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takes place in University of Ulster 25th April 2009


BizCamp Dublin

Takes place in the Digital Hub on Saturday 7th March 2009



takes place in Webworks on November 1st 2008.



will happen in Limerick on the 24th May 2008


Creative Camp

A BarCamp in a castle! Happening on March 8th 2008 in Kilkenny.



A BarCamp for podcasters happened on 29th September 2007 in Kilkenny.


Barcamp Galway

was on 22nd September 2007


Barcamp Belfast

These guys rocked on June 30th 2007 by all reports


Educamp Ireland

A really great twist on BarCamp on June 7th 2007


Barcamp Dublin

Another zinger on April 21st 2007


Barcamp Ireland - South East

A huge success in Waterford on Jan 20th 2007


Barcamp Cork

The first Irish BarCamp held on September 30th 2006. The rest of this wiki page is about the Cork event.



Thank You All!

We had an incredible day and it was each and every one of you attendees who made it an unforgettable event. That's number 1 done and dusted. Who's up for the next one? Speakers, can you send your PPTs to barcampireland at gmail dot com if you are ok with them being uploaded here?



There is now a page with some of the day's presentations at BarCamp Ireland Presentations. Either send them to us and we'll upload them for you, or feel free to do it yourself. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


What is Barcamp ?

Barcamp is a technology-focused, ad-hoc gathering of passionate folks who want to share, interact and spread the love around what they spend their days and nights toiling away on.

It is an informal gathering of people from technical and business backgrounds, where information and experiences are exchanged. The event is geared towards sharing knowledge and learning from others and there is a policy of encouraging active participation in all discussions.


How Much does it cost ?

Barcamp is free. However, if you plan to attend Barcamp you are strongly encouraged to sign up so we can gauge how many will attend.


How do I sign up ?

All attendees, whether you have signed up already or not, please send your contact email address to barcampireland at gmail dot com. Thanks.


Let us know what topics you are interested in hearing or talking about by emailing us.

Alternatively, if you are comfortable using Wiki software, you can sign up by editing this page.



When and Where is it on ?

Ireland's first Barcamp will take place in Cork on Saturday September 30th in the Webworks building on Eglinton Street near Cork's City Hall.

Registration starts at 9:15 am and the first talk kicks off at 10:00 am.

Damien Mulley, Conor O'Neill and Walter Higgins will look after the organising from the Cork side.


For future BarCamp events in Ireland please go here for discussion


How do I stay up to date with news about the event ?

Please keep an eye on the Official BarCampIreland Blog and subscribe to its RSS feed to get all the latest new toko s.


Join the "backnetwork" here Official BarCampIreland backnetwork - a structured way of defining your people network and communicating with other barcampees


How do I get there ?

  1. Jury's Inn (Room rate is 125 per night)
  2. Isaac's Hotel
  3. Cork hotel search
  4. €115 p/night in Isaac's hotel here
  5. Other Accomodation suggestions welcome.


Train timetable (Dublin - Cork - Dublin) 30th September

from to Dep. Time Arr. Time
Dublin Heuston Cork 07:00 09:42
Dublin Heuston Cork 09:00 11:55
Cork Dublin Heuston 17:30 20:15
Cork Dublin Heuston 19:30 22:18



If anyone is driving to Cork and wants to carpool please list below Where you are driving from, how many seats you have available and how you can be contacted..

1) Evert Bopp, driving from Nenagh (via Limerick) to Cork on Saturday. leaving nenagh at 7 am. Driving back the same evening. 3 seats available. Email me @ evert_at_wimax-eu.com




If you need a lift please list where you need to be picked up and a contact method:








Bar Talk Ideas - What folks want to hear about or talk about.

Barcamp is a conference with a difference.

At Barcamp, anyone can present. In fact, if this is your first time at Barcamp, presenting is actively encouraged. Talks will typically be 15-20 minutes followed by 15 minutes Q&A/Discussion but talks can be as short or as long as you like. You can use Powerpoint slides, or forego slides altogether. Talks can be technical or non-technical.

The Barcamp ethos is about sharing information. There is no overriding theme to the conference. If you would like to talk at Barcamp you can either sign-up beforehand or sign-up on the day.

There will be a whiteboard and post-its. If you want to sign-up on the day, just post the title of your talk on an available time-slot on the whiteboard.


Format: Name, Topic



Don't forget to add your name to the attendee list too!


  1. Keith Bohanna - Talk, "Finding Your Niche: The story of dbTwang" The Long Tail meets the Deviants Advantage!
  2. Conor O'Neill, Talk, "Funding/Outsourcing/Microformats"
  3. John Breslin, Talk, "Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities"
  4. Julian Ellison, Talk, "Turning Dreams into Delusions" or "A twelve step guide to feckin up a really good opportunity -- lessons from 8 years of my last almost very successful start-up"
  5. Walter Higgins, Talk, "Javascript Mindbombs: making a little javascript go a long way"
  6. Bernie Goldbach, Talk, "On Dropping EUR 35,000 for a Failed Start-up"
  7. James Corbett, Talk, "OPML and the power of distributed directories"
  8. Mary Gilmartin, Hear/Talk "Discovering Ruby", Hear/Talk "Web Standards from an Irish point of view".
  9. Tom Raftery, Talk, "Web 2.0 - analysis of a blogstorm"
  10. Tom Raftery, Talk, "CIX - Cork's next generation data centre"
  11. Joe Drumgoole, Crashed and Burned - War Stories Starting Software Companies in Ireland
  12. Mark Twomey, Talk, "Data Retention: Myths, madness, and missed opportunities"
  13. Brian Caulfield, Trinity Venture Capital, Talk, "Understanding and accessing venture capital funding."
  14. Evert Bopp. Wimax EU. Talk, "Convergence: WiFi hotzones, location based services, social networking & web based applications". __NOTE: please do NOT give me a morning slot. Will be arriving late...__
  15. Elly Parker, Talk, "Getting Granny Podcasting (or Encouraging Web Usage in Non-Technical People)"
  16. Sabrina Dent, Talk, "Making Money in SecondLife"
  17. Simon McGarr, Talk, "Digital Rights Ireland Ltd vs Minister for Justice, Minister for Communications, Garda Commissioner, AG and Ireland: A case study."
  18. Gavin Byrne, Talk, "Using WLAN to bring internet training to sheltered housing projects"
  19. Stephen Downey, Talk, "AJAX, How a 'toilet cleaner' is improving website interaction"
  20. Eoghan McCabe, Discussion, "The Ethics of SEO". See here for more on this discussion.
  21. Add your Name
  22. Joseph Smyth, Talk, "The Ryder Cup Diary Case Study - They are bigger than you are. So what?!"
  23. GetNews360


-Robert Synnott, Talk, "Web programming in Common Lisp; modern problems in a Cold War language."-

-Alan O'Rourke, Talk, "User v Business: Finding a balance in a user interface with Toddle.ie"-



Is there something in particular you would like to hear about at Barcampireland ? - Make it known here...

  1. Fergus Burns, Hear, Microformats
  2. James Corbett, Hear, Angel Investor networks and visibility
  3. Tom Keane, Hear, opportunities with live.com
  4. Graham O'Rourke, Hear, "Mobile Web .. standards convergence of free-for-all?"
  5. Mary Gilmartin, Hear, The industry in Ireland,


  1. Emmet Connolly, Pecha Kucha session (in which each speaker presents 20 slides for 20 seconds each)? Would people be interested in presenting at/attending this? Please respond below.

-Paul Browne, Hear or Talk, Anything to do with Web 2.0 being applied to the Enterprise.-

-Kae Verens (webworks.ie,kae.verens.com) - Hear, Amazing ajaxy projects people have been working on. In particular, I'd like to see what ajax enhancements people have applied to in-house CMSes and other management tools.- just realised the 30th is my son's 3rd birthday!

-John Ward, Hear about other tech startups and their experiences in Ireland, Talk about using Ruby on Rails for development.- Unable to make 30th.



Pecha Kucha Session

  1. Keith Bohanna http://keith.bohanna.com - sounds good - allows a skim through the chosen topic and then straight to Q&A where the stuff relevant to the audience can be dug into. Nice one Emmet - put me down to speak at that
  2. Walter Higgins - sounds interesting. Would be interested in attending - not sure I could fit my javascript presentation into pecha kucha format though.


Planners, Volunteers and Attendees

Planners and Volunteers, don't forget to add your name to the attendee list too!


    • All attendees, please send your contact email address to barcampireland at gmail dot com



  1. Damien Mulley
  2. Walter Higgins
  3. Conor O'Neill




  1. Tom Raftery tomrafteryit.net
  2. Alan O'Rourke SpoiltChild.cmo
  3. James Corbett EirePreneur
  4. Conor O'Neill Argolon
  5. Walter Higgins PXN8
  6. Piaras Kelly
  7. Keith Bohanna www.dbtwangblog.com
  8. Julian Ellison Tablane
  9. Graham O'Rourke MOR Solutions
  10. Eoghan McCabe eoghanmccabe.com
  11. Bernard Tyers RunningWithBulls I am away til the 15th of Sept, but am interested to help out with whatever is needed. I will hopefully make it there.
  12. Joe Drumgoole joedrumgoole.com
  13. Paul O Mahony Siopa Eile
  14. Christian van den Bosch
  15. Dillon Thomas
  16. Add your Name above this line

-Paul Browne FirstPartners.net- Unable to make the 30th , but have fun!

-Clare Dillon Microsoft- Unable to make the 30th.

-Derek Organ 1time- Unable to make it down in time



If you are attending Barcampireland, please add your name to the list.

format: name, blog link


    • All attendees, please send your contact email address to barcampireland at gmail dot com


  1. Alex Sakota Resume writing
  2. Piaras Kelly Piaras Kelly PR
  3. Bernard Tyers RunningWithBulls
  4. Christian van den Bosch
  5. Damien Mulley mulley.net
  6. Tom Raftery tomrafteryit.net
  7. Ed Byrne Hosting 365
  8. Joe Drumgoole joedrumgoole.com
  9. Walter Higgins Sxoop Blog
  10. Fergus Burns, Nooked
  11. Paul Rooney enook design
  12. Conor O'Neill Argolon
  13. Carole Freeman RpG Games Camp
  14. James Corbett EirePreneur
  15. Tom Keane NitroSell
  16. Anthony Griffin T+1
  17. Eoghan McCabe eoghanmccabe.com
  18. Keith Bohanna dbtwang
  19. Fintan Costello www.DataClean.com
  20. Dermod Moore Bonhomie
  21. Bernie Goldbach conjectures
  22. Adrian Smith 17od
  23. Paul Power http://www.peerside.com
  24. Keith Gaughan, http://talideon.com/
  25. Louis Crowe, http://www.readpal.com
  26. John Breslin http://www.johnbreslin.com/
  27. Paschal Leloup developers.ie ncte scoilnet
  28. Brian Kennedy http://www.discover-mobile.com
  29. Eoghan Murray http://www.qatano.com/
  30. Julian Ellison Tablane
  31. Graham O'Rourke MOR Solutions
  32. John Timmons, http://www.stalltheball.com
  33. Pawel Nowak, 23words
  34. Simon Mc Dermott, Attentio
  35. Evert Bopp, wimaxxed wimax-eu
  36. Emmet Connolly, blog.thoughtwax.com
  37. Mary Gilmartin, Netrunning
  38. Georgie Casey, My Blog
  39. James Burt http://www.nhse.org
  40. Paul O Mahony, Siopa Eile
  41. Stephen Downey, Passion Development
  42. Danny D
  43. John Henry Donovan http://www.5pieces.com
  44. Brian Cleland InterTradeIreland
  45. John Whelan Blog: Offportal.com Real-life: alatto
  46. Diarmaid Ó Culáin: Crunchypear.com
  47. James Cooley CoolReason
  48. Sam Van Meteko
  49. Chris Chedgey headway
  50. Mark Twomey, Blipverts
  51. Philip Nathan, vehicle-tracking.blogspot.com
  52. Siasy Collins, EuropeanIrish.com
  53. Pat Rice
  54. Adam Beecher
  55. Ruairí Newman *
  56. Ter Lynch, http://linkmap.blogspot.com
  57. Keith Clancy
  58. Stephen Higgins, Waveson
  59. David Copithorne, Waveson
  60. Donncha O Caoimh, Automattic Inc.
  61. Elly Parker, blog - ellybabes neighbours.ie
  62. George Pratt, Just Me
  63. Gavin Byrne, NEARfm/Media Co-op
  64. Eugene Flynn, 54 Degrees
  65. Mark O'Callaghan, IMTF Software
  66. Oliver Nash, http://www.cs.ucc.ie/helpdesk
  67. Michele Neylon, Blacknight
  68. Dave Jeffery, My Journal
  69. Tony Haddon www.frandrastic.net
  70. Will Letters from the idiot
  71. -AJ Mc Kee- Will be back for pints
  72. Laurence Dusoswa
  73. Dillon Thomas
  74. haydn Shaughnessy http://www.mediangler.com
  75. Marcas O'Duinn marcas
  76. Jan Blanchard touristr
  77. Tom Morris Blog
  78. Damien BLake Website
  79. Laura Keeley My Flickr Photo Stream
  80. Amy Landers
  81. Wannita Phanchana My Flickr Photo Stream
  82. Stephen Thornton
  83. Yee Ling Chan My Flickr Photo Stream
  84. Sabrina Dent
  85. Simon McGarr Work Website Personal Website
  86. Trevor Coyne Mooble.com
  87. Katie Conway My Photos
  88. Brian Lanigan My Flickr Photos
  89. Michelle Horgan
  90. Olushola Adeleke
  91. Ian O'Donnell
  92. Clare Conde
  93. G Mullins
  94. Robert Harris
  95. Peter Coppinger aka Topper CFTopper.com Digital Crew
  96. C J Kenneth Tan OptimaNumerics
  97. Eugene Heaney
  98. Ferruccio Egidio DeCare Systems Ireland
  99. Gráinne O' Connell
  100. Gordon Murray eWrite
  101. Daren Seagrave FAI Finance Corporation
  102. Patrick O'Connor Patchcom Services / Synchronicity
  103. Gavin Sheridan Public Inquiry Gavin's Blog (Hiatus!)
  104. Aileen Cussen Enterprise Ireland
  105. Michael Bambury Enterprise Ireland
  106. Eamonn O'Flaherty
  107. Paul Watson TSSG
  108. Brian Caulfield Trinity Venture Capital
  109. Seán Griffin Qumas
  110. Seamus D'Arcy
  111. Rory Condon
  112. Craig Powell
  113. John Handelaar
  114. Stephen Gallagher
  115. Cormac Mc Carthy Digital Crew
  116. Stephen Crowley UCC Networking Society
  117. Donnchadh O Donnabhain Domain-driven designer(Still haven't got around to doing a proper site)
  118. John Fitzgerald JohnFitzgerald
  119. Joseph Smyth Aonach Consulting
  120. Vincent Murphy
  121. Alan Hamilton
  122. Paul Kelly
  123. Add your Name to the bottom of the list


All attendees, whether you have signed up already or not, please send your contact email address to barcampireland at gmail dot com. Thanks.


-Clare Dillon Microsoft-

-John Ward Cengal- Unable to make 30th

-Jonathan Hill, [http://www.infacta.com/pub]-

-Kae Verens webworks.ie blog my main project at the moment- can't make it - son's 3rd birthday

-Paul Browne FirstPartners.net-

-Rowan Nairn eurekaman- Damn, out of the country again

-Des Field Corbett GC Consulting- Unable to make 30th

-Pat Phelan http://blog.roam4free.ie/- (have to travel to USA so wont make it)

-Sean Hanley- Unable to make 30th

-Kevin Peyton The Health Tech Blog- Cannot Attend. Looking forward to the podcasts though!

-Derek Organ- , derekorgan.comCan't make it down in time I'm sorry to say.

-Alan O'Rourke Spoiltchild Design-



  1. Webworks
  2. Howard Holdings
  3. Qumas
  4. Roam4Free.ie
  5. Heineken
  6. Bubble Brothers
  7. Trinity Venture Capital
  8. Hosting365
  9. Sigmar Recruitment
  10. Madgex
  11. Blacknight Solutions
  12. C&C Group
  13. I would like to Sponsor Barcamp...




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