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Venue Map : Microsoft Campus, Gachibowli


@ MICROSOFT Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad on 15th July, 2006 (Un)conference on Mobile


BarCampHyderabad2 is in the series of Barcamps being organized around the world.



With this camp Hyderabad becomes the first city in India to host two BarCamps in a row. All credit goes to participants of 1st edition and the participants who will come to share their thoughts at 2nd edition of the Camp on July 15th @ Microsoft Campus, Hyderabad.

One area with endless possibilities and a great deal of local relevance in our country is Mobile. With mobile devices in more hands - literate & illeterate 80 million estimated - than any other form of communciation channel or information source, surely a lot is possible. Ranging from on-device solutions & games, to providing a simple access into enterprise intranet & solutions, to social/community network based solutions such as phone-chat and such, to many many more.


Barcamp Hyderabad 2 got featured in Times of India



Here is the program:


What: BarCampHyderabad2

When: 15th July, 2006 | 10:30 am to 5:00 pm

Where: Microsoft Campus



Mailing List: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/barcamphyderabad/

Blog Roll: http://research.iiit.ac.in/hydtechbloggers/

Blog: http://hydtechblog.blogspot.com/


Postmortem blog accounts

  1. Barcamp Hyderabad2 : Postmortem + DeadBlogging
  2. Reflections from Barcamp
  3. Favourite presentation at Barcamp
  4. Cool camp- BarCamp2 onMobile Apps/Infra
  5. Barcamp Hyd2 Notes 
  6. Sriram Krishnan's Bar Camp musings
  7. TidBITS of Barcamp Hyderabad 2
  8. Mobile as Universal Remote Control
  9. Ramesh Loganathan's blog/ Good Camp..
  10. Web 2.0 and Mobile Devices
  11. Can Hyderabad be the next valley
  12. Spokn 
  13. Logistics, Sponsorships etc. - Barcamp Hyderabad 2
  14.  My barcamp2 mirror



    Sessions and Topics (If you are interested in delivering a talk/demo, pls include your name & topics below.'')



    1. Kickoff, Ramesh, Pramati, http://jroller.com/page/rameshl
    2. Mobile Computing: Thinking beyond the PC, Atul Chitnis, Geodesic
    3. Extending J2EE App Server to support Mobile Applications, TBD, Pramati
    4. AJAX based telephony, Ashhar Farhan, http://www.spokn.com
    5. AJAX on Mobile, Pavitar Singh, Pramati
    6. LinkNSurf Community around mobile blogs(http://linknsurf.com), Sunil Goyal , Wirkle Inc. , ( http://www.wirkle.com/blogs/sunil )
    7. Bootstrapping your web enterprise - Mohit Pawar
    8. Web 2.0 and mobile devices, Sriram Krishnan, Microsoft India.
    9. Mobile Technologies for small business man, Damodar
    10. Opera for Mobile, Opera Mini and designing for the Mobile Web, Sigbjørn Vik, Opera Software
    11. Location Based Web Search on Mobile Devices, VVS Naresh, SIEL, IIIT
    12. Thoughts on mobile 2.0, Rajan
    13. Mobile phone as Universal remote controller - Prof Vishal Garg ( Demo )
    14. Exclusive Release of Indiagoes - rajAT


    Lightning Sessions - Extempore. No registration required for this track. 5-7 minute very short talks.

    Discussion session on "Cyberabad to Hyber-valley" - Is mobile apps/infra the missing link in Cyberabad becoming Hyber-valley- the next silicon valley




    /Name/ Bearings/ Wiretap/


    1. Ashhar Farhan, www.spokn.com, afarhan-at-gmail-dot-com
    2. Ramesh Loganathan, VP-Middleware Technologies, Pramati http://jroller.com/page/rameshl
    3. Rajan, http://rajan.wordpress.com
    4. Rajat Gupta http://rajatgupta.wordpress.com
    5. Poorna "Kopos" Shashank http://mindwarrior.wordpress.com
    6. Mohit Pawar, mohit dot ysp at gmail dot com
    7. Chandramouly R chandru.mouly@gmail.com
    8. Muruganandham K http://www.blogmurug.blogspot.com
    9. Pavitar Singh, Pramati Technologies
    10. Priyam Dutta, Oracle India
    11. Sudhakar SMicrosoft Indiahttp://sudhakar.wordpress.com
    12. Suman Karumuri http://mansu.livejournal.com
    13. Hrishikesh Barua, Pramati Technologies,http://jroller.com/page/talonx
    14. krishna Raj E-delve CrossMedia Solutions http://flashactions.livejournal.com
    15. Abhijit Y. Bhatt xSIDESOFT http://www.xsidesoft.in
    16. Puneeth Prasad VeriSign http://puneeth.wordpress.com
    17. Uday Garikapati Sirvisetti Systems http://sirvisetti.com
    18. Pavan Ramadugula Sirvisetti Systems http://sirvisetti.com
    19. Sunil Chawla Oracle India
    20. Raghu Seelamsetty Oracle India
    21. Abhishek Banerjee GENPACT  
    22. Sankar Balaji Oracle India
    23. Vikrant Aivalli http://aivalli.livejournal.com/profile
    24. Tarun Jain IIIT Hyderabad http://tarunjain.wordpress.com
    25. Harsh Mittal Microsoft India
    26. Mohan Ram Webaroo INC http://www.webaroo.com
    27. Abhisek Thakkar Webaroo INC http://www.webaroo.com
    28. Srinivas Ivaturi SSA Global http://www.javablogs.net
    29. Ashok Varma , ashva.m@gmail.com , AV
    30. MuthuKumar.R , Kanbay , http://makingiteasy.blogspot.com
    31. KiranBir Nag VP - Sillicon Valley Bank http://www.svb.com
    32. -Rajiv Entrepreneur http://witopia.blogspot.com-
    33. Manjeet Bothra IIIT-H --> Microsoft India http:/spaces.msn.com/manjeetbothra
    34. Chiatanya Rangavajhala Convergys IMG
    35. Anjana RamamoorthySatyam Technologieshttp://weblogs.asp.net/anjanaram
    36. Yogish A JCAhttp://yogishaj.livejournal.com
    37. Sunil Goyal - -co-founder Wirkle Inc. ( http://www.wirkle.com/blogs/sunil )
    38. Kunal Dhabalia Oracle India
    39. Satish Kumar Oracle India satish_hsk@yahoo.co.in
    40. Kumar Vivek thedesigntree tree_vivek@yahoo.com
    41. Kumar Vishal thedesigntree tdtfly@yahoo.com
    42. Kaustubh Srikanth, Infinity Radio, kaustubh at houndbee dot com
    43. Samir Sahu , samir_sahu@yahoo.com
    44. Amar Pratap , amar.pratapr@gmail.com
    45. Arun V K, arunvk9@gmail.com
    46. JaiHind Reddy, jaihind83@gmail.com
    47. Yaswanth Narvaneni (yaswanth AT gmail DOT com)
    48. Vidit Bansal IIIT Hyderabad
    49. Rakesh Kumar IIIT Hyderabad --> Oracle India Pvt. Ltd
    50. Aditya Maheshwari Microsoft India.
    51. Atul Chitnis, Geodesic
    52. R Pooran Prasad Zealousnet.in pooran at zealousnet dot in
    53. Marx contactmarx@gmail.com
    54. Teja Chaitanya Kantamneni Satyam Computer Services teja_neni AT yahoo DOT com
    55. Saikrishna Vayara Nokia India Pvt Ltd (ES) saikrishna DOT vayara AT nokia DOT com
    56. Sagar Vemuri, sagar.vemuri AT gmail DOT com
    57. Dhaval Mehta Oracle India metha.dhaval@gmail.com
    58. Rahul Dixit Oracle India rahuldba@gmail.com
    59. Himanshu Arora IIIT Hyderabad.
    60. Anil Kumar Bosch anilkg.contact(at)gmail(dot)com  
    61. A.Damodar Rao Dolphine Computers damodar_rao(at)hotmail(dot)com
    62. Ershad Ali Mohammad Infosys ershad65 AT yahoo DOT com  
    63. Kodandapani Infosys kodandapaniece AT yahoo DOT com
    64. Sundar Thoughtgreen Technologies sundar AT thoughtgreen DOT com  
    65. Amit Thakral Pennywise solutions fd97299 AT yahoo DOT com
    66. Ritu Chawla Juno Online Services
    67. Naga Kumari Juno Online Services
    68. Syed Ghouseuddin Irfan Juno Online Services
    69. Shyam Agarwal Juno Online Services
    70. Priyanka Luthra Juno Online Services
    71. Maninder Singh Juno Online Services http://mandysingh.blogspot.com
    72. Abdul Riyan Juno Online Services
    73. Vivek Kanala Sirvisetti Systems
    74. Sanyam Sharma IIITH -> Microsoft India http://sanyams.spaces.msn.com
    75. Vivek Lakshman Cordys http://www.cordys.com
    76. Anand Morzaria PennyWise Solutions http://www.pennywisesolutions.com
    77. Kishore Gaddam GE India Innovation Centrekishore DOT gaddam AT ge DOT com
    78. Sigbjørn Vik Opera Softwaresigbjorn AT opera DOT com http://my.opera.com/operaindia/
    79. B.Ananth Vyas | PennyWise So


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