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BarCamp Galway (Saturday, 15 September 2007) has moved to BarCampIreland4. And BarCamp Southeast (Thursday, 7 June 2007) has become EduCamp Ireland.


There will also be a BarCampBelfast on the 30th June.


What is BarCamp?


BarCamp is a technology-focused, ad-hoc gathering of passionate folks who want to share, interact and spread the love around what they spend their days and nights toiling away on.


It is an informal gathering of people from technical and business backgrounds, where information and experiences are exchanged. The event is geared towards sharing knowledge and learning from others and there is a policy of encouraging active participation in all discussions.


How much does it cost?


BarCamp is free. However, if you plan to attend BarCamp you are strongly encouraged to sign up so we can gauge how many will attend.


How do I sign up?


Please add your name to the list on this page or mail us at info at barcampdublin.com


You can also let us know what topics you are interested in by editing this page.


When and where is it on?


Ireland's third BarCamp will take place in Dublin on Saturday, 21st April 2007.


Registration starts at 9:15 AM and the first talk kicks off at 10:00 AM.


The organisers are Joe Drumgoole, Elly Parker, Paul Walsh, Eoghan McCabe and Paul Browne.


For future BarCamp events in Ireland please go here for discussion.


How do I stay up to date with news about the event?


Check out barcampdublin.com so that you can subscribe to its RSS feed to get all the latest news. Please tag articles about Barcamp Dublin with the tag (you guessed it) barcampdublin.


How do I get there?


BarCamp Dublin will be held at The Digital Hub which is a complex of Buildings scattered around Thomas Street and Crane Street. Most of the buildings originally belonged to the Guinness Brewery. The actual building Barcamp will be in is The Digital Exchange on Crane Street.


Link to Map


Parking is available beside the venue in a car park just off Crane Street.


Need a Lift? Can offer a lift? Post Here.


Alan Burke needs a lift from Galway on Friday evening/Saturday morning.

Update! I have been offered and accepted a lift!

Thanks Ina!


Where can I find accommodation for the night?


Look for hotels in central Dublin, list of booking sites below:

Book Assist



Central Reservations

Dublin Hotels

Ireland BnB

Hotels in One

Roomex Dublin Hotels


What ideas folks want to hear about or talk about


BarCamp is a conference with a difference. At BarCamp, anyone can present. In fact, if this is your first time at BarCamp, presenting is actively encouraged. Talks will typically be 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes Q&A / discussion but talks can be as short or as long as you like. You can use PowerPoint slides, or forego slides altogether. Talks can be technical or non-technical.


The BarCamp ethos is about sharing information. There is no overriding theme to the conference. If you would like to talk at BarCamp you can either sign-up beforehand or sign-up on the day.


There will be a whiteboard and post-its. If you want to sign-up on the day, just post the title of your talk on an available time-slot on the whiteboard.




Format: name, talk about topic


Don't forget to add your name to the attendee list too!


  1. John Breslin, talk about Semantic Social Networks Sorry, I am unable to attend / talk :-(
  2. Paul Browne, talk about Enterprise Web 2.0
  3. Sean Mc Grath. Jython for fun and profit
  4. Tom Raftery. CIX - Setting up an energy efficient/carbon neutral Data Centre
  5. Lar Veale. Either something on UX/usability or " a year in the life of a company blog" apologies for pulling out at such late notice. I can't make BarCamp Dublin due to work commitments.
  6. Paul Campbell. The choices that lead to Rails.
  7. Paul Adams. Something around user research...maybe for mobile...more to follow Sorry :( can't make it, in India doing user experience research
  8. Eoin O'Dell. Law of Blogs; Blogs of Law (suggest what this might cover here)
  9. Darren Barefoot, Social media marketing, or how I learned to love the mob.
  10. Colin Whittaker, The realities of building an LLU network in Ireland
  11. Sean O Sullivan, A look at the Voice 2.0 landscape
  12. Paul Walsh, The future of Search using Content Labels - Semantic stuff
  13. Krishna De, Building buzz - blogging to build your brand and grow your business
  14. Keith Bohanna & Tom Corcoran, Keith; GTD - my implementation of Getting Things Done I've Practiced, now I'll Preach, Tom; Spreading the Word - his experience of getting a team up to GTD speed
  15. Eoghan McCabe, Web Usability 101: A 30-Minute Crash Course
  16. Tomasz Blachowicz, Implementing highly scalable server in Java (non-blocking I/O, reactor and proactor design patterns, etc.)
  17. John Ward. Cengal - Selling Web 2.0 to Irish Financial Institutions
  18. Paul Walsh, Mobile Web - New W3C standards for developers
  19. Uldis Bojars, SIOC: Semantic Web for Social Media Sites
  20. Joseph Kiniry, Formally Counting Votes(But Still Only Trusting Paper)
  21. Suzy Byrne, The Day of the Count


  1. Paul Campbell, (update) --- I hosted a discussion on Co-Working and got a great turn out. I'll be blogging about progress in Dublin and have also set up a Google Group for Co working in Dublin




Is there something in particular you would like to hear about at BarCamp Ireland 3? Make it known here...


Format: name, hear about topic


  1. John Breslin, hear about Mobile Web 2.0 Sorry, I am unable to attend / listen :-(
  2. Paul Browne, hear about using Ruby in the Enterprise (and migrating from Java), hear about Agile Ruby on Rails (Mr Campbell!)
  3. Tomasz Blachowicz, hear about virtualization and utility computing like vmware and similar things
  4. Bartosz Blimke Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Agile Software Development experiences.
  5. Alan Burke Open ID, Microformats, Jquery.
  6. Ruairi Doyle Django, SSO / OpenID, Microformats
  7. Conor O'Neill, hear about DVB-H trials on mobile phone reception of TV
  8. Conor O'Neill, hear about FTA DTT and why we are still waiting for it 10 years later in Ireland
  9. Tony Byrne, Ruby on Rails on real-world projects and Agile Development success stories
  10. Alessandro Berni, Hear about the joining between video and web


Planners, volunteers and attendees


Planners and volunteers, don't forget to add your name to the attendee list too!




  1. Joe Drumgoole
  2. Elly Parker
  3. Paul Walsh
  4. Eoghan McCabe
  5. Paul Browne




  1. Keith Bohanna
  2. Paul Browne
  3. Robin Blandford
  4. Darren Barefoot
  5. Tom Corcoran
  6. Julie Szabo
  7. Sean O Sullivan
  8. Suzy Byrne




If you are attending BarCamp Ireland 3, please add your name to the list.


Format: name, blog link


  1. Your Name, Blog Name
  2. John Breslin Sorry, I am unable to attend :-(
  3. Michele Neylon
  4. George Pratt
  5. Keith Bohanna
  6. Paul Browne, Technology in Plain English
  7. Sean Mc Grath
  8. Tom Raftery
  9. Conor O'Neill, LouderVoice Damn, sorry, Can't make it. Too near launch.
  10. Adrian Smith
  11. Ronan Hayes
  12. Seamus Young
  13. Alan Burke, Athenry AC Takes the slot left available for the un-superstitious!
  14. Roger Galligan, IrishBlogs.ie
  15. Anthony Griffin
  16. Darren Barefoot
  17. Michael Flanagan, michael.flanagan.ie, Shanaki
  18. Aidan Finn
  19. Declan Jones
  20. Red Mum Red Mum
  21. Alastair McDermott, sportcrazy.net
  22. Paul Campbell, PABCAS
  23. Stephen Downey Passion Development
  24. Robin Blandford ByteSurgery.com
  25. Davide Zipeto
  26. Dominik Roblek
  27. David Rooney Irish Developer, BookNow365
  28. Gavin Ireland SEO Marketing (sorry cant make it).
  29. Mike Brennan Locate Online Ltd
  30. Rory Stones Locate Online Ltd
  31. Dave Davis Redfly
  32. Walter Higgins Pixenate
  33. Niall Larkin Clunky Flow
  34. Michael Mcglinchey Sorry, can't make it now :-(
  35. Paul Adams Reframe Sorry :( in India doing user experience research
  36. Niall Donegan Have to head to Kerry
  37. Eoin O'Dell cearta.ie
  38. Colin Whittaker colin.netech.ie
  39. Tom Duke TechnoFutures
  40. Paul Power Peerside.com, DulAmach.com
  41. Tom Corcoran
  42. Daniel Becker
  43. Olivier Ansaldi, Ozonesoft
  44. Stephen Stewart
  45. Steve Rushe
  46. Michał Wronka
  47. Eamonn Murphy
  48. Bartosz Blimke
  49. Fintan Palmer
  50. Krishna De
  51. Dave Cahill
  52. Bernie Goldbach Educamp Ireland
  53. Ruairi Doyle
  54. Derek Lawless
  55. Mark Lennox
  56. Aidan OSullivan aidanosullivan.info
  57. Patrick Collison
  58. Darragh Doyle Attending a funeral in Kilkenny
  59. Pawel Nowak
  60. Paul McAvinchey [http://www.yaboya.com]
  61. Cormac Moylan
  62. Tomasz Blachowicz
  63. Justin MacCarthy [http://maccarthy.org/lampr]
  64. Per Jacobsson
  65. Sinead Corcoran
  66. Julie Szabo
  67. John Ward, Cengal
  68. Ryan Alexander, RNAlexander
  69. Siasy Collins, EuropeanIrish
  70. Will Knott
  71. Steve Flinter
  72. Darryl Collins banjax Sorry, can't make it now. DC
  73. Clare Dillon
  74. Micheal Brehony
  75. Ben Groome
  76. Fergus Dooley
  77. Eoin Hinchy
  78. David Behan, www.davidbehan.com/blog
  79. Ana Nelson
  80. Tony Byrne
  81. Dermot McNally Directski.com
  82. Oskar Valles
  83. Gerry Shanahan Boards.ie
  84. Suzy Byrne Maman Poulet
  85. David Copithorne
  86. Mike Bennett, User Designer
  87. Justin Mason
  88. Karl Glennon Roomex Hotels
  89. Pádraig Brady
  90. Jan Blanchard
  91. Wannita Phanchana
  92. Karlin Lillington Techno-culture
  93. John O'Shea
  94. Ina O' Murchu
  95. Gavin Doherty
  96. Jonathan Barry
  97. Niall Milton
  98. Don Corleone
  99. David Long
  100. Ed Byrne
  101. Martin Keane
  102. Joe Kiniry
  103. Dave Jeffery
  104. Aaron Quigley
  105. Richard Hearne Red Cardinal
  106. Maryrose Lyons
  107. Patrick O'Connor
  108. Jennifer Farley, Digital Design Cottage
  109. Oisin Hurley
  110. Eoghan Murray
  111. Damien Blake (Hopefully) (Almost definitely)
  112. Liga Besere, Marketing Garden
  113. Uldis Bojars, CaptSolo Weblog
  114. Carles Amigo, fr3nd.net
  115. Fergal Byrne, Adnet
  116. Ken Keller
  117. Paul Kelly
  118. Mark Stephens (Afternoon only!)
  119. Keith Mander
  120. Chris Horan
  121. Ciaran Lee
  122. Sean Foley
  123. Emmet Connolly
  124. James Cooley
  125. Brian Donohue
  126. Marie Boran
  127. David Doran - (Say Hi!)
  128. Conor Power
  129. Joe Drumgoole
  130. Elly Parker
  131. Paul Walsh
  132. Eoghan McCabe
  133. Shane Healy, Webtrade
  134. Rafael Cordones Marcos
  135. Ronan Cremin dev.mobi
  136. Hector Naves
  137. Barry Cronin, Transpoco
  138. Kevin Peyton, Electric Mill - for a few hours
  139. Steve Quinlan
  140. John Keyes
  141. Keith Gaughan (just the afternoon)
  142. Paul May
  143. Adam Mrozek
  144. Michal Osmenda
  145. Gareth Stack, dbspin.com
  146. David Cochrane, Politics.ie
  147. Padraig O'hIceadha
  148. Peter Staunton
  149. Sinead Nulty
  150. Derek Organ, Web-based Time tracking software





  1. Microsoft (Thanks Clare)
  2. Trinity Venture Capital (Thanks Brian)
  3. Rococo and mySay (Thanks Ivan)
  4. LeCayla Technologies (Thanks Conor)
  5. Capulet Communications (Thanks Darren and Julie)
  6. Blacknight (Thanks Michele)
  7. Hosting365





interested list...


  1. Jeremiah Ryan BookMeetingRoom.com, Web Design Ireland