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What is BarCamp?


BarCamp is a technology-focused, ad-hoc gathering of passionate folks who want to share, interact and spread the love around what they spend their days and nights toiling away on.


It is an informal gathering of people from technical and business backgrounds, where information and experiences are exchanged. The event is geared towards sharing knowledge and learning from others and there is a policy of encouraging active participation in all discussions. This BarCamp extends from other successful Irish "unconferences", most recently the BarCampDublin and BarCampBelfast events.


How much does it cost?


BarCamp is free. However, if you plan to attend BarCamp you are strongly encouraged to sign up so that we can gauge how many will attend.


How do I sign up?


Please add your name to the list on this page, or send an email to barcampgalway@gmail.com


You can also let us know what topics you are interested in by editing this page.


When and where is it on?


Ireland's next BarCamp will take place in Galway on Saturday, 22nd September 2007, in the Digital Enterprise Research Institute, NUI Galway near the city. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


Registration starts at 9:15 AM and the first talk kicks off at 10:00 AM.


John Breslin, Conor Hayes and Aidan Finn will look after the organising from the Galway side.


For future BarCamp events in Ireland please go here for discussion.


A wireless connection will be available to BarCamp attendees for accessing the Internet.


How do I stay up to date with news about the event?


We have set up a blog at barcampgalway.wordpress.com so that you can subscribe to its RSS feed to get all the latest news. You can also follow the planning and get live updates on the day from the barcampireland Jaiku channel: http://jaiku.com/channel/barcampireland.


How do I get there?


A map is available. There are also directions here.


What ideas folks want to hear about or talk about


BarCamp is a conference with a difference. At BarCamp, anyone can present. In fact, if this is your first time at BarCamp, presenting is actively encouraged. Talks will typically be 15-20 minutes followed by 15 minutes Q&A / discussion but talks can be as short or as long as you like. You can use PowerPoint slides, or forego slides altogether. Talks can be technical or non-technical.


The BarCamp ethos is about sharing information. There is no overriding theme to the conference. If you would like to talk at BarCamp you can either sign-up beforehand or sign-up on the day.


There will be a whiteboard and post-its. If you want to sign-up on the day, just post the title of your talk on an available time-slot on the whiteboard.




Some videos and slides are available at:






Don't forget to add your name to the attendee list too!


Format: name, talk about topic


  1. John Breslin, The Need for Semantics in Social Networks
  2. John Breslin, The Evolution of boards.ie
  3. Ina O' Murchu, The Social Web.How it can help your business.
  4. Walter Higgins, World domination with Amazon EC2
  5. Siasy Collins, Siasy Collins, The Irish in Continental Europe: from Informational Model to a Social Network Sorry, I won't make it :{
  6. Joe Drumgoole putplace.com : How to fund your startup Sorry folks, life intervened :-(
  7. Sean Lyons, Zimbie - Providing Services over IM.
  8. David Rice, Something about Rails and Behaviour Driven Development ?
  9. Aidan Finn, A gentle introduction to machine learning and data mining for recommender systems.
  10. James Cooley, XP to Ubuntu Linux and back again or "Linux on the desktop for those with a fear of commitment". LiveCDs will be available for the more adventurous.
  11. Alastair McDermott LogOn Internet Marketing, Demystifying Internet Marketing: An Overview of the Online Marketing Spectrum
  12. Kevin Noonan Calbane, Developing Web-Applications with Django.
  13. John Sturdy, "Building high-level editing onto Emacs, including driving it from a gamepad controller" or "Converting Dinneen's Focloir-Gaedilge-Bearla to XML (in elisp)"
  14. Tom Raftery Tom Raftery's Social Media and Cork Internet eXchange: Reducing IT's carbon footprint/Video Blogging made easy/ or some other topic - open to suggestions
  15. Martha Rotter, Ruby and Python with Silverlight -- O RLY? YA RLY!




  1. "Send lawyers, guns and money, Dad" – Issues faced by Irish technology start-ups; Panel: David Lenehan (PollDaddy), John Collison (Auctomatic), Jan Blanchard (Tourist Republic); Chair: Aidan Finn
  2. "I’ve got this great website, but nobody's using it" – How to grow a community presence; Chair: Ina O'Murchu
  3. "If I’m so smart, why am I being paid so little?" – What it means to be a computer researcher; Chair: Edward Curry


Cannot talk


  1. Darren Barefoot Social media marketing, or how I learned to love the mob
  2. Paul Walsh, Content Labels - a Semantic implementation, altering search and how users discover trustworthy content
  3. Paul Walsh, Mobile Web
  4. Siasy Collins, Siasy Collins, The Irish in Continental Europe: from Informational Model to a Social Network Sorry, I won't make it :{




Is there something in particular you would like to hear about at BarCampGalway? Make it known here...


Format: name of person you want to hear talk, hear about topic


  1. John Breslin, hear about Mobile Web 2.0
  2. James Corbett, hear about how to reuse old PCs as web terminals by installing Unix and Firefox.
  3. Alan Burke, OpenID, Microformats, JQuery.-
  4. Aidan Finn, Would like more panel discussions: volunteers, suggestions. Something about how social media is evolving.
  5. Aidan Finn, Hear Alex Hofsteede talk about flex/flash development
  6. Aidan Finn, How to build a community: e.g. boards.ie, politics.ie


Pecha Kucha session


None planned.


Planners, volunteers and attendees


Planners and volunteers, don't forget to add your name to the attendee list too!





  1. John Breslin
  2. Aidan Finn
  3. Conor Hayes




  1. Alan Burke
  2. Uldis Bojars
  3. Ed Curry
  4. Ina O'Murchu




If you are attending BarCampGalway, please add your name to the list.


Format: name, blog link or company link



  1. Sam Allen, UX Design & Tech Thoughts
  2. John Breslin, Cloudlands, SocialMedia.net
  3. Walter Higgins, Sxoop Journal
  4. Aidan Finn, http://www.aidanf.net
  5. James Cooley, blog
  6. Ina O' Murchu, Semantic Bits
  7. Paul Browne, Technology in Plain English
  8. Vincent Jordan
  9. Ed Curry DERI, http://www.edwardcurry.org
  10. Derek Organ 1time , Blog
  11. Tom Corcoran
  12. James Corbett, EirePreneur
  13. Colm O'hEocha, Fidelity Investments
  14. Stephen Downey 
  15. Paul Power, Peerside.com, DulAmach
  16. Fiona Concannon, CELT
  17. Dave Davis RedFly Marketing
  18. Derek Lawless, http://www.dereklawless.net/
  19. Adam Clare, Vitalspark
  20. Karl Glennon, Roomex Hotels
  21. John O'Reilly, Fidelity Investments
  22. Jimmy Coyne, Fidelity Investments
  23. Ronan Screeney, Fidelity Investments
  24. Ken Power, Fidelity Investments
  25. Mark O'Connor, Intec Billing
  26. Sean Coughlan NewBay
  27. Kevin Peyton, Electric Mill
  28. Alastair McDermott Log On Internet Marketing Ltd
  29. Paul McAvinchey, YABOYA
  30. Martha Rotter, Microsoft
  31. Alex Hofsteede betterthanflex.com
  32. Richard Conroy, APC MGE
  33. Helene Haughney, Nubiq
  34. Joe Drumgoole, Copacetic
  35. Brian Cleland InterTradeIreland
  36. Michele Neylon Blacknight / blog
  37. Barry Alistair IrishDev.com
  38. Leonard O'Halloran Fidelity Investments
  39. Maura McHugh Splinister
  40. giovanni gallucci Social Media Expert @ DexterityMedia
  41. Sean Lyons Zimbie
  42. Cian Foley Zimbie
  43. David Lenehan, PollDaddy
  44. John Coleman Paekleton Speaks
  45. Gabriela Avram coniecto
  46. Andrei Avram
  47. Stephen Power, LearnIrish
  48. Mark Lennox Webpusher.ie
  49. David Cochrane, Politics.ie
  50. David Rice
  51. Dan King Digiweb
  52. Mark McDonagh NetFort Technologies
  53. Jan Blanchard Tourist Republic
  54. Mark Campbell EMEDIA
  55. Damien McCoy IBM
  56. andrew khoo
  57. Paul Kelly
  58. Jason Roe Jason Roe
  59. Kevin Noonan Calbane
  60. Niall Larkin Relevent Media
  61. Dawn Reilly Relevent Media
  62. Gerry Shanahan Boards.ie
  63. Stephen Dolan
  64. Will Gilpin
  65. John Sturdy
  66. Bill McDaniel, Behind the Glass
  67. Dave Kelly
  68. Tom Raftery, Tom Raftery's Social Media, Cork Internet eXchange
  69. Gerard Keating
  70. Frank Fullard, irishbusinesswomen.com
  71. Tim Bunce, [http://www.tim.bunce.name]
  72. Mick Lohan
  73. Declan O'Connor Interim CXO
  74. James Galvin Glandore Systems
  75. Hak-Lae Kim DERI Galway
  76. Axel Polleres DERI Galway
  77. Peyman Nasirifard, DERI Galway
  78. Liga Besere, Marketing Garden
  79. Uldis Bojars, CaptSolo.net & SIOC Project, DERI Galway
  80. Cosmin Basca, DERI Galway
  81. Anton Mannering, Bench'd


Cannot attend


  1. Darren Barefoot DB.com
  2. Stephane Corlosquet
  3. Paul Walsh, Segala
  4. Alan Burke, Athenry AC
  5. Will Knott LftI
  6. keith bohanna, Pureplay Sorry - cannot fit this in with Podcamp the following weekend :-(
  7. Conor O'Neill blognation Ireland Sorry, will be just back from TC40.
  8. Siasy Collins, EuropeanIrish Sorry, I'd love to be there but I can't.
  9. Micheal O Foghlu, TSSG, WIT Woops meant to say earlier that I could not come!
  10. Add your name to the bottom of the list


Hotels and B&Bs



Anyone looking for last minute accommodation in Galway for the barcamp - I've a single in a hotel booked for tonight and tomorrow night - but as I can't attend, I won't be using the room - it is already paid for.

But person would need to contact me to get the confirmation number / form.




087 6281060


Here are some suggestions.


  1. Westwood House Hotel - Just across the road
  2. Abbey House B&B - Nearby




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Dublin Galway Plane 2007-09-21 22:30 2007-09-21 23:15 Timetable
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BarCamp Galway is being smiled upon by the following entities:


Microsoft Ireland

Blacknight Solutions


Logon Internet Marketing

DERI, NUI Galway





The Galway event logo is an amalgam of both the BarCamp flame and the Claddagh ring from Galway. The hands in the Claddagh ring symbolise friendship; the heart love; and the crown loyalty. The Claddagh was a small fishing village, now within the city of Galway.