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Event Details

BarCampHarrisburg is a participatory unconference for students, enthusiasts, and professionals to network and share knowledge in an open environment. The event involves discussions, demos, and interaction with participants. Please see the Rules of BarCamp for what to expect.

The focus of this BarCamp will be on Web design, development, and online social media within the context of the Central PA area.

You can also visit the Harrisburg BarCamp Google group.


When Saturday, January 10, 2009
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where Temple University Harrisburg (Directions, Parking, Arriving)
Cost Free


Tentative Schedule:

9:00 am - 9:45 am Breakfast, Networking, Session Setup
9:45 am - 10:00 am Session Setup Finalized, Introductions
10:00 am - 12:00 pm Morning Sessions/Workshops
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm Afternoon Sessions/Workshops
4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Wrap up



Temple University Harrisburg is directly above Strawberry Square, on the corner of 4th and Walnut Streets.

Google Map 


Parking along the street is free on weekends in Harrisburg.  If you prefer a garage, the Walnut Street garage is the nearest.  Visit this page for more info. 


Walk to the corner of 4th and Walnut.  Enter the glass doors next to the Bagel Lovers Cafe.  Directly ahead is the receptionist desk for Temple.  Turn right and ascend the stairs/escalator to the lounge area.  Coffee & refreshments will be in the hallway around the corner on the right.  The main room (#246) is opposite the tables.



We are currently seeking sponsors for:



Please contact one of the planners (below) if you or your organization would be interested in sponsoring this event.


Proposed Sessions/Workshops

Please add to the list below topics you would like to see presented or would be willing to present at this event. Session times should last 30 minutes, however, if you would like to present a longer session feel free!


  • Building a site using the Gaia Flash Framework
  • Open source content management systems
  • Developing Desktop Applications using AIR
  • Developing Android Applications
  • Using Seaside
  • How to use SVN with Web projects
  • Top Photoshop Tricks
  • Application Performance & Scaling
  • Best Security Practices
  • Unix Command Line Productivity Tips (Keith Bennett, see slides here)
  • Applying User Interface Design to Source Code (Keith Bennett, based on article here)


Current Attendees

Interested in attending? Add your name (by creating an account, signing in, and then clicking the edit tab above to edit the page) and a brief description of who you are to the list below. This will help us determine how many people to prepare for and give other attendees a sense of who else will be attending. Also, feel free to join the Google Group for BarCampHarrisburg.

  1. Dave Robertson, Owner/Creative Director, Factory 44
  2. Rich Hauck, Creative Director, Hauck Interactive, Inc.
  3. Dan Thompson, Owner/Creative Director, Withoutnoise
  4. Jon Strande, Hershey Foods
  5. Doug Logan, Web & Interactive Director, Inovat
  6. Drew McLain, Partner/Director of Technology, WorkXpress.
  7. Jeff Avallone, Contractor/Web Developer, Versatile Systems, Inc
  8. Nathan Powell, Software Developer, Anteil
  9. Paul Benninghove , General Manager, MudBrick Creative
  10. Tyler Pritchard, Lead Designer, MudBrick Creative
  11. Courtney Engle, Social Media & Personal Branding Coach, YourSocialBrand Virtual Assistant & AuzanoGroup (twitter)
  12. Lon Farenwald, IT Director, The YGS Group (twitter: lfaren)
  13. Tyler Golden; IT/Destiny Image Publishers; Owner/Impression Computers
  14. Christian Pearce, Owner, ParentProxy
  15. Eric Andreychek, Owner, OpenThought
  16. John Mulligan, Head Poobah, Thinkhole Labs
  17. Greg Newman, Independent Python Devigner
  18. Robert Rowe, private cello/violin teacher (twitter: rorowe)
  19. Shawn Farner, College student, Blogger, Techie (Blog/Twitter)
  20. Carl Leiby, Software Developer, Commerce360 (Blog/Twitter)
  21. Josh Miller, Web/Software Developer, (Site)
  22. Sarah Lanphier, Owner, Nuts About Granola
  23. Dave Hickethier, Roberston & Hauck Fan, andCulture
  24. Maurice Reeves, Senior Consultant, Anexinet (Blog/Twitter)
  25. Brian Polensky, Project Specialist, Very Amateur Web Designer (Blog/Twitter)
  26. Chris Allwein, Senior Consultant, Anexinet
  27. Fernando Ponce Icaza, potyhai.com (Twitter
  28. Michael Jovel, Flash Platform Developer, (Blog/Twitter)
  29. Brian Evans, e-Marketing & PR Manager, (Twitter)
  30. Brent Colflesh, PHP Developer, Nxtbook Media, (Twitter)
  31. Heather Myers (Twitter)
  32. Shane Hoffa, Flash Developer/Adobe User Group Manager, (JPL, CPFUG, Blog)
  33. Michael Donley, Senior Consultant / novice android developer (ISS)
  34. Aaron Sherrick, President, Develisys
  35. Art Straub, Developer/Project Manager, Computer Aid, Inc.
  36. James Robertson, Web Developer, Cincom Systems, Inc
  37. Leron Lehman, Entrepreneur and Finance Exec.
  38. Tom Clark, Software Developer, entropymedia.com
  39. Mike Van Jura- Blogger at JerseyMike.org and Harrisburg concert promoter.
  40. Larry Marburger, Web Developer, andCulture
  41. Xander Becket, Internet Marketer, WebpageFX
  42. Dave Mingos, Freelance Web Developer, dmdesigns.com
  43. Lance Wulfers, Manufacturing Lead Tech, EDS.
  44. Gloria Bell, Red Stapler Consulting,  (Twitter
  45. Rob Yates, VP Technology and Software Developer, CorpU (Twitter)
  46. Kirsten Jahn, Kalexi Media, (Twitter)



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  •  Good price, but across the river: Quality Inn, 175 Beacon Hill Blvd, New Cumberland, PA 17070, (717) 774-6200, $60 for Friday night, 10% additional discount for AAA