mens M yes maybe
57 James Dellow http://www.headshift.com/ & http://chieftech.blogspot.com/ james dat delow at headshift dat com attend, present Something Gov 2.0 flavoured M no :-(  
58  Nick  Hodge  http://www.nickhodge.com/  hodgenick dot gmail dot com attend, kcarruther's chauffeur  XL     
59 Carmel McGinley www.infoux.com.au carmel dot mcginley at gmail dot com attend, present Not well. Unlikely to get there.
Something about marketing research and UX XL No No
60 Stephen Holmes stephenwho.com stephenwholmes at me dot com attend, maybe present getting people to use and then build on the usefulness of on-line collaborative spaces XL Yes Not sure
61 Ryan Merton www.avanade.com rmerton at yahoo dot com dot au attend   XXL Polo Likely

Doubt it


62 Raffaele Filardo   raffaele.filardo at gmail dot com Attend, maybe present NFI Mens M/L Dunno No
63 George Bray   geobray near gmail.com Attend   Mens XL Not sure  
64  David Olsen @DDsD www.smxsydney.com.au  david.olsen@searchstrategies.com.au  Attend      Maybe  Maybe 
65 Tom Worthington


twbc at tomw.net.au Attend and present

Web for:
Open Government,
Bushfire Warning
or Climate Chage

No No Yes
66 Robert Edwards   bob at cs.anu dot edu dot au Attend, unorganise n/a n/a No No
67 Ian Munsie   darkstarsword@gmail.com Attend   Mens L No Maybe
68 Joseph Gentle http://seph.pbwiki.com/ josephg at gmail Attend, present Any of Maps, my AI work, WebDriver Mens L Maybe No
69 Jeff Malone   jmm at jeffmalone dot org Attend   no Yes Yes
70 Max Soe              
71 Pamela Fox              
72 Jack Kelly              
  And please please please, if you use the last row, go into code and add some more... thanks            





Donate a couch!!

Details for Out of Town-ers - Got a Couch? Need a Couch? Save on accommodation by staying with one of your fellow BarCamp-ers. Leave your details here if you can put someone up or need a place to crash on the weekend...

No. From Above Name Got A Couch? Need A Couch Which Nights? Contact Me By...
2 Rae Buerckner Spare bedroom   Any rae.buerckner at gmail.com
14 Caronne Carruthers-Taylor Rumpus room   Any caronnect at gmail dot com

Car pool!!

Details for Out of Town-ers. Save on travel costs and environmental footprint by traveling with one of your fellow BarCamp-ers. Leave your details here if you can put someone up or need a place to crash on the weekend...

Offering a lift:

No. From Above Name Spaces From (& to) Travel dates Contact Me By...
22 Stephen Dann 1 (large cargo) or 3 (with minor cargo) BarCamp to anywhere in Canberra Barcamp Day


Pleading looks and pitiful meowing on the day</s>

31 Alison 3 for comfort, it is an Excel afterall Sydney to Canberra down on the 27th back 29th email or twitterDM
34 Joshua May 2 (or 3 if squashed) Melbourne to Canberra Up Friday evening, back Sunday evening notjosh at gmail (email or gtalk), or @notjosh on twitter
38 Pia Waugh 2 Yass to Canberra   email
57 James Dellow 3 Wollongong to Canberra There and back the same day

email, twitter, gtalk (goto my blog) or phone 0414 233711


Needing a lift - contact those offering a lift and/or add yourself here:

No. From Above Name From (& to) Travel dates Contact Me By...
  Nathanael Boehm Mawson to venue On the day 0409 288 464 @NathanaelB snoop AT purecaffeine DOT com

See you there!

If you genuinely can't figure out how to edit the wiki then just leave a comment here with your details:

Full Name: 



Attend and/or present?

Presentation Topic:

Shirt size and type: 

Coming to dinner?

... and I'll insert you into the attendee list.