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Presentations given at BarCampIreland on September 30th in Webworks in Cork


  1. Mary Gilmartin, Discovering Ruby. More Ruby info and links on Mary's blog.
  2. Elly Parker, Getting Granny Podcasting. Video of the presentation here (Thanks George and Donncha!).
  3. Keith Bohanna, Niche Markets. You will need reader software for this mindmap - download from here: MindMap Viewer
  4. Simon Mc Garr, "DRI vs The State"
  5. Bernie Goldbach, How I dropped €35000 on a start-up. Podcast over at Podcasting.ie
  6. Conor O'Neill, "Microformats, Huh?, Wha?". The slideware part of my presentation was just a copy of Ryan King's XTech Slides. You can find a bunch more over at microformats.org
  7. Gavin Byrne, "WLAN and Sheltered Housing"
  8. Eoghan Mc Cabe, "Discussion: The Ethics of SEO"
  9. Joseph Smyth, Ryder Diary Experience (PDF 100Kb) - A case study of our Ryder Cup Diary blog and the results attained in four months.
  10. Haydn Shaughnessy, "Content". No slides.
  11. Walter Higgins, Javascript Mindbombs
  12. Petcha Kucha Session. No slides ;-)
  13. John Breslin, "Semantic Web"
  14. Mark Twomey, "Data Retention"
  15. Mark Twomey, "Micro-Soft"
  16. James Corbett, "OPML"
  17. Tom Morris, "High Speed Mashup and microformats with OPML"
  18. Stephen Downey, "AJAX"
  19. Tom Raftery, "CIX - Cork's first data centre"
  20. Tom Raftery, "Web 2.0 Cease and Desist - Analysis of a Blogstorm"
  21. Joe Drumgoole, "Crashed and Burned. How software companies fail"
  22. Evert Bopp, Convergence: WiFi hotzones, location based services, social networking & web based applications".