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BarCampLondon5 is now over

Thanks to the sponsors and all those that attended for making this a super duper event!

It would be great to link off to your session slides and photos if possible. Please place them below.


Session slides (Title, Presented by, Brief description, Link)



Comment the Web - Ross Bruniges

A call to arms to ensure that bad practice on the web is outlined and better resources are given a bigger promotion

Taking Better Pictures - Caz Mockett

My tutorials on this page cover the Taking Better Pictures presenation, with some different photo examples. There are other more technical subject too, such as apertures, shutter speeds and ISO.

How to get a better job using Linkedin - Julius Solaris

Few tips on how to use Linkedin effectively

Accessible Javascript using Frameworks - Dirk Ginader

Tips and Tricks to make your Javascript Accessible

Introduction to OS X Cocoa for web developers - George Brocklehurst

An intro to the Objective-C syntax and a demo app showing how you can use HTML and Javascript to build the GUI.

Blogging Breakdown & How to Avoid it - Annie Mole

How to keep blog readers interested & yourself sane + some figures from Blogosphere from Technorati's Sept 08 State of Blogosphere Research

Selenium in real-world projects - Martin Kleppmann

Automated testing for web applications, and how we're using Selenium as part of our automated build process on substantial web projects

MOO API Engineering Course - Stefan Magdalinski

Slides from a talk Stef - MOO's CTO - gave on the MOO API

Web Analytics - Peter O'Neill

Two presentation on web analytics - How it benefits everyone in an organisation and a case study



Photos (Name, Link)

Desigan Chinniah (cyberdees) - http://www.flickr.com/photos/cyberdees/sets/72157607178237939/

Caz Mockett (Rugby Mad Girl) - http://www.flickr.com/photos/rugbymadgirl/sets/72157607555753716/

Annie Mole (anniemole) - http://www.flickr.com/photos/anniemole/sets/72157607538475558/

Cristiano Betta - http://www.flickr.com/photos/cristiano_betta/sets/72157607703092014/



BarcampLondon5 is now sold out


For anyone who'd still like to go to a Barcamp that weekend, a spillover event has been organised, to run on the Saturday. See BarcampLondon5: Spillover for more info.



Saturday 27th September (10:00am) - Sunday 28th September (4pm), 2008.


Schedule of Presentations



We will be issuing 125 tickets through Eventwax over a period of set dates. The first two rounds are for BarCamp Virgins ONLY. Please don't sign up if you've been to a BarCamp before. We think that getting new faces to BarCamp will be a great thing for the community and the event.


BarCamp Virgins Only Ticket Sign Up


  • First round of tickets issued from 28th July '08 (First round tickets claimed)
  • Second round of tickets issued from 4th August '08 (Second round tickets claimed)


Open to All Ticket Sign Up


  • Third round of tickets issued from 11th August '08 (Third round tickets claimed)
  • Fourth round of tickets issued from 18th August '08 (Fourth round tickets claimed)


  • We'll probably have a fifth release of tickets closer to the date, if we hear about cancellations etc (Sold out!)



eBay UK



The hugely popular "un-conference" is back and being held in leafy Richmond right by the Thames - hopefully we'll have some great weather!


Home to eBay, PayPal, Shopping.com and GumTree (Skype is in town) the internet marketing and web dev team at eBay will be opening up their offices for a weekend of talks, networking and possibly the odd drink or two.


(You can find out more about the BarCamp movement and the rules and principles of being an attendee on the RulesOfBarCamp page. Please make sure you understand what a BarCamp is before you sign up)


Sponsors of BarCampLondon5


  • If you are interested in sponsoring this event email jonny_gatebaydotcom

Guardian - http://guardian.co.uk

Guardian.co.uk one of the largest news sites, with 18M international users, has won the Webby award for the Best Newspaper Website for the last 3 years.


Recently, Guardian has undergone a transformation that has seen a redesign and a change in information architecture to be more resource oriented. Behind the scenes, the technology platform has been completely replaced and updated using agile development methods. We're really looking forward to both supporting and taking part in BarCampLondon5.


faqtory - http://faqtory.co/sky-contact-number-uk/



Carrenza - http://carrenza.com

Carrenza is an IT services group providing specialist consultancy, data centre and managed hosting services to companies from all sectors who run business critical IT systems using enterprise class hosted technology.


We provide the managed hosting and carrier-class communications services from our data centres in London Docklands and we deliver professional and consultancy services from our Central London offices.


Founded in 2001, Carrenza has grown steadily and organically from its original technology roots and has a strong experienced team working with its clients across a range of specialist highly technical projects. Carrenza retains a focus on using new technologies to give its clients a competitive edge, and using technology properly to give exceptional technical stability married to being at the cutting



Check out more about us, our services, clients and our client list.



YDN - http://developer.yahoo.com

The Yahoo! Developer Network offers Web Services and APIs that make it easy for developers to build applications that integrate data sources in new ways, making the web a more useful and fun place for everyone.


Check out developer.yahoo.com for more.



MOO - http://moo.com

MOO is a printing company where every one is different. We help you print lots of different images in one pack and create unique & personal products, using images you've uploaded directly, or designs from our designer galleries.


Our API allows anyone with some programming skills the ability to write programs that can specify all the data required to make a MOO product (including fully variable images AND text). It can then redirect a user to the checkout process for that product. So now you can build MOO applications and mashups that are personal to your website! Check out our MOO API site for more information.


MOO.com Free Shipping offer for BarCampLondon5 Delegates

To anyone who wants to make some MOO stuff for BarCampLondon5 (Business Cards, Mini Cards, postcards, stickers or anything from MOO's site) if you place an order in good time, you'll get FREE shipping!

Use the code CBCW8P on the payment page, which will give you the discount and tag your order, and you can collect your stuff on Saturday morning.

Orders must be placed by GMT 23.59 Sunday 21st September


Show off your MOO stuff from BarCampLondon5

Whether you take up the FREE shipping offer or not, the MOO crew would like to see the things you've made from MOO specifically for BarCampLondon5. So take a picture of anything MOO like you've created and tag it 'MooBCL5' in the Backnetwork, or 'MooBCL5' on Flickr and MOO will feature the best in their blog.



blinkx - http://blinkx.com

blinkx is the world's largest and most advanced video search engine. Today, blinkx has indexed more than 26,000,000 hours of audio, video, viral and TV content, and made it fully searchable and available on demand.


As TV and user-generated content on the Web explode, keyword-based search technologies only scratch the surface. blinkx's patented search technologies listen to – and even see – the Web, helping users enjoy a breadth and accuracy of search results not available elsewhere. In addition, blinkx powers the video search for many of the world's most frequented sites.


blinkx is based both in San Francisco and London. Visit us at blinkx.com




BView - http://www.bview.co.uk

Combine business data + credit records + reviews + local + social + wiki + search and you've got the next generation business directory. BView launched in April this year and already has reviews on over 17,000 UK businesses from pubs to banks and is both loved and hated by business owners! See what the BView community thinks businesses in Richmond where BarCampLondon5 is being held.


We're now looking at integrations, distribution and finding useful applications for our data.



Mymuesli - http://mymuesli.co.uk

The idea of a custom-mixing muesli online might sound wacky... but it works. In 2005, three university students came up with Mymuesli (http://www.mymuesli.co.uk) where people can mix their own organic muesli online, with a choice of 75 different ingredients. This makes it possible to create 566 quadrillion individual muesli mixes, and customers can even name their own blend.


Irrespective of whether the customer is a chocolate addict, raisin hater or athlete, the incredible variety offered by Mymuesli makes it easy to invent an all-time favourite mix that makes breakfast time a real treat. One of Mymuesli's great assets is the multitude of eccentric and exotic ingredients - sourced from over 20 countries - such as carrots, Tibetan Goji-Berries, cedar nuts and even jelly babies. The company is constantly on the lookout for crazy and tasty new muesli ingredients.


Head on over and start making your mix.



Times Online - http://timesonline.co.uk

Since 1875, The Times has been reporting the news from various offices in East London. Our website, Times Online, is now one of the biggest news sites in the world, reaching almost 20 million unique users in August 2008.

Our focus is on journalism, and new ways to report news. These range from from major investments in video and mobile to ad-hoc mashups lashed together with Yahoo Pipes.


We're at BarCampLondon5 to meet clever people who can help us tell stories.



Microsoft - http://dev.live.com

Windows Live Quick Applications offer customizable out-of-the box solutions for specific Web scenarios. Each Quick App is built on Windows Live services and is offered as a source code download you can use right away.


Find out more at dev.live.com



Glaxstar - http://glaxstar.com

At Glaxstar we are a 20+ team, expert in developing professional Add-Ons for the Firefox web browser with companies like eBay, Google, Yahoo, delicious & Digg among our direct clients.


If you use Firefox chances are your already using at least one of our authored Add-ons.


As passionate advocates of open source we have maintained www.spreadfirefox.com as a contribution to Mozilla since 2005 where our company founder continues to be one of its lead community administrators.


As the web continues to evolve from destination centric to user centric activity we believe the smart operators are already realizing the advantages of extending their web product/services out into end-users browsers to engage and enrich their web experiences.


Large and small project alike are always interesting to us as long it benefits ends users. We can handle everything from concepting ideas, scoping, design through to production and maintenance including some nifty back end development and hosting when required too, the whole enchilada. So if you want to maintain engagement with your users web browsing experience when they are away from your site and in their browser, you should contact Ian Hayward the company founder via email ian@glaxstar.com


Btw, If your a developer you'll be real interested in our upcoming launch of XUL School (preview site will be live on Friday), the new resource for learning how to write professional Add-Ons for Firefox, previewing at BarcampLondon5!



What to bring

  • Laptop
  • All the chargers/cables you'll need
  • If you're using a Mac for a presentation, VGA adapters
  • Spare battery if you have one
  • Camera
  • Sleeping materials - sleeping bag, pillow and toiletries (floor is not soft)
  • An idea for a session/presentation/talk
  • Cards / games etc for evening
  • Mini computer speakers for presentations (not everyone!)
  • ...?