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BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. Did we mention there's going to be beer?

If you would like to get involved please check out the BarCampEdmontonPlanning page. If you are planning on attending please sign up at: https://www.inviteright.com/E18395DA For more information contact Cam Linke at cam.linke@gmail.com.

The official tag for the event is BarCampYEG. The wireless network is called "Free Bar Camp Wi Fi".






Time Room A Room B Room C
11:00 - 11:20 Financing an Idea Analytics: How to get started Python for Science
11:30 - 11:50 U of A, Aerial Robotics Club Quick & Dirty Benchmarking What Problem Does The Semantic Web Solve?
1:00 - 1:20 Angel Fund, U of A, Robert Why Are Fundamental Programming Skills Second to Framework Knowledge, Don. B RT: Best Damn Ticketing System
1:30 - 1:50 Evolution of Nexopia Non-office Based Demos Accessability / Usability
2:00 - 2:20 Is Edmonton A Good Environment for this Sector, Don Iversion Why Twitter Will Rule The World How 'Be' A Contractor or Consultant
2:30 - 2:50 What Is Machine Learning Emerging Mobile Platforms Charity work
3:00 - 3:20 Wi-fi Mesh Network Zero Budget Marketing E-Lancing
3:30 - 3:50 First Look At Sticky Flow GTD's geek appeal Analytics: How It Can Help


Event details


What is BarCamp?

Barcamp is an ad-hoc gathering of people in and interested in the Edmonton tech community. BarCamp is a series of loosely scheduled 20 minute presentations/discussions about whatever the community is interested in.

How it works?

Everyone shows up in the morning and people write their name on a block of time with a topic, idea, whatever, that want to present, discuss, learn, etc. Everyone should have a topic in mind they’d like to lead a discussion on. Each session is only 20 minutes so you don’t have to prepare a big speech or PPT. The sessions should be interactive allowing for the audience to be a part of the discussion.

Every 1/2 hr a new session starts and goes for 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of hallway talk and deciding on your next session.

When is BarCamp?

Saturday July 19th, 10:00 am to 4pm with the possibility of an impromptu trip to a local pub should the community desire to continue the discusson.

Where is BarCamp?

The Edmonton World Trade Center, Floor 6. You can find a Google map here.

How much does BarCamp cost?

Nothing. Free. Nadda. BarCamp is a sponsored event. We have arranged a couple of generous sponsors to cover the room, lunch, beer, etc. A big thank you to our sponsors:

Nexopia - http://www.nexopia.com/

Tec Edmonton - http://www.tecedmonton.com/

Who should come?

You! Everyone! No matter what you interest in technology we can almost guarantee there will be something that you will find interesting, or someone that you will find interesting to talk to.

What are people going to be talking about?

We are planning on having three different presentation rooms, as well as a couple of discussion rooms/areas, a “business” room, a “tech” room, and a “misc” room. Ultimately the topics will be whatever the community want them to be.

What should I bring?

Whatever you want. We are arranging wifi so that you will be able to bring your laptops if you like. Also bring whatever other gadgets you want to talk about, show off, etc. Have a new iPhone, Arduino, Lego Mindstorms, whatever: bring it, play with it, show it off. Or bring nothing at all. Whatever you like.

Where do I sign up?

Given the space limitations on the venue we have 125 spots open based on first come first serve. Please sign us ASAP to make sure that you have a spot, you can sign up here. Rest assured we won’t give your name or email out to anyone, or use it to contact you, without your permission. Please sign up here: https://www.inviteright.com/E18395DA








  • Cam Linke (cam.linke@gmail.com)
  • Mark Bennett (mark@burmis.ca)
  • Mack Male (mack@paramagnus.com)
  • John Bristowe (john.bristowe@microsoft.com)
  • Chris Brulak (ccmbrulak@yahoo.ca)
  • Kevin Swan (kpswan (at) stanfordalumni.org)
  • add yourself...

Participants (aka Campers)

Please Sign up at: http://www.inviteright.com/E18395DA

Here is the list of people that have signed up so far. Note the list is not complete as we only displayed those people who have agreed for us to do so when they signed up.

Cam Linke  
Reg Cheramy Zigtag
Rafal Dyrda Flame360
david cree Clearpath
Mack Male Paramagnus Developments Inc.
Mark Bennett Burmis Studio
Lino Ramirez AranduCorp
Chris Cumming Sierra Systems
Michael Hotrum Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
Eric Warnke Wireless Edmonton
Dickson Wong Paramagnus Developmetns Inc.
Marlene Rodriguez  
Matt Mercer  
Forrest Zeisler Smibs Inc.
Christian Idicula  
Kevin Swan  
Dave Bodnarchuk eventIQ inc.
Will Zaichkowski Cranial Interactive
Peter Urban Smibs Inc.
Daniel Tse  
Shaheel Hooda  
Abhi Iyer  
Marc Lapierre  
Sean Healy ODIL
Jeff Thomas  
James Matsuba IdleTime Inc.
Randy Thompson The VentureAlberta Forum/Argon Venture Partners
Donald Belcham igloocoder.com Consulting Inc
boris djordjevic frontech solutions inc.
Michael Brechtel Firebrand Media
Alain Saffel  
Ken Gordon Alberta Deal Generator
Ryan Leland  
Don Iveson  
Ken Jurina Epiar
Kevin Jewell  
David Cox TEC Edmonton
Michael Kulpa Ekota
Robb McColl Alberta Advanced Education and Tecnology
Adam Wolfe Gordon  
Maziyar Khorasani Ukalta Engineering
Chad Smith Airshed Systems Inc.
Michael Bollman  
Osi Dosi Osidosi Solutions
Don Eglinski  
Chris Hoban Statusfirm
Cindy Eisman  
Shreeram Sigdel TRLabs
Diane Prisca Onguetou TRLabs and ECE (UofA)
Taylor Giesinger Statusfirm
Silver Sauceda  
Adam Rozenhart  
Chris Chafe StatusFirm
Steven Rockarts  
andy hiew dub5
Yuliang Hao Hollin Control Systems
Chris Eisman  
Timo Ewalds  
Robert Murakami TEC Edmonton
Dave Damer ThinkTel
Ivan Soto  
Nolan Woods  
Andrea Soto  
Greg Campbell Spieker Point Inc.
Kyle Fox LiFT Interactive
Brant Coghlan AICML
Jock Mardres Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association
Roger Armstrong WestLink Innovation Network
Stephen Olesen ThinkTel Communications Ltd.
Svetlana Troitskaia  
Sue Pekonen Edmonton Economic Development Corp
Naveen Marri eedc
Jas Panesar  
Dave Leriger  
Abbes El Quaouti  
Graham Batty  



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