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BarCampEarthToronto - 2006

The third TorCamp un-conference



To learn, meet people who share different interests, contribute, and push yourself and your thinking.


Event Info




DateSeptember 24, 2006
TimeApprox. 11:00am
Meet at Location
Dufferin Grove Park


Exact spot in park TBD - look for the BarCamp Banner & Signs




DateAugust 26
Time10:30 am for Newbies - see schedule below
LocationMicrosoft / MSN Offices

One Financial Place

(Adelaide & Yonge)

Expected AttendanceMax. Capacity is 70 people





UPDATE: 09/06/06: BARCAMP BBQ IS STILL ON FOR TODAY! Forecast says "chance of showers" (40%) but the weather radar doesn't show much of anything at the moment.



UPDATE: 09/06/06: NEW BBQ DATE - SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 24 Same location, same times.




Sharing some photos from the event – http://flickr.com/groups/72499736@N00/ join up if you like

Sunday BBQ Registration


If you're planning on coming please add your name to the list. Please feel free to bring friends and family:


  1. Ryan Coleman Clay Tablet Technologies
  2. Dana Ditomaso Liquidesign
  3. Dave Forde Profectio + Word Up!
  4. Ryan McKegney
  5. Olivier Yiptong
  6. Colin McGregor
  7. Sunir Shah
  8. James M Woods DictaBrain
  9. Martin Cleaver


Saturday Registration


The registration page is up. As with DemoCamp8 we'll be using the Wild Apricot system again. You can access it here:




Please also add your name to the list here:


  1. Ryan Coleman Clay Tablet Technologies
  2. John Lam ObjectSharp
  3. Dana Ditomaso liquidesign
  4. Patrick Ryan ux42
  5. Patrick Dinnen Hogtown Consulting
  6. David Dougherty
  7. Jonathan Lung
  8. Dave Forde Profectio + Word Up!
  9. Peter Dawson Thought Flickrs
  10. Olivier Yiptong Olivier Yiptong
  11. Brian Reed Cash Intellect
  12. James M Woods Warpjam's Blog
  13. Vlad Jebelev
  14. SachaChua tech evangelist - storyteller - geekette
  15. Jack Johnson Debt Consolidation
  16. JayGoldman Radiant Core, Inc.
  17. CraigSaila
  18. Ryan McKegney RedFlagDeals.com
  19. Siobhan McLaughlin What's The Story?
  20. MatthewBurpee
  21. Bao Phan The Bao Phan Blog
  22. Debt Consolidation
  23. Ellena Cheng ES3
  24. Taylan Pince - only Sunday
  25. Leila Boujnane Idee Inc + Hyperbio
  26. Paul Dowman
  27. Alan Hietala Alan Hietala
  28. Ian Garmaise Phorix Solutions
  29. Quinn Fung student
  30. William Stratas Planetcast
  31. Pavel Simakov 3Genius
  32. Carl Jackson Payday Loans
  33. citizenziggy digitalpeasants.com
  34. Malcolm Bastien
  35. Samar Alam
  36. Joshua Davey
  37. Seneca Cunningham
  38. Mike Fletcher VRPlumber Consulting
  39. Sutha Kamal at Nakama by AmbientVector
  40. Adam Growe
  41. Brooke Gordon liquidesign
  42. Mike Tsang
  43. Steve Chiu
  44. Gabriel Mansour
  45. Jesse Rodgers University of Waterloo
  46. Kaleem
  47. Omar Ismail ProductWiki
  48. Rick Claus Canadian IT Pro Blog
  49. DanChmielewski
  50. Alex de Bold
  51. Kieran Huggins
  52. Daniel Tsang FreshBooks
  53. Sander Smith | AutoSSL

People not attending but wishing you all the best

  1. RandyCharlesMorin | Rmail
  2. BryceJohnson - I'm going to Bermuda YAY
  3. MalgosiaGreen & JohnPhilipGreen - We'll be at BarCampEarthCuba.
  4. RohanJayasekera - I'll be watching via CSIS spycams.

Event Schedule and Links to Session Notes

Saturday August 26

10:30amNew BarCamper Orientation
11:00amPopulate "the Grid" / Lunch
12:30pmFirst Sessions Begin
3:00pmSecond Set of Sessions



End Day 1

(Depending on # sessions and Interest)

6:00pm+Head to (TBD) to Eat, Drink & Be Merry


  • "New BarCamper Orientation" - where anyone who hasn't been before can wade in and ask all the questions they want to calm any fears about looking foolish (hard to do - it's a friendly bunch), not knowing what's going on or understanding what is expected of you as a participant.
  • Saturday Sessions will be blocked out in 1 hour chunks to start (may be adjusted based on # of sessions proposed)
  • Sessions do not need to be an hour. Suggest 15-30 minute presentation with balance of time for discussion
  • The plan is to start with 3 streams. The venue has 3 spaces that we can use. The Big space will hold 45-60 people, Medium holds 12-20 and Small holds 6-10 - so we can have a great mix of session/discussion types.
  • BarCamp is not DemoCamp
      - if you'd like to share your product with the community please find a method other than a straight-up demo. Maybe there is a technical issue you want to work through or a business model approach etc. that you could discuss with other people who may be facing the same issues.


Sunday August 27

Approx. 11:00am Meet at Location
Dufferin Grove Park


Exact spot in park TBD




BBQ Lunch, Socializing and Networking. Some open discussion sessions if people have ideas.


No capacity cap on this one. A couple of sponsors have come forward to help cover the costs of the BBQ lunch - we'll have the usual hamburgers, hot dogs and their veggie counterparts - community contributions are always welcome (especially if you have special dietary concerns). We have one BBQ but could use a second - two would be nice so we could do meat on one/veggie on the other.


If you're just coming on Sunday there's no need to register through WildApricot (in fact please don't :) ) Just add your name here:



  1. The Ashley family - BrentAshley, Clare, Jasmine, Rachel, and of course Dylan the schnoodle


  1. Kristan Uccello

Session Ideas


Please post your session ideas below. Please Include:


  • Descriptive Title
  • Your Name(s)
  • Type (Presentation, Panel, Round Table, etc.)
  • Sentence or two about what you'd like to present
  • What help you need (people, equipment, panelists)
  • If you need help, how to get ahold of you


What is BarCamp

(As stolen from BarCampNYC and BarCampLosAngeles, as copied from BarCampSanDiego) BarCamp is an ad-hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees.


This event is part of the TorCamp phenomenon, started last November. It's grown from about 50 at TorCamp 1 to over 140 at the last TorCamp DemoCamp.


All attendees must give a demo, a session, or help with one. All presentions are scheduled the day they happen. Prepare in advance, but come early to get a slot on the wall.


Presenters are responsible for making sure that notes/slides/audio/video of their presentations are published on the web for the benefit of all and those who can’t be present.


Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.




When you come, be prepared to share with barcampers. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.


You can learn more about BarCamp here:





Coming Soon



The following organizations and individuals have generously supported this event:


Bonasource Clay Tablet Technologies Navantis
Names@Work Peter Dawson Radiant Core
Redflagdeals.com RMail Tucows
St. Louis Bar and Grill (Oakville)



If you're interested in sponsoring this event please contact Ryan Coleman - rcoleman (at) clay-tablet (.) com.



Interested in helping out?


If you're interested in helping out please add your name/info below where appropriate. Please also drop an email to Ryan Coleman - rcoleman (at) clay-tablet (.) com.


Your time

If you're interested in helping out please add your name below:


i.e.: 1. Your name, your (at) email (.) here, what you can do/are interested in doing


  1. David Dougherty - dougherty.david (at) gmail (.) com, whatever you need help with.
  2. Peter Dawson - slash(dot)pd(at)gmail(dot)com - I'll chip in time on 24th/25th evening [6.30-10PM] for venue setup, general janitoral duties or whatever.
  3. Olivier Yiptong - oli (at) oliyiptong (dot) com. I'll help with anything.
  4. Vandy Gadia - vandy.gadia(at)gmail(.)com, whatever you need help with.
  5. SachaChua - sacha(at)sachachua(.)com: I'd love to help set up on Friday or Saturday
  6. Steve Chiu - scc234@yahoo.ca, let me know what needs to be done



We are also looking for stuff:

(Add your name after an open number if you can provide/loan that item)


  • Projectors
  1. : Bonasource
  2. :
  3. :
  • BBQ
  1. : Bryce J
  2. :
  • More to come...



Have something you can donate? Want to chip in for food/drinks! Great! Let us know.




  • Weather forecasts are pretty much universally saying tomorrow is going to be a wet day. As a result the decision has been made to postpone the BBQ. We'll announce the new date for the BarCamp BBQ this week - it will likely be the second or third weekend of September. Thanks to everyone who made the Saturday session of BarCampEarth such a great day today.


UPDATE: 08/25/06: We desperately need at least one additional projector, if anyone coming tomorrow has access to one please email or call Ryan (416-992-2032) - it would be greatly appreciated.


NOTE FOR SAT. MORNING: As the office tower is essentially locked down on weekends you'll need to be let up. At the start of the day we'll have someone in the lobby pretty much all the time so they will ferry groups up when there is a "critical mass". At other times instructions will be left w/security or on a sign in the lobby.


UPDATE: 08/24/06: Capacity - While we've been trying to ensure the Wiki stays in sync with the WildApricot system there's still a few on each that aren't in the other. At this point we're actually around 60 people registered. If you're intending to come please register ASAP 1) We're almost at the capacity 2) This is an office building on a weekend so it will be locked down in several ways making it very, very difficult for "Walk-ups" to actually access the venue - we'll be posting instructions for registrants tomorrow. If you're on the Wiki but not in WildApricot please ensure you follow the link below and register there as well.


UPDATE: 08/23/06: Sponsors - we've just learned that we're going to need to have at least one security guard (probably 2) on hand at the event this weekend for the MSN office. We're going to need about an extra $100 on top of what we've already got. If anyone is interested in sponsoring please drop us an email.


UPDATE: 08/22/06: T-Shirts - we have been able to source sponsors for T-Shirts for this event. If anyone attending requires a shirt outside of the normal S-M-L-XL range (XS or XXL etc) could they drop me an email rcoleman (at) clay-tablet (.) com ASAP so we can try to ensure we've got a shirt for everyone, can't guarantee but happy to try.


UPDATE: 08/21/06: We've confirmed a booking at Dufferin Grove Park for the Sunday portion of the event. It'll be a much more casual day (if that's possible). Details below (with some more to come. We're still looking for a few more sponsors, especially for a Sunday lunch BBQ.


UPDATE: 08/21/06: Because we are limited to 75ish attendees this time, we really want to stress that those who come to the event are expected to participate. Participation means coming ready to discuss and share either by leading a group discussion or actively participating in one. BarCamp is about community involvement, so if you're just *sort of* interested in checking it out, please consider giving someone who is really interested in participating your spot. We're hoping to put together a BBQ on Sunday, so that will be a better opportunity to mingle anyway.


UPDATE: 08/17/06: Registration form is up. Just a note on sessions/streams - the thought right now is 3 streams, 1 large room and 2 smaller rooms. We'll be posting more info on format and creating a wiki page/area for people to post their session ideas and requests for help etc. in the next day or so.


UPDATE: 08/15/06: We now have a location confirmed. It's a great space that gives us three rooms (and a fourth "area" if neccessary) for sessions. The largest room has a capacity of 40-60 and the smallest is about 8-10 people so we've got a good range of spaces for a good variety of types & styles of sessions. Registration abilities should be up and running very shortly. The goal is still to try and get an outdoor Sunday venue together for a more social/network oriented day with more discussion-based sessions.


UPDATE: 08/04/06: We are getting close to nailing down a location - at this point we are actually in the beneficial position of having a choice of spaces though rather than trying to find one. So this event defenitely has a home - we're just working out which is the best (considering facilities & capacity). Watch for a registration mechanism of some kind late next week.