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It's nine months days since Leeds' first BarCamp back in November...but rather than wait a whole year, we wanted to catch the Summer Sun, so come join us at Old Broadcasting House again, this time for two days of geekery and (hopefully) great weather on the 16th and 17th of August 2008!



Event details



  • Head on over to register here...



  • 16th + 17th August 2008
  • Doors open at 9:30am each day, with the event beginning at 10:00am




Car Share

Anyone people travelling into Leeds willing to bring along a few passengers?


  • Alistair MacDonald offering a lift from Newcastle Saturday, and South towards Devon Sunday. Also some train tickets to and from Newcastle available owing to change in location.


Hotels & Accomodation


Who's talking about BarCamp Leeds2008?


Sponsors (confirmed)





Each session will be 30 minutes with a ten minute break in between. We expect four session rooms, so we can accomodate 36 sessions throughout Saturday and 18 on Sunday.


Saturday 16th


    • Remember this is a copy of the board, please update the board before updating the wiki.


TimeMain RoomClassroom (Side Room)Board RoomTraining Room (Upstairs)
10:00am-10:30am Intro xx xx xx
10:30am-11:00am Board Wrangling Board Wrangling Board Wrangling Board Wrangling
11:00am-10:30am Seo is evil? Get money from telcos Geocaching the GPS game Own a business not a job
11:40am-12:10pm Pkey - Ableton live! $$$ "Geeks guide to VC" What is ARG? xx
12:20pm-12:50pm Dean Vipod: "Design Vs. Usability" Explosive Wiki's by Dan Hardiker Security, Privacy & Dataportability, Ian Forrester xx
1:00pm-2:00pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:00pm-2:30pm Going Viral: Parodies, Pineapples & Pirates - Tom Scott Debian Linux on the OLPC Laptop (and how much sugar sucks) International Linkup Link burc ding for SEO
2:40pm-310pm "my last project" several 20:20 presentations web app developer with apple's web objects international linkup how do I sell SaaS?
3:20pm-350pm workshop: tips on writing proposals cloud computing international linkup lazyweb in the room "things I want that don't exist: discuss"
4:00pm-4:30pm Break Break Break Break
4:30pm-5:00pm xx affiliate 101 bootstrapping local tech communities (discussion) dojo on AIR (building desktops apps)
5:10pm-5:40pm think build run (who you need in your startup) build half an iphone app in 20 mins discussion: funding tips for small intersting companies when working with large, stupid oragnisations
5:50pm-6:20pm 12 startup mistakes... not to make the fight for your living room, ps3, xbmc, boxee, apple tv xx xx
6:30pm-7:00pm Outro
7:00pm-9:00pm After Party
9:00pm- late After After Party


Sunday 17th


TimeMain RoomBoardroomClassroomTraining Room
10:00am-10:30am Intro xx xx xx
10:30am-11:00am Board Wrangling Board Wrangling Board Wrangling Board Wrangling
11:00am-10:30am xx xx xx xx
11:40am-12:10pm xx xx xx xx
12:20pm-12:50pm xx xx xx xx
12:50pm-13:30pm Outro



Additional Activities**

  • Ross Brown & Deb Bassett are looking to organise a code-a-thon, developing a website for a charity in 24 hours over the course of the weekend...kinda like the one at Digital Scarborough earlier this year...
  • We've been thinking about organising a 'tech amnesty' on the day - encourage people to donate old books, guides, unused tech, gadgets and schwag and enables others to help themselves or donate to a recycler or charity.



What To Bring


  • Laptops
  • All the chargers/cables you'll need
  • Cameras - still or video
  • An idea for a session/presentation/talk
  • Presents for the organisers ;)


What We'll Provide


  • A venue!
  • Wifi (and a few wired connections)
  • Food & Drink (and maybe some schwag...)
  • Projectors, screens, whiteboards, PA systems and such for presenters
  • A video diary room!


"NOTE: if anyone presenting needs anything specific from the network please can you let us know by contacting any of the organisers ASAP so we can ensure the right ports are opened. The default setup is a little limited but with notice we'll be abe to accommodate your needs."




  • Old Broadcasting House is newly refitted and entirely wheelchair accessible.
  • We'll aim to get some talks simultaneously translated into British Sign Language (fingers crossed!).


Proposed/Desired Sessions


  • Add proposed topics here. The schedule is decided on the day, by the people there, so this is by no means final! Also feel free to leave ideas for topics you'd like to see.


  • Your proposed session - You!
  • Why online journalism is dying and what you can do about it - Paul Robinson
  • Mail2.0 or something FLOSS Foundationish or Hadoop(again) let me know - Robert Burrell Donkin
  • 2 sessions on SEO topics Mark Rushworth .com
  • Tim Langley"A geeks guide to VC - A serial entrepreneur's thoughts on how to raise initial seed finance" (A collection of potted thoughts about how best to approach venture capitalists and how to pitch your start-up)
  • Building desktop apps with the Dojo Toolkit and Adobe AIR Sam Foster
  • Making enterprise level web apps with Apple's WebObjects Paul Stringer
  • 12 startup mistakes not to make (Updated since Barcamp Manchester) Katie Lips
  • Social Media for startups (harnessing beta users, working with communities) Katie Lips
  • 2.0 Business Models (Katie Lips says: "I'd quite like to run a panel discussion on emerging business models; what works, what doesn't and stuff in between - if there are volunteers with experience in launching startups who want to be on the panel??")
  • What've you been up to? A session of micropresentations (kicking it 20:20 style) titled "my last project"... as many campers as we can fit in present the last project they did. More information and let me know if you're interested
  • Design vs Usability: let's be friends! Some advice for designers on working with usability specialists, and some advice for usability specialists on working with designers. (Dean Vipond)
  • Building an iPhone app in 20 minutes - Dave Verwer
  • Using Ableton Live! - A musical guide to being a more inspired creative (Paul Key)




The Rules of BarCamp


* 1st Rule: You do talk about Bar Camp.

* 2nd Rule: You do blog about Bar Camp.

* 3rd Rule: If you want to present, you must write your topic and name in a presentation slot.

* 4th Rule: Only three word intros.

* 5th Rule: As many presentations at a time as facilities allow for.

* 6th Rule: No pre-scheduled presentations, no tourists.

* 7th Rule: Presentations will go on as long as they have to or until they run into another presentation slot.

* 8th Rule: If this is your first time at BarCamp, you HAVE to present. (Ok, you don't really HAVE to, but try to find someone to present with, or at least ask questions and be an interactive participant.)










Participants (aka Campers)


This list is for information only - make sure you also register at Eventwax so we can keep track of numbers!


  • You!
  • Paul Robinson
  • Paul Stringer
  • Katie Lips
  • Andrew Disley
  • grom
  • Robert Burrell Donkin 
  • Jon Eland
  • Imran Ali
  • Paul Bacchus
  • Tom Scott
  • Jonathan Powell
  • Gemma Cameron
  • Dave Verwer
  • Dan Smith
  • Kian Ryan
  • Guy Dickinson
  • Simon Wheatley
  • David Smalley
  • Chris Crowther
  • Neil Bellamy
  • Rob Lee
  • Katherine Moss
  • Johnny Gallagher
  • Mark Smith
  • Paul Stanton
  • Andrew Williams
  • Matt Bourne
  • Mohsin Ali
  • Caius Durling
  • Dominic Hodge
  • Paul Jenkins
  • Emma bearman
  • Chris Boot
  • Dan Hardiker
  • Tom McIntyre
  • Robert Burrell Donkin
  • Paul Horsfall
  • Alistair MacDonald
  • Paul Farnell
  • Robin
  • Andy Mitchell
  • Ian Forrester
  • Dave
  • David Graham
  • hwa young jung
  • Mark Ng
  • James Panton
  • Rain Ashford
  • Jag Gill
  • mark sailes
  • Nick Burton
  • Brand Manager
  • Linda Broughton
  • John Leach
  • Dean Sadler
  • Karen Sadler
  • Michael Josephson
  • Keith McMahon
  • Arturo Servin 
  • Barry Carlyon
  • Jeremy Jarvis
  • Fearghas McKay
  • Channon Powell
  • Glyn Wintle
  • Geoff Shepherd
  • Kevin Isbister
  • Sat Mann
  • Jim Hathaway
  • Simon Davy
  • Nick Efford
  • Shaun Hills
  • rb@rossbrown.co.uk
  • chris procter
  • Colin May
  • Lucy Buykx
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Stuart Bruce
  • Keith Murdoch
  • San Phillips
  • Lindsay Hanson
  • Farhan Ali
  • Sandra O'Donovan
  • Farhan Ali
  • Liz Cable
  • Edd Dumbill
  • Ben Halsall
  • Jennifer O'Grady
  • Lee Strafford
  • Steven Flower
  • Andrew Threlfall
  • Andy Murdoch
  • Alex Prichard
  • Richard Garside
  • Paul Brook
  • Rob Wilmot
  • Rob Townsend
  • Doug Winter
  • Ben Gibbs
  • Katie Brunt
  • Liz Worsley
  • Jamie Harrop
  • Sam Foster
  • Mike Howarth
  • Dean Vipond
  • Paul Key
  • Ben Dalton
  • Ian Wild
  • ikisai
  • Barry Carlyon
  • Simon Wheatley
  • Tom Smith


Accommodation List: People wanting a sponsored hotel room or donated sofa/floor on Saturday night

(please cross out if you can can help someone out)




Task List

(please cross out when it's done)




Someone to photograph and someone to podcast/video cast the day's sessions.

Some Nintendo Wiis for gaming fun later in the evening.






T-Shirts / Mugs / USB srives

Some prizes to give away...


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We haven't had a 'beforemath' yet!