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All future discussions on BarCamps in Kerala can be found on this site.




BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.

The first BarCamp was conducted in Technopark Trivandrum. UST global sponsored the hall and a projector. The event was attended by 70+ techies from around the state. There were 10 interesting sessions. For all those who missed the event, this is your chance, BarCampKerala2


Event details


Feb 3

9:30 A.M.

Volunteers and Organizers, please turn up a half hour earlier.

Final Venue (fixed)

DOE (Department of Electronics) Seminar Hall CUSAT

Thrikkakara Campus

Thapasya, Infopark, Kochi


How to register?


This page is a Wiki page, which can be edited by anyone.

So, you can just edit this page and do the following:


  • Add your name to the Campers' list. This is the complete list of attendees
  • Add a session to the Proposed Sessions list. In case you would like to give a session on some topic
  • Suggest a topic to the Discussion Topics. Some of these topics will be discussed after all the sessions are over
  • Suggest what we can provide you with, apart from what we are already providing.


Instructions to do the above:



  • At the top of this page you will find a link called "Edit Page"
  • Click it and enter your Name and e-mail address
  • The universal password is c4mp
  • After you submit, you will be able to edit the text you are reading right now.
  • You need to find out the list you want to add your name to and then do the needful
  • Dont forget...whichever list you add your name to, you have to add your name to the Camper's List for sure

Bring with you:


  • Laptop (if you have one)
  • Memory Stick/thumb drive (if you have one: for transferring presentations, demo code, etc)
  • If you have goodies, T-shirts or promotional materials to distribute, this might be a good venue.
  • Ideas, demos and the spirit of BarCamp.





  • Morning: 9:30 A.M - 1:15 P.M
  • Lunch 1:15 P.M - 2:00 P.M.
  • Afternoon 2:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Proposed Sessions

Sessions are 30-40 minutes in length (including five to ten minutes for questions), so prepare your slides accordingly.


Sl no. Title Speaker
1 Events 2.0, Demo Kenney Jacob,Kenney Jacob, MobME
2 Search Engine Marketing Mani Karthik,Mani Karthik, DailySEOblog.com
3 Xtend IVR - A RAD Toolkit for Telephony Jayakrishnan K, Xtend Technologies
4 Visual Studio 2008 - What's in it for me? Jadeja Dushyantsinh
5 SAAS - Software As A Service Linoy Joseph,Angelsvista
6 JavaScript, The Most Misunderstood Language Binny V A OpenJS
7 Mobile Social Networking in 25 days Vishnu Gopal Vish.in, MobME
8 Game Development: DirectX & Flash Eldhose, Juwal, Anish,csharksgames.com, Csharks
9 Develop a webservice in 5 minutes using nusoap library Sanil, MobME
10 .NET Framework + General Security (exploits, botnets, etc) Rahul Ravindran (Jet Blazer)

Topics I would like to hear about

1. Malayalam computing

2. Intellectual property rights, knowledge sharing, software anti licensing

3. Socio Economical impacts of internet & low cost communication mediums in kerala society

4. Information security

5. Open Source Telephony

6. Enhancing and adding articles in Malayalam Wikipedia - http://ml.wikipedia.org/

7. Creating a standard Malayalam Font.

8. Setting up proprietorship software business in India without violating FERA .

9.Real time Linux

10. Python Web Development

11. Design and Usability

12. UX Designs &BFront End Engineering

13. Squeeze apges  and Automailers

14. CITI Bank IFSC Code 



1. Kenney Jacob, MobME, www.kenneyjacob.com {  +91-9846831128 } {kenney@torque.co.in}

2. Renjith Ramachandran, {  +91-9895199997 } {renjith@indianITforum.com}

3. Shoban Kumar, www.hot-n-new.com {  +91-9895775157 } {shobankr@gmail.com}

4. Nitin Koshy Mammen




1. Kenney Jacob, MobME, www.kenneyjacob.com {  +91-9846831128 } {kenney@torque.co.in}

2. Renjith Ramachandran, {  +91-9895199997 } {renjith@indianITforum.com}

3. Jimmin J Kurichiyil,SJ Group,{  +91-9895886792 }{cmdsjgroup@gmal.com)

4. Shoban Kumar, www.hot-n-new.com {  +91-9895775157 } {shobankr@gmail.com}

5. Nitin Koshy Mammen

6. Anand Subramanian, TheAnand, www.theanand.com {  +91-9846430463} {getanand321-yahoo-com}


Online Partner



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Discussions (Forum)


Barcamp Kerala 2 Kochi Discussions

Texas holdem

Texas Hold em - Texas Hold em

Participants (aka Campers)


To participate enter your details below :


Sl no. E-mail Contact Link Misc
1 Kenney Jacob kenney@torque.co.in 09846831128 http://www.kenneyjacob.com Organising, Attending, Presenting
2 Binny V A binnyva, gmail http://www.bin-co.com/blog/ Attending
3 Mani Karthik manikuttan@gmail.com 919947616188 http://www.dailyseoblog.com Attending, Presenting
4 Jaleel Jalaludeen jalmohd@gmail.com   http://blog.investingindia.in Attending
5 Renjith Ramachandran renjith@indianItforum.com 91 9895199997   Attending, Presenting
6 Cherian M T mtcherian@yahoo.com   http://www.alappuzhaonline.com Attending
7 Dino Cherian K dino@cherickal.in     Attending
8 Nitin Koshy Mammen   NA Planning, Attending, Presenting
9 Jimmin J Kurchiyil,cmdsjgruop@gmail.com 9895886792 NA Organising,Attending
10 Jayakrishnan K jayan@xtendtech.com +91-9847043760 http://jayakrishnan.livejournal.com/ Attending, Presenting
11 Sreekandakumar Pillai sree@ananthapuri.com   http://teck.in/ Attending
12 Bimal K C bimalkc@gmail.com 9447474246   Attending
13 Jadeja Dushyantsinh jadeja.dushyantsinh@gmail.com NA Attending, Presenting
14 Jo Presse mambox at gmail.com www.online-artikel.de Attending
15 Shoban Kumar shobankr@gmail.com www.hot-n-new.com Attending, Presenting
16 Eldhose P Mathew eldhosepmathew at gmail.com www.csharks.com Attending, Presenting
17 Juwal Bose juwalbose at gmail.com www.csharks.com Attending, Presenting
18 Anish Chandran anichandru at gmail.com www.csharks.com Attending, Presenting
19 Satheesh Chandrasekhar cschand@gmail.com 9447068292   Attending
20 Linoy Jospeh linoyATangelsvistaDOTcom 9895454417   Attending
21 Binoy Thomas Abraham ronbinoy@hotmail.com 9446055215 http://www.blogzoop.com Attending
22 Raju NM,sjgrouptvm@gmail.com 9995546425 NA Attending
23 Sunjith P S, sunjithps@gmail.com 9947600748   Attending
24 Navaneeth Kishor wwwkic at kichus.in www.kichus.in Attending
25 Ajay Nambiar ,ajayoct@gmail.com 9961985880 http://www.blogaught.com Attending,Organising
26 Sujith Joshy, sujithjoshy@gmail.com 9995353747 http://www.cleardirectory.net Attending
27 Sreenadh H, sreenadh1987@gmail.com 9847081414   Attending
28 L Isac, lijoisac@gmail.com 9867710460 http://www.blogelites.com Attending
29 Anand Subramanian, getanand321-yahoo-com 9846430463 http://www.TheAnand.com Attending
30 Niyaz PK, niyazlife@gmail.com 9895656112 http://www.diovo.com Attending
31 Ranjit Abraham, abraham.ranjit@gmail.com 9947053459 http://www.armia.com Attending
32 Mahesh S., mahesh.s@armia.com 9447291117 http://www.armia.com Attending
33 Ashkar , ashkar at bnets dot biz 9895332650 http://www.bnets.biz Attending
34 Niyas Hussain , niyasch@yahoo.com 9995187726 http://www.armia.com Attending
35 Madhavan Ramakrishnan, m@d3v.in 9895733744 http://d3v.in/blog Attending
36 Mahesh Aravind ra_mahesh@yahoo.com 09995409386 http://maravind.blogspot.com Attending
37 Jibin Samuel crazyjibin@gmail.com Dress Up Games Attending
38 rishiraj` (r_rishiraj2007@rediff.com) 9446328301 http://www.globallinknetworks.com Attending
39 Dennis Mathew Philip (dennismphil@gmail.com) 9895207689   Attending if I am at cochin on the date.
40 Althaf K Backer (althaispure@gmail.com) http://www.flamingmind.com Attending
41 stephen thomas (steeve.thomas@yahoo.com) 04682223700 nil Attending
42 G Venkata Subramanian, <a href="http://www.debtconsolidationunion.com">Debt Relief</a> 9895191363 http://www.flookie.net Attending
43 Prasanth.P.S prasanth@leadstech.org 9995929782 www.leadstech.org Attending
44 Mohammeed Rashad.K.M rashadkm@gmail.com 9895098707 NIL Attending
45 Mohith km (mohith3112@gmail.com) 09746164603 http://www.pintarmedia.com Attending
46 Ajith C (ajithkanu@gmail.com) 9746181534 http://www.corelmag.com Attending
47 Padmanabhan ms(padmanabhanms06@gmail.com 9746287743 NA Attending
48 Padmanabhan v(padmanvg@gmail.com) 9746167329 http://www.bahamut.net Attending
49 Jayson Joseph(jaysonjc@gmail.com) 09446700296 http://www.jaysonjc.com Attending
50 Unnikrishnan ( unnikrishnan(dot)a(at)gmail(dot)com 09847753402 http://www.webofunni.com/ Attending
51 Vishnu Gopal (g.vishnu@gmail.com) 9846087017 http://vish.in

Attending, Presenting

52 Saranjith. S (saran.cybergost@gmail.com) 9496365904 http://saranspot.blogspot.com