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BarCampDallas4, a continuation on the great history of the first BarCamp held in Texas.


2 items left @ Improving Enterprises on SAT - contact Cone to claim them.


see twitter.com/barcampdallas for day-of-event details

see photos: http://flickr.com/search/show/?q=barcampdallas4


Presentations (running 65 minutes :-) behind schedule)

10:00ascheduled start time
10:30attendees arriving, networking
11:00Raymond Lewallen speaking on Scrum, Agile Development
11:30Chris Gay speaking on entrepreneurship, building capital
12:00Chris Gay continues
2:00back from lunch
nowxbox with Halo 3 in classroom D -- Thanks to Chris K!
2:30classroom E cks Amazon EC2
3:00classroom C Daniel Miller - The HopeShow
3:30classroom C Jay Fichialos - Simple Math + Being Human
4:00classroom C Kirk Ballou, Adobe - Rich Mobile Apps
4:30classroom C Co-working, group from BCS Bryan/College Station
5:00Tyler Fields
5:30Keith Hanson - What's cool about Ruby?
6:00Ken Hanson - CSS Burner
6:30 open
7:00 open
7:30 open
8:00panother great BarCampDallas wraps up!



BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.





Based on holding a local barcamp twice a year, BarCampDallas4 is Saturday, September 29, 2007.



follow twitter.com/barcampdallas



This barcamp will be held in the DFW area.


Venue confirmed! Improving Enterprises offices Pass the word.


15950 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75248, USA map


Event Details


DateSeptember 29, 2007
Time10:00am to 8:00pm
Location Improving Enterprises offices for help or directions on SAT: 972-200-0028 x0
CostAlways free! Sign up below.
FormatPresentations, development projects, demos and interesting stuff


Security & Parking


Sign in with the lobby guard in Building #2 (on your right as you enter). The IE offices are on the 5th floor, Suite 500.


Visitor parking available in front of building. Also spaces available in parking garage. Contact Caleb or Todd or Cone for passcode.


calebjenkins at improvingenterprises dot com

todd at improvingenterprises dot com

conejohnson at gmail




Folks are needed to help the day of the event. Even if it's your first barcamp, you can join in.


Interested in Attending



Proposed Topics


Exploring the Personal MBA (saw request for this at barcampHouston2)


Discussion or presentation on Adobe apps: Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), Flex3, ColdFusion8 download


And discuss from Microsoft: Silverlight download, Expression Web download, Photosynth labs.live.com


Can tags (user-generated taxonomies) replace a pre-defined taxonomy? (SIGCHI from CHI-WEB discussion, Hal Shubin)... (one) can use tags to do some searching, but it's a very simple search... (and) what about an advanced search with tags? Maybe multiple-term clouds.


Perhaps one day of the BCD4 (BarCampDallas4) could be devoted to a Design Crawl and Walking Camp like this one in SF: http://orange-sf.pbwiki.com/


The Creative Space Team will be launching a new product called "A blank site". Come check it out.


CSSBurner's Web Standards Toolkit

  • Starting and planning front-end development
  • Our Best Practices
  • Stylesheet organization and resets we use
  • 3 Popular techniques we use time and time again
    • Solid, standards based Rounded Corner techniques
    • Sticky Footers Walkthrough and QA
    • SEO safe Image Replacements
  • Debugging methods

By: Josh Kappers and Ken Hanson


Ruby Lovin'

  • Why Ruby is Fun
  • A bit about Ruby on Rails, Merb, and Datamapper
  • The Future of Ruby (JRuby, Ruby.NET, and Rubinius

By: Keith Hanson



News & Blog Mentions


Other information

If you're coming from out of town, you should know this is scheduled as a one-day BarCamp. It may run late into Saturday night. You might try CouchSurfing if you need a place to stay.


Or contact one of your fellow local BarCampers for a place to rest your big brain full of new BarCamp-acquired knowledge!


List of To-Do's

set tags: technorati, flickr, delicious, magnolia

create social communication outlets: twitter , facebook, pownce

post on calendars: upcoming.org , bakerbotts