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Saturday 31st May (10:00am) - Sunday 1st June (4pm), 2008.




Tickets for londonBarCamp4 sold out in four stages of ticket release; our reserve list is also now closed.


To see what happened, who attended, read what people thought and pictures from the event head on over to the barCampLondon4 backNetWork



Capital Radio Building, GCap Media

30 Leicester Sqaure





The hugely popular "un-conference" is back and being held slap bang in the middle of Leicester Square!


Home to popular radio stations Xfm, Capital and ClassicFM the web dev team at GCap Media will be opening up their offices for a weekend of talks, networking and possibly the odd drink or two.


More details on places and ticket dates to be confirmed (very soon we promise).


Please note that saying you at attending on upcoming is NOT a guarantee of a ticket - you must sign-up for that. (sign-up details to follow)


(You can find out more about the BarCamp movement and the rules and principles of being an attendee on the RulesOfBarCamp page. Please make sure you understand what a BarCamp is before you sign up)


Sponsors of BarCampLondon4



Sleeping Places


I am looking for accomodation:

If you need a place to sleep, then add your name here. If you are in town for @media then why not stay on so you can attend?!


What to bring

  • Laptop
  • All the chargers/cables you'll need
  • If you're using a Mac for a presentation, VGA adapters
  • Spare battery if you have one
  • Camera
  • Sleeping materials - sleeping bag, pillow and toiletries (floor is not soft)
  • An idea for a session/presentation/talk
  • Cards / games etc for evening
  • Mini computer speakers for presentations (not everyone!)
  • ...?







Optionally add your name and a link here. This is just for fun and isn't the sign up.

  1. Friend2 Internet Marketing
  2. Lloyd Davis Tuttle Club
  3. Cennydd Bowles Clearleft
  4. Alistair Macdonald
  5. Simon Maddox
  6. Phil Hawksworth (on twitter) (on flickr)
  7. Hamlesh Motah (on twitter)
  8. Alison Wheeler
  9. Kevin Prince c
  10. Frances Berriman
  11. Reinier Zwitserloot tipit.to
  12. Debbie Timmins The Average Gamer
  13. Cristiano Betta
  14. David Singleton
  15. Alex Walker (Indigo Clothing)
  16. Steve Lamb (Microsoft)
  17. Ian Fenn (Chopstix Media)
  18. Emma Persky (t)
  19. Guy Rintoul (on Twitter and elsewhere)


Lost Property


I found a Mac video adapter in planet rock. I'm going to give it to Ross, please contact him if it's yours.


Schedule for Saturday


GMax (1 - 30 People)Planet Rock (1 - 10 People)Capital (1 - 12 People)Choice (1 - 12 People)Classic (1 - 10 People)XFM (1 - 8 People)Boardrrom (7 - 80 People)Boardroom (8 - 40 People)
1.45pmUsing the web to make government consultations betterNabaztagDABGRDDL HTMLChinese Food
2.30pmSilly MiiBooks on MobileRadio + InternetHow to make a Real Italian COffeeHow to save a pub using the internet5 (Web) Heresies
3.15pmHow I Got my Mashup Groove BackRadio 101MERB - The New Rails?Discussion:Democracy within an online worldEverything I learned about Textmate by accidentThe Quest for a complete open source eventHow to break the internetGLOW - BBC Javascript Library Development
4.00pmWhen Money Isn'tBring out your deadMotivating members of online networksFaceball TournamentWhy User Experience is Your Unique Selling Point
4.45pmWidescreen MappingUsable Conference10 Commandments of TwitterHow to be a green geekCommand Line GTDGoing Viral: Parodies, Pineapples and Pirates
5.30pmUsability Testing Console GamesTime Travel for DummiesThinking Inside The BoxTwitter + Wiki = Twikkir Google App EngineEmma Tells Stories
6.15pmXMPP + Fixing TwitterIE6 Bug OffLightening TalksIronPython ProjectBeauty In Web DesignYou dont know about HTTP BEYOND 404
7.00pmEye TrackingGender Balance in Geek EventsHTTP Debugging Proxies for Fun & ProfitAsk Us AnythingComet


Later in the evening...

21:00 Live Comedians in the 7th floor boardroom
10.00pmDoctor Who on the big screen in the seventh floor boardroom
...add your stuff here
2amBen Marvell singing Wham!'s classic hit "Club Copacabana"


Schedule for Sunday

GMax (1 - 30 People)Planet Rock (1 - 10 People)Capital (1 - 12 People)Choice (1 - 12 People)Classic (1 - 10 People)XFM (1 - 8 People)Boardrrom (7 - 80 People)Boardroom (8 - 40 People)
10.00amWho Will Adopt a Twitter Bot? (Phil Hawksworth)How we can help the environment and cater for the new world of work/millenials (Steve Lamb)Severside Tiddlywiki (Simon McManus)The Perfect Worflow? (Simon Maddox)Barcamp Barnet Bingo (PJ Barry)How to make a replacement for Wikipedia (Tom Morris)Start your day with: Impro 102 (James Aylett, Norm)Multi-use vCards (Neil Crosby)
10.45amOLPC: Hotter than anything Apple ever madeFoundations of distributed social networking (Ben Ward)OSX + iPhone developmentPubbage:a mildly massively multiplayer demo and rant/discussionSocial networking for business + some politics + discussionThe Future of Search - Group DiscussionWordpress Plugins 101 - How to write your first WP plugin (Matt Harris)
11.30amFamiliar things - smart objects trainingDIY Multitouch Input Device (Kelvin)Scaling on a shoestring - The problem of no money (Kevin Prince)Stalking and the Semantic Web (David Singleton)Agile&lean&XP mix (Adam)101 Uses for FriendFeedTimestamping Politicians (Matthew Somerville)
12.15pmHow to beat your Dad at chess (Cennydd Bowles)The Geography of Technology - Space, Place and the Embedded Environment (Guy Rintoul)Babble Mesh (Kalvir)Bringing up a startup in 30 minutes for under $200 a month (Tim Hawkins)Erlang - it really is useful, yes on the web (Hunter Morris)Get Shit Built with Django workshop (James Wheare)Have your Code Reviewed Yahoo-Style! (follow on; Norm &c.)Ross' Guide to BarCamp


2.30pmTeenagers and the Internet (Dan Morris)UX Design for Non-Designers (Amanda Jahn)There and back again - HTML 5 - Too Much Too Soon? Rant and Discussion (Frances Berriman)Agile Low Cost Usability Testing (Pedro Custódio)Quick and Dirty Facebook AppsCode Review (cont.)Italian Wine Tasting
3.15pmAustralian Wine (Brad Wright)BASHing out Unix - Getting started with Unix basic commands - Discussion groupHand Gesture Recognition (Emma Persky)magic/help - The most magical help system for RubyHarmonizing Bach Chorales - Quickest Runtrhoguh ever, plus ho wot check your harmony using Perl (Matthew)


Related events


Web Week Closing Party (Free Beer from Last.fm)


At the John Snow (http://tinyurl.com/46dskt), 5 minutes walk away.


Map / details: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/609423/




There is also a BarCamp Bank taking place in London a few weeks after this event, on Saturday July 5th from 9.30am-6pm. More info and registration details below:


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